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  1. Are you using Lutron or Caseta else where on your property of just in your shed?
  2. You were playing music. All sessions must be OFF.
  3. Update on ICY streams for manufacturers The old URLs will then stop working completely by 31st March 2021. Is there an update to this driver? BBC Blogs - Technology + Creativity at the BBC - Update on ICY streams for manufacturers
  4. 3-way-switches-control-contactor-240-1000.jpg (1500×973) (waterheatertimer.org) Here are some examples: http://waterheatertimer.org/Water-heater-contactors.html
  5. I have been wondering the same. It can be done with the SR260.
  6. At my primary residence I use R610's. I removed two Pros and replaced with one R610. Apple to apple you will need two UniFi AP's to equal one Ruckus and something running their software if you want to do roaming. The cost delta then is very close if not cheaper going with Ruckus. My vendor gave me a good price on the R750's for my vacation house because I was frustrated with fiddling with the UniFi Pros and my cloud key gen2 +. Ruckus may be more up front, but, you will use less AP's and will need less POE cable drops, fewer ports, and power used on your switch. The removed UniFi's will be repurposed at my other home that is a 2000 sf single level stick frame. It will be a perfect there. Your comparison is the same as comparing C4 with Apple HomeKit. Not arguing here, just saying from personal experience.
  7. Ruckus Unleashed Best Practices | Blackwire (blackwiredesigns.com) Many small tips that really make a difference. - Example: "Next, we need to disable all 2.4 GHz channels other than 1, 6, and 11. These are the non-overlapping channels in the 2.4 GHz radio band, and failing to disable overlapping channels 2-5 and 7-10 will result in radio interference and poor network performance." Ekahau Heat Mapper - There are older version on the net that are freeware. Perform an YouTube search. I was in the same boat - Concrete walled vacation home and AC Pros that were not pro at all. Replace with R750's and all good. This YouTube video explains roaming and how to make it near seamless.
  8. Are you pumps at your homes wired for 230/240V single phase or 400V dual phase? Are you pumps Pentair variable speed pumps? Pentair Europe does not list IntelliCenter or any of the previous generation panels. Could you provide the part number of your panel? The Spanish have dominated the EU pool equipment market probably due to cost. My vacation home pool in the EU was equipped with Hayward but under the terms of sale the seller had to demonstrate that the pool functions properly, Sadly it was all gutted and replaced with the cheapest equipment possible. I'm currently running Pentair in the US and would like to do the same overseas.
  9. I think that they quoted you the entire panel replacement and not the upgrade kit. Attached is the part number list for the processor board upgrade kit that should cost in SA about USD 1100.00 intellicenter-upgrade-kit-brochure[1].pdf
  10. 5G units are all in one but you can DMZ and disable the Wi-Fi. Now its a modem and connect via ethernet.
  11. I read the same thing. I have not made up my mind. I am in the market for an 4G LTE modem/access point for my vacation home. DSL once was an option but is over subscribed in my area and during the summer months the service grinds to dial up speeds. I then switched over to LTE and it was excellent for one season. Now it is over subscribed. I need a leg up by purchasing an CAT 6 or greater unit that can have multiple LTE connections. The service package that I have bundles voice with data. VoLTE Voice over LTE. It is nice to have a land line, but, this requires an specialized AP with a phone jack. Now that I think of it I will likely purchased a used Cradlepoint for testing before spending big money for my VoLTE unit.
  12. Yes and no. First consult https://www.cellmapper.net/ Verify that the Bands that your tower/provider/carrier uses are supported by the model that you are interested in. Make sure that the optional modem is included in the purchase and that it is compatible with your carrier. Check and see if your carrier is CAT 3, CAT 6, etc. Verify that the modem supports all of their modes. My modem is CAT 3 but my carrier services CAT 3 and CAT 6 in my area. You don't want to purchase a Ferrari when a Kia will do just fine. The Importance of CAT 6 LTE (westbase.io) Higher the CAT the more MIMO you get and increase the likelihood of good service when the system has high traffic. Be careful with SIM cards. Some carriers only provide one size for broadband services and you may get a unit that you cannot activate. User equipment Category Max. L1 datarate Downlink (Mbit/s) Max. number of DL MIMO layers Max. L1 datarate Uplink (Mbit/s) 3GPP Release NB1 0.68 1 1.0 Rel 13 M1 1.0 1 1.0 0 1.0 1 1.0 Rel 12 1 10.3 1 5.2 Rel 8 2 51.0 2 25.5 3 102.0 2 51.0 4 150.8 2 51.0 5 299.6 4 75.4 6 301.5 2 or 4 51.0 Rel 10 7 301.5 2 or 4 102.0 8 2,998.6 8 1,497.8 9 452.2 2 or 4 51.0 Rel 11 10 452.2 2 or 4 102.0 11 603.0 2 or 4 51.0 12 603.0 2 or 4 102.0 13 391.7 2 or 4 150.8 Rel 12 14 3,917 8 9,585 15 750 2 or 4 226 16 979 2 or 4 n/a 17 25,065 8 n/a Rel 13 18 1174 2 or 4 or 8 n/a 19 1566 2 or 4 or 8 n/a
  13. See if you can SSH into your NK otherwise as others have mentioned : Purchase a used unit and resell your 2.0. Knowledgebase mentions this: Important Notes: Once Pakedge devices have been updated to the 2.0 firmware they are no longer able to contact BakPak apps. There is no downgrade option.
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