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  1. Amr. I have a puck that is "connected" with a switch so that if I press top button on switch the same viritual button is pressed on the puck. If I press and hold the button so that the lights dims up or down, they are all syncronized. If i just click it once. The puck is about 1 second behind. The puck waits for the switch load to be done before it starts. The switch is programmed to load on/off. No scenario.
  2. You should contact an electrician if those switches are on the same breaker and parallell connected. There might be a wire that is not connected properly. This is a big fire hazard. This goes to both kmonty2 and John DH.
  3. Great! All you need to do now is to get 5 amps, 10 speakers and get that party going.
  4. Perhaps you could move your current screen to a more practical place? That might be the cheapest option. If it is possible.
  5. 1. Yes. You have to assign the connection for each output with composer. The connected source (end point) must have an amplifier, and a digital input for the coax, or rca for the analog signals. 2. You select spotify (or any other music source available in c4) on your EA5 in the room you want the music to play in. The room must have an amplifier that is conneced to the EA5 both in composer, and with cables. If you have multiple zones connected to the EA5, you can play different music from different sources in each of the connected rooms. Or you can play the same music in all of them. Its quite simple actually. I believe the spotify driver is the same Spotify Connect app as in "everything else". This means that you can not search for songs in C4, but you can add playlists that can be saved as favorites.
  6. You may not have the correct driver for the receiver. Or perhaps the IR isnt hitting the amp sensor. Does any of the other features on the amp work on IR? Such as changing input?
  7. How do you program all the pucks? Are they perfectly syncronized when turning on and off the lights? (If you have multiple zones and pucks turning on and off lights at the same time)
  8. Yes. Thats what I was thinking of doing. But I was hoping for a little more "action". Thanks!
  9. This might be a stupid question. What can I do with the detectors in C4?
  10. Yes, but I cant hear it if I am out of the house. I was thinking about an alert in the app. On devices that doesnt have the nest app. And I would love it if I could be able to see the CO levels in the room.
  11. Okay, and there is no feedback from the UI if the alarm is set? Unless I program it ofcourse.
  12. Thanks. I just bound the detector to a generic driver and it showed up in the UI. But I can only bind either smoke or CO to one driver. It does not appear to give any feedback of current status either. Am I asking for too much, or am I just doing it wrong?
  13. I am wondering. Do they appear in UI, or are they hidden?
  14. Yeah. I agree. I use the off, off, bright, bright, bright, off preset.
  15. I have created a wakeup scene with media only, which I have programmed with a triple click, on the living room light switch. When I triple click it my favorite station starts. It is possible to set the volume to desired level if your amp supports it. Mine doesnt. So, in composert: "When Living Room >keypad On button is triple tapped". "Execute wakeup FAV STATION"
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