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  1. I'm quite sure that you are correct about this one. It's all about eyeballs and revenue. Correct, Twitter/Square/Jack have been shopping for a music service for quite a few years. Soundcloud, reportedly once an acquisition target for Twitter and later Spotify, the company never quite converted those talks into deals, in part because of the asking price and the overhang of licensing issues and related business models. Sirius XM/Pandora pumped $75 Mil into Soundcloud last year in order to get into the international ad market. Tidal, Soundcloud, and other fringe m
  2. I do have a Triad One and it was updated. Maybe it was fixed at the Triad. My system has been rebooted on more than one occasion.
  3. My T4 tabletop appears to be more responsive post update. I have streaming radio stations favorite to room. Prior to update it took a little while before the stream would start, now it starts quickly.
  4. Hello, My remote was barely used for one week at my vacation home, then, battery removed and put away in a drawer. Sadly personal issues kept me away for a year and upon return and recharge I was greeted with a dim screen. I brought this up to my dealer a few times and was greeted with: Blank stare Snow balled You need to purchase a new one It's out of warranty. I have read: "As I mentioned, Control4 has extended the warranty on these and also sells a discounted unit if the extended warranty does not apply. The extended warranty status can only b
  5. Sonos, Lutron, HP Layer3 switch, and Ubiquiti AP's brought my system to a stop.
  6. I second Ruckus. I just finished deploying two AP's and am very happy. Ruckus has realized that their products have migrated to the Prosumer market and have started YouTube videos focused to the setup and optimizing of their Unleashed AP's. I have to say that their help feature in Unleashed has to be the best in the industry.
  7. Thank you. I need to track and keep an eye on the indoor humidity in my overseas vacation home.
  8. Does this program, Janus BMS Monitor, have the capability of graphing temperature and humidity?
  9. Power supplies are off the shelf power bricks with no fan where as POE switches have an custom power supply board and a few loud fans.
  10. I created a shortcut on my desktop to my EA. I add and remove files as needed via network share. \\ip_address_of_EA\media\usb\ Most routers that have an USB port have media services built in. I use an RK-1 and have enabled file / media sharing. The reason why I went away from hosting files on my EA was due to 1x USB 2.0 vs 2x USB 3.0 on the router and I can share and stream video content easier. I have two drives plugged in, one named music and the other named video. I would run a NAS, but, my router does a fine job for my needs and it's one less item to power and
  11. Pakedge Dynamic DNS and VPN is included in their routers - Free
  12. This thread mentions a few different ways. You need a $20.00 contactor and an C4 operated switch or relay Pool motor control - Push the Envelope - c4forums | The Control4 Community
  13. Want to buy ZCA-HPC10A-ZP Card Access Heavy-Duty Power Controller - Wanted / For Sale - c4forums | The Control4 Community On 4/12/2016 at 10:46 AM, mojo8772 said: Well putting a reply out there for anyone who runs into this. So I did get this installed back in 2016 and I've now completed another installation where we used this device to control a 6,6 KV sauna heater. It works well and is reliable. The only weird programming issue I ran against is that since each relay controls 110 I had to tie the two together in composer for the 220 output -- Im unsure if there is a bette
  14. You should be setting up an IoT VLAN for these devices. The slowest chipset gizmo will slow down your max connection link speeds @ 2.4Ghz. Lastly power up the AP's /clients in sequence if needed
  15. Thank you for this thread. It opened my eyes to an unknown product to me. Current Unifi AP and controller user. I took a leap and purchased four R610's and am very pleased with it. Now I see why the professionals on this forum embrace this product. Firmware updates are easily performed via web GUI. One click, wait, and done. No additional software / controller hardware needed. Robust self help / documentation accessed from GUI. Here is an example: http://docs.ruckuswireless.com/unleashed/200.9/GUID-8C585237-6DE8-4CEC-A4EF-E06E1B1B3EE6.html U
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