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  1. I use a Axxess Industries doorbell. Quick and cheap doorbell that comes with a Control4 driver for free. No wires and the battery lasts 9 months with regular use. Has an integrated temperature and contact sensor too.
  2. I am using the individual IP of each camera in the driver (only 1 IP). Generic driver v1.02 I was not able to get an authenticated snapshot and had to enable anonymous snapshots (directly in the individual camera web ui). This obviously requires compensating controls to secure the camera if you are concerned about unauthorized access to the camera snapshots. The live view I get appears to be a snapshot refreshed every x seconds and works in the C4 IOS app, but not the TS or Navigator. The Navigator and TS just show a snapshot that refreshes every 10 seconds.
  3. I have multiple Unifi cameras integrated with C4. If you enable anonymous snapshots in the Unifi camera config, everything works great. I can see all of my Unifi cameras in the Navigator, T3 touchscreens and the C4 app on IOS devices. This works in both Unifi independent mode and centrally managing cameras with Unifi Protect.
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