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  1. Thanks for responding @cyknight I’m aware that the response series are matrix amps, as I now run a 16ch myself. This particular application is simply a mountain lodge with 4 bedrooms with ensuites. Each bedroom and ensuite needs to be independent of each other (in terms of control versus simply source ie - someone is watching television in the bedroom while another is listening to streaming audio in the ensuite). In addition there are 6 additional independent zones that audio streams could potentially play. So in total there are 10 zones needing 2ch streaming audio. The sourc
  2. Fellas, Any reason why one couldn’t stack two or more 8-Zone audio matrices for a 14+ zone system? The precise matrices being considered are the episode response series or the triad AMS-8 with amps. I’ve done this before, I just can’t remember how the drivers see it. Can I grab any source form either matrix and play to any zone. Can zones from different matrices be grouped? I don’t have equipment in stock to test. Thanks guys.
  3. Only if his entry to automation ends with an AV remote. At least with the Control4 setup he has a solid foundation to build from. I don’t mind URC at all... but I prefer Control4 10-1 for automation. Depending upon his usecase for AV, I can think of more reasons to do C4 even as a stand-alone AV system if he never takes it beyond. Roku comes to mind. We sell both. In fact more URC because of our high end audio niche.
  4. The network driver isn't showing up to bind the TStat to, yet it appears to be setup and communicating with ecobee. Unless you see something glaring, I am calling ecobee. Actually, I have them on the line now and they are "checking". Hmmm... Not sure what they are "checking", but beats a blank.
  5. Not getting anything from the Network Driver to bind the TStat Connection to and the network driver appears properly setup.
  6. Oh, right never was using BW drivers. Sorry. Got this from you (Mitch) and realized I had installed it much later (at that point there were C4 drivers). Here's what I am getting, I have done 10 of these and I cannot figure out what's going on. 02/13/21 15:23:14 : ACTION debug ----------- DEBUG BEGIN ---------- Director Version: Director MAC: 000FFF927503 REFRESH TOKEN: XwicQCjQaAZufHPx-goFYeAcplh3i79L9Rdd8igO-ck_- ACCESS TOKEN: eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCIsImtpZCI6IlJFWXhNVEpDT0Rnek9UaERRelJHTkRCRlFqZEdNVGxETnpaR1JUZzRNalEwTmtWR01UQkdP
  7. Is my driver still managed by the BW token?
  8. Sidenote. I actually just logged into my home and mine is also down.
  9. Anyone else having an ecobee issue again today? Its been pretty solid lately, so hopefully it’s not getting buggy again. I got 2 calls this morning (it’s cold here!) with clients with broken ecobee connections. I’ve generated new pins and reactivated (says connected and successful), but still not working within Control4.
  10. Curious if you are running a matrix and from what starting source are you firing the Roku IP cam app test? I have to agree that the Roku IP Cam app is pretty cool, I can't wait to test it.
  11. Do you mean a dedicated display? If so, defeats the purpose. They don't care about resolution so long as they can make out who is at a door. So I can pull network video into the EA-1 on the matrix and send it wherever? I just ordered two inexpensive Hikvision cameras to test on my own system via @lippavisual's Roku solution or snapshot driver solution and @eddy.trochez's suggestions. I agree PiP is not necessary, but there are other considerations (tiling weather, sports, finance, etc).
  12. A lot of times it takes forever for the switching for OSD unless it's on the matrix (which will be matrix switching speed dependent) so maybe I could even dedicate an EA-1 to the matrix? There are so many ways... I need snappy.
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