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  1. Was thinking exactly the same thing @ejn1 @gmilt First, nice to sort of meet you. Second, why did you bother to come here and post? (Because your 6th paragraph said you were "out".)? Third, no one here is going to berate you for the simple fact that you don't like Control4, it's certainly not for everyone. Fourth, frankly based on what you have described Control4 is completely overkill and the described automations probably would be better served by something far far far simpler. I have ~250 smart devices in my home and I am not even close to burdening the Control4 platform. We
  2. Can someone explain to me whether it's possible to get a chime snapshot or video to PIP or Overlay on a display in a matrix with an Nvidia Shield Pro?
  3. 99.9% of us are here to help each other and share common experiences. I’m in no way jaded, maybe just wiser. Thank you. This forum has been invaluable to me (as I hope it’s been to many of us), so it’s a small price to pay for the wisdom I gleaned from that situation. I cannot count the people here that have been so generous with their time and with whom I’ve become friendly. So It’s not an indictment of anyone beyond the offender. Because of each of the 99.9% of you, this forum is one of the finest organized communities I’ve ever been a part of.
  4. PS - so everyone here is aware and protected (and I whole heartedly know these incidents are VERY rare with our members), I sold @Willsa Composer HE license and he vanished that day without payment. The arrangement was clear. The price was clear. There could not have been any sort of misunderstanding. Several failed attempts to reach him via email, WhatsApp (he gave me these addresses in PMs). Sad. Seemed like a nice guy, I sort of hope he’s a deadbeat snd literally not dead. I have his name and address. It’s not a lot of money, but I was literally trying to do the fella a favor.
  5. Bump ***Sold*** I also have one more Black Wifi Chime (New)
  6. Wall mounted is preferred on the Micros, simply because of button feedback and the fact that today there isn't a way to turn off the ring LEDs. But you don't "need" the button presses and so long as it isn't above your head in a bedroom, it's not annoying. As far as it's ability to hear your commands at a 10' ceiling mount, you will have zero issues.
  7. @JSTRONGis absolutely correct. They both will handle this fine. For the record the Nano has a 4 mic array setup and pics up a little better, but I haven't noticed a problem with the Micros even in very large rooms or cluttered/clashed areas. A recent 9 Micro install was in an open floorplan. Micros were ceiling mounted per the customer request center of each occupancy space... no clashing of commands. It's really quite intuitive and gets better as they further develop and you further integrate devices, commands, scenes, etc.
  8. It's like a software seat license. Annual for a home <9 units it's ~$600 a year, over 9 it's ~$1200. Covers support and continued development. There are lifetimes as well... Support is amazing, development is dynamic. PM me and I can get you all of the lit. I 100% know you will love this @ILoveC4
  9. I had a similar experience recently and the only resolution was to delete and reinstall the driver for the keypad. Not saying this will solve your issue, but it sounds similar to my recent experience.
  10. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need any help getting set up. I have done a ton during Covid. I think you're making a great decision. I can't wait for the feedback!
  11. Josh is not without bugs... but if it had 5x the bugs it has right now, it's head's above anything in the voice control realm today. Most of the bugs are during setup and every now and then a system refresh (takes less than a minute) may be required. The tech support and setup support is also superb. I have a client that we just did 18 Micros (ultimately will add 18 additional Nanos and a few cores) with a Triad AMS24 and a MoIP switch. Threw 3 Sonos Ports on the AMS and it'll play anything you throw at it. You can deep dive all of the major video services (this client is Roku) "Play Seas
  12. What about if using Superlink with native line in sources? I never gave that any thought until now.
  13. Has anyone integrated Keypad Audio using the room control driver & Heos? Testing Heos and can't see a way to expose playlists in the cycler from any source.
  14. I have an extra Black WiFi (New) net $400 shipped insured to domestic US. I might actually have a second WiFi one depending upon whether we can get PoE to an area. Please message me if interested.
  15. I’m going to change the subject briefly. I have a houseful of bulbs that work fairly flawlessly in terms of response and state reporting. Very happy with the driver as it’s one of my favorites considering how I use it and how inexpensive the devices are. My issue is with the plugs (HS103). I have 4 setup on a powers trip in my rack room where a zigbee server resides. These 4 do not like to work in C4 consistently, if ever. On a random occasion they’ll show the proper state and on an even less likely scenario “work”. They do work every time, just fine in the Kasa app and this re
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