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  1. You know. That is actually true. I know that it is a premium product. Still, I just want as many people as possible to experience it. Focusing too much on price doesnt really help anybody. I might have to re-think who I am targeting. I am excited to see what happens when C4 decides to upgrade the controllers. How much more will they allow to be integrated? What new brands becomes fully integrated?
  2. I agree that its not a fair comparison, but a lot of potential customers do make this comparison. Its “easy” to explain the difference in experience that the customer will have when using a custom installer, and a fully integrated system. Its easy to justify the extra costs for installing and programming. The part that is harder to explain, is why comparable products could be several hundred percent more expensive when purchasing C4. This does not apply to all C4 products, as some products are reasonably priced. I would love to offer my customers complete C4 solutions with only C4 products (wh
  3. Yep, I can see that the last sentences might have come off as a bit more grumpy than intended.. Its weird how things sound better when thinking it, compared to reading it..
  4. If the delay doesnt work, you could try to make a variable for each TV with true/false if the TV is on/off. So when you activate a view action in a room the variable is true, and when its off its false. If you dont want more macros, just program When variable TVx changes - (add delay xx ms if needed) If variable TVx = False - Turn of TV. I might be using too many variables.. I kind of like to use them because then I am able to see if the commands are working or not. (Besides the obvious.. The TV didnt turn off...)
  5. That is a lot of bulbs! I do agree that Hue works about 98% of the time. I have not turned of the tracking, but will do that now. I sometimes experience that the bulbs turn on, but remain on 1%. (Advanced Lighting Scene) Would it help to add a millisecond timer to do the command over again?
  6. I just programmed the Red, Green buttons to change subtitle and audio stream. Works perfectly. Just use the toggle command then you can go through all the subs and all the audio options by pressing either red or green. I guess you might be able to do the same with the Yamaha.
  7. This might be a dumb suggestion, but have you made sure that the IR is shielded from bright ligh? I have this issue at home where I control an amp by IR. If its to sunny outside/inside, the IR doesnt work. It works better when I used some black tape to cover the IR and the sensor receiving the signal. Also. It may appear that the IR is at the same spot, but it might have moved a little bit.
  8. If you go to the Pandora driver in programming, Choose Device Variables and Station Name. There you can program the LED to switch when changing channel. (I assume, I dont use Pandora)
  9. If you are able to control them in C4. You could make a virtual switch or relay and program all the lights to react to that. Are you using Chowmain's driver?
  10. Do you have access to Composer Pro? You could clear Cashes in the driver in System Design and see what happens then. Just remember to shift-F5 to refresh navigators.
  11. Its been a while since I have written in English. So, let me try to explain. First of all. What is the definition of "cheap"? If a customer wants to be able to control the lights in a couple of rooms using an "app". When using C4, they would have to get a C4 light switch, a Controller and get an electrician to your home to replace the switch. They also need somebody to program the switch and Controller. The total price of that compared to a Philips Hue light bulb set, and a bridge + sensor is most likely significant. I don’t have any issues with the electrician and the programming
  12. How stable is you network? Are you using your internet providers router? If you do. Dont. If everything else works, like lights and heating, it might be an issue with the TuneIn.
  13. Blue/Black for lights Red/Black for Netflix Blue/Black for radio (I love using the Light Switch to power on the radio in the morning.. I dont care where the remote is, the buttons are always next to the door.) Red/Green for Alarm And I actually have the LED on LOW in bedroom. I use them as a homing beacon if I need to leave the bedroom when the lights are off.
  14. Chowmain has created a IFTTT driver that works just fine. The only thing I didnt really like was that you had to connect IFTTT to pushover that forwarded the "command". IFTTT only allowes you to make a few actions yourself. Then you have to pay a monthly fee. Pushover has a one-time-sum that you have to pay. Besides that. It works pretty good, and you enable feedback from a lot fo other things that is not currently integrated in Control4. You might already know that this is available at drivercentral.
  15. My humble opinion, as a dealer, is that if Control4 doesnt open up for cheaper and easier integration... The big corps will eat most of the business. Sure. It may not be as professional. Sure it may have flaws, and most likely a bit less user friendly. But at the end of the day. If you want to control you lights, use Siri or Alex, unlock your door and so on. You can do it yourself at a significantly lower price. Most people dont want to do the programming themselves, but using google home, and Samsung is getting very easy to set up. The more funded people will most likely use a professio
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