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  1. Hi David, Everything is doing fine on my MQTT Driver. Thank you so much for your great job! I wanted to know a little more about the other drivers you made... especially the Berto Hub... when you have some time, you already have done so much😉
  2. came back really late from a job... everything seems working👍
  3. Auto Update is Off on MQTT Bridge and Cloud. I used Force to update.
  4. Hi David, Not Loosing MQTT connection anymore, but still loosing my programmation under "When A General Message is Received"... really don't know why... Outgoing programmation stay ok Thanks
  5. Thanks David, Reprogrammed my TestRoom (Bureau) I let you know. Many Thanks for your work!
  6. David, I'm using it to control C4 dimmers and Hue lights (and some Ikea) via a Node Red Dashboard and some homemade ESP8266 MQTT buttons. I sometimes have the same problem that NextGenAV exposed... and also MQTT IN programmation disappearing under "When A General Message is Received"... MQTT out programmation stays ok.
  7. Fiat Lux! Light came back. I now have both ways. Many thanks for your help and driver programming!
  8. I'm now in the dark...😀 this means it communicate !
  9. I can't find the UPDATE, TOPIC and MESSAGE variables listed when i want to set LIGHT_LEVEL to Value of... !?
  10. From a Node-Red Dashboard slider... I get the Level message, but I can't set the LIGHT_LEVEL to the value of Cave->MQTT... It's not listed
  11. HI David, I started to test your great drivers... Already done some great things with the MQTT Bridge! Switching lights ON/OFF from or to C4 is ok, but dimming C4 lights seems to be impossible. I can't set my C4 dimmer LIGHT_LEVEL to the MQTT MESSAGE value (not listed) Am I missing something? Thanks
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