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  1. When I have all of my audio back to Sonos again, it's all working well. For one of the rooms, I have a Port inputting into a Denon AVR for a theater room. I am not using the 12v trigger, since I figured I would need programming anyway to tell the AVR what input to switch to.. I have it all working with programming, but if I group a room from that room, and then switch that room to a video source, the other grouped rooms continue to play the stream. Anyone think of a way to shut those streams down programmatically (or otherwise) when I refocus the theater to a video source? Also, how can I get the display to show media info when I launch a Sonos stream? I'm a Roon guy, but I have two other friends that are 100% Sonos that are having this same issue and I am trying to replicate. Thanks in advance.
  2. There was an outage alert yesterday regarding the driver, so maybe it was just a glitch with yours. Mine are working perfectly.
  3. *Updated 09/21/2020 PM’s only for pricing please. Payment is by PayPal F&F only. You also pay shipping. SHIP ONLY TO THE LOWER 48 STATES. Please avoid tire-kicking. For those of you that know me, if you have something for sale that I think I can use, I don’t waste your time. Some of you know I collect equipment for my Wounded Warrior Project homes as well as some other community-based projects benefiting people with disabilities. I do this on my own time, separate from my dealership, though they do donate time when able. Automation is a real a game-changer for so many people with disabilities. Unfortunately, in 2020 -because of Covid -we’ve only been able to do 3 local larger projects of the 8-12 we normally would have done by now. So I have the following leftovers I had been collecting. I usually have 200 pieces of lighting, but I used up most of what I gathered in the 3 I did. But here’s what I have now. I can also order any non-C4 items (see the last paragraph) for you. 1 Pakedge RK-1 (Used) 4 Pakedge WX-1 WAPs w/AC Power Adapter & PoE (Used) 2 Pakedge SX-8P PoE+ Switch (1 New/1Used) 1 Pakedge S24P8 (Used) 4 EA-1v2 (2 New/2 Used) 1 EA-3 (Used) SOLD 1 EA-5 (Used) 15 SW120277-WH gen3 Switches (New) SOLD Nest Hello (used) Nest TStat + 2-3 sensors. (Used) 1 KD120-WH (New) 1 4-Zone Matrix Amplifier C4-8AMP1-B (Used) 2 - BOTH SOLD SR260 Battery Model (Used) SOLD 2 - SR260 Battery Model (New, but Dim) 1 Dock for iPod - Black (C4-IPDKTT1-E- (Used) 1 TUN2-E-B Multi Tuner (Used) Misc - Caseta Dimmers/Switches/Fan Controllers/Lamp Outlets/Picos/Bridges/Boosters (Used/New Mix - White). Let me know what you need and I probably have it. (Have at least a whole 4BR home full plus a bunch of excess inventory (dealer). I prefer to sell all at once - so let me know your needs and I can quote an entire system of used plus new reasonably priced). Also - I have at least one or more brand new inventory of every AVPro Edge piece, Wattbox, Sonos, Roon Nucleus & Nucleus+. (What I don’t have I can order for you to fill your order at a discount, anything really... just cannot do C4 equipment orders (except for our clients (in keeping the spirit of dealership)). I’m just doing a delayed spring cleaning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. time2jet


    Head over to the Roonlabs forum. I know there have been issues with the Android ecosystem, so I don’t specifically know where this has landed or if the DX220 can fully integrate. What I think you’ll find is that they don’t play well together yet, but I know for certain there are plenty of Roon users integrating android based DAPs with limited capability workarounds. It’s too bad, because the DX220 is a really awesome piece. If you’ve already invested in the DX, it’d be a lot to spend on the addition of a Nucleus and it not perform like each is designed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. time2jet


    See what the updated build does in terms of the dropback audio you’ve been experiencing first. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. time2jet


    There is an updated 1.7 build (610).
  7. time2jet


    Few things to check. Do you have the HDMI setup in the Roon desktop app? Otherwise, your just really streaming your Roon audio to the Denon zone via the network. This might/could be the issue. I don’t have any dropbacks etc. with my HDMI zone. Make sure it’s out of HDMI 1 (A?) on your Nucleus. The second HDMI out is currently a factory service port. It won’t work if it’s not active in the Roon app. I’m sure you’ve got us setup correctly, but checking the simple stuff first is best. Also check your Nucleus firmware on the Roon app. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. time2jet


    I’m having an issue that I can’t put my finger on. If I start a Roon stream in the C4 app or Neeo, it plays perfectly and I can add any Sonos zone, but two things: if I then move to a video, the audio doesn’t focus away from Roon even though the source is showing as TIVo for instance. Could be a binding or the Sonos driver actually. I’m still playing around with it. And lastly, if I join a Sonos Zone, then remove it, it will stop playing everywhere until I hit play again, but if I end the stream, a previously grouped, then ungrouped, zone will start playing where I left off. Could be something in the Sonos driver. Regardless, it’s been fun listening. Sound is incredible. My whole family loves it. The HDMI is multichannel audio only, and is perfect. I have it connected to a Denon. I can join that room with any other. The sound through Roon versus Tidal alone or Sonos is much much better with Roon. I need to work through these few issues and it’s literally a game changer for me with a Sonos and blended system. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. There’s a simple “canned” delay command line of code you can add. Are you programming in HE or When/Then? Why don’t you screen shot your programming and one of us can show you where to add the delay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Mitch would you mind sharing the temp_tstat.c4i driver again? I've been fighting the CA Contact Sensors for 6 hours trying to get a temp for my attic and rack room feedback. I want to program exhaust fans when these rooms hit a temp. Thanks! **************nevermind @msgreenf I'm not sure why it wouldn't let me download anything. Reboot and fine. Thanks!
  11. time2jet


    I haven't been home to update, I'll let you know. I know in the previous versions there was no way to bind the hdmi. It likely will be "audio" only passing.
  12. I have a room of sonos that will allow me to group from this room, but is not available to group to from any other Sonos room. What am I missing. Was thinking this could have been the Room Control driver I have bound to the room, but I deleted it with no luck. Has to be something really simple.
  13. time2jet


    Well, I loved the product, but if you recall my needs were “grouping” and blending Sonos with other audio. So I brought the issues to their attention and they went to work. Voila. Not sure why it took so long, but they’ve reassured me of their commitment to all Roon subs. There was a beta fairly quickly after I called the NSM, say 45-60 days? This Covid thing has my times off. It’s like we’re in a warp. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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