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  1. Great Replies and advice everyone... It seems like we are on the right track. Just to clear up a few things: Our new build is a custom knock down, rebuild home, We wanted to have a nice mix of home control, security, A/V without breaking the bank... of course, with a custom scrape and rebuild, we are already racking up the bills. We already have a dealer and he has been great to work with so far, we have quoted out the house thus far and have been trying to keep things budgeted appropriately We essentially had him quote a full home automation, sound, lighting, etc... then took that and pared it down to meet our budget. We did not skimp on things like the rack and support systems like wifi and Cat 6 cabling. All rooms will be pre-wired for sound and Cat 6 and we will have whole property wifi. Conduit is being run inside and outside. There was a question about why "half" of the lighting. We picked "Key" areas and have them being controlled, front, rear, master, kitchen/living/family/deck, etc... of course the thought here is that we can always add switches in the future. We wanted a good amount of the house to have integrated sound and video so that we can watch and hear things all over. We are really excited to be working with our Rep, he has been accommodating and helpful through this entire process and has basically told us that we are going to become best friends through all of this... implying that we will be seeing a lot of each other throughout the process... We are happy to have him as our guy so far. Not sure how naming names goes here but as things come together I would definitely give him a shout out. Anyway, as I go through this, I will definitely be updating with pics and comments of our build... Hopefully many of you will love to "Nerd out" on our project.
  2. Hello, all. Just wanted to start a topic here and see if there are any experts that have suggestions as we are going through our new house and having Control 4 installed. Things that we are looking at: Whole house sound, living room 5.1 surround, family room 7.1 surround, speakers in every room, 50% of lighting inside and outside to be controlled, doorbell, ability to watch any tv source on any/all tvs in house.... That is a quick list... Wondering if there are any things that I should consider when going through all of this with our A/V rep. Thanks!
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