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  1. Ok I understand there policy on timelines but an update would be nice since the target was August 31st.
  2. I know it was said back in the summer that control4 was working on integration with google due to the discontinuation of the works with nest program. I see that the google assistant driver is out however I still don't see a way to use this driver to control the thermostat when under a google account. Has there been anything else said or released on this that I am missing. If not is there a timeline as I know eventually google is going to force me to convert.
  3. interested in switches as well, pm me model and price please if they are not spoken for already.
  4. im interested in the switches, what model are they?
  5. May be interested in both.
  6. Looking for C4-SW2-Z prefer white. Looking for 9 total
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