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  1. yeah I did, I also turned them off and back on again to see if it needed a "reset"
  2. so I wonder if you can use the yale real living locks since they are connected by august now
  3. so I'm guessing the driver doesn't use zwave plus and is just using there API to connect via the online account?
  4. Does anyone use the push notifications Agent? It used to work for me under OS2 however since I upgraded to OS3 I can no longer get it to send me a push notification on my phone with the alarm state changes on my home alarm system. The email notification works using the same variable. I have already went in to the portal and made sure my device was setup to receive all notifications.
  5. There is an option that I had previously enabled to allow apple tv control located in the iphone app that joined everything via homekit. I had to get a new controller because my other one fried. Now the option will not turn back on so I can set the integration back up. Does anyone have the how to guide for this? I cannot seem to locate it anymore.
  6. is the touch screen still available?
  7. Ok I understand there policy on timelines but an update would be nice since the target was August 31st.
  8. I know it was said back in the summer that control4 was working on integration with google due to the discontinuation of the works with nest program. I see that the google assistant driver is out however I still don't see a way to use this driver to control the thermostat when under a google account. Has there been anything else said or released on this that I am missing. If not is there a timeline as I know eventually google is going to force me to convert.
  9. interested in switches as well, pm me model and price please if they are not spoken for already.
  10. im interested in the switches, what model are they?
  11. May be interested in both.
  12. Looking for C4-SW2-Z prefer white. Looking for 9 total
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