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  1. It’s puzzling because if I execute the command in system design or execute the programming I get the flash. Refresh navs and still no flash. This is certainly the way to handle this situation and I’ll be using it on some of my projects moving forward. We sell a ton of LGs and now that Roku supports DV, I’m sure we’ll sell even more. Just have to work through this. I’m puzzled. So no binding of the IR Driver in in the IP driver? If it’s working from the System Design interface for the IR driver sns executes correctly in the programming test it’s really boggling me.
  2. I'm not getting any flashing. No binding to the actual real (IP) driver IR?
  3. So I am binding the IR out from the controller to the new LG Driver? or the display?
  4. I have time today to test it. Sounds like a perfect solution.
  5. And if I add a second driver, will I need to set it up complete if I am only wanting IR for power?
  6. @Crustyloafer Should I have a second version of the native LG CX driver for this? With only 1, I have IR bound from the loca EA and I can't even get it to flash. Any tricks will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Understood. My question is how to get a stream to those rooms from the matrix. I assume using a Connect or Port as an output from the matrix and using it as a line in source to the Sonos Room, is the ticket. Just don't know if anyone has done that. I have had success with one room and no matrix.
  8. I know there are many ways to skin a cat when it comes to garage doors, but I prefer the simple solder method and a tilt sensor. At least for me, it's been 100% accurate since day 1 and really quite reasonable.
  9. I’ve been experimenting for months and am close. I have swapping over to native C4 Audio for test, but refuse to lose my 4-5 Sonos Soundbar Rooms (3 have the new ARC with atmos). Why couldn’t I use a connect or Port as a matrix output for the rooms that are already installed as 2.0-5.1.4 Atmos? During other testing, I’ve already gotten a port and a connect to work in a room with a Pair of Sonos Ones with native Tidal. I just grabbed the line In Native from an EA-5 and have that room playing to the pair of Ones as line in sources. Any one she’s any further light.
  10. As usual, excellent Job Mitch! I think this will be so useful to so many people. I will definitely be using it as an add on for all of our clients running AVR's.
  11. I have a few items left over from a project if anyone has any interest. The new items would be fully warranted by Control4. New Equipment with Warranty FIRM PRICES: 8-Channel Dimmer C4-DIN-8DIM-E $660.00 48V Bus Power Supply C4-DIN-BPS48 $70.00 7" White In-Wall Touch Screen C4-WALL7-WH $540.00 ***SOLD***Triad One TS-SAMP1-100-BL $462.00 ZCA-WMS10-2-ZP Wireless Motion Sensor $125.00 ZCA-IMR10A-ZP Mini Remote $99.00 2 New Work Backboxes for T3 Series Touch Screens C4-NWB57C-P (Plastic) $10.00 ea All of the above are firm prices net to me plus shipping. They will have full
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