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  1. Shelly for the win! Best devices for the money available. I use them anywhere I can. ie: behind $1.99 switches for closets etc. Show and work just like any SW120277 in the lighting interfaces. Total $20. Also use an RGBW2 for my Rack LEDs and under/over cabinets. Looks crazy nice.
  2. I actually have a bunch of power conditioners, IP controlled, etc by Pakedge, Furman Elite & Panamax. I think I have 2 700 series 12 outlet Wattbox let me check and I’ll PM you.
  3. Updated 10/07/21 Denon Took a Huge FW Update this week. Fantastic Features SOLD 10. - 2 REMAIN - USED HEOS Links HS2 - $265 singles 4@$1000 SOLD - 1 USED Superlink HS2 (1 pair of speaker posts bent during shipping, but they work great). $800 2 NEW IN Box Heos Drives HS2 $2200 ea. SOLD - 1 OPEN Box Denon Home 550 Bar with Sub and a pair of Denon Home 150’s $1200 set SOLD - 1 OPEN BOX 516 HS2 Bar & Sub $400 All Current HS2 Prices are net to me Shipping is on you. thanks guys!
  4. Thanks again everyone. Bump - Updated. (If you don’t see something, ask please. I likely have it. I got inundated with equipment the past 6 weeks). All equipment is in great condition. Lots of unlisted power control/conditioning).
  5. Bump - Down to 2 Units remaining. Thanks everyone!
  6. For all of you diehard TiVo fans like myself, I have 5 extra TiVo Edge for Cable 2TB 6 Tuner Brand New in the Box with the Lifetime All In Service plan. Messages only. $549 net to me, you pay shipping. I’m a dealer and can add the driver at no charge if you need. I have been asked what “net to me” means a few more times than you might imagine, so here it is…. I need $549, not $549 less PayPal, Venmo, etc fees. Thanks always guys!
  7. This guy... he knows his $hit Consider it a privilege to get his advice on Mikrotik (or just about anything).
  8. Have a few extra Tabletop T4’s in White, (both sizes). Client decided WALLS everywhere made more sense with young children.
  9. Consider OvRc. This way you have this functionality for every device in your project. (Immediately alerts when something drops offline and more). The TP-Link driver is an excellent driver. It wasn’t necessarily written to mimic the Kasa app functions, but instead to have almost all inexpensive Kasa devices function in the Control4 ecosystem. OvRc was developed to do precisely what you are attempting, only with every device in your project. Not sure what Router you are using, but if it’s not OvRc Pro capable, you can add a Pro Hub and get the same functionality. Ask your dealer or msg me and I can point you in a good direction. It’s a worthwhile fantastic addition to any system.
  10. With much remorse, I am parting with my AVPro Edge Matrix chassis build. There is a new quasi-commercial platform at AVPro, so as Platinum Dealer, I’m having to swap over. Here’s a link to the custom chassis page: https://www.avproedge.com/ac-mx1616-auhd-hdbt-chassis.html As you all know, I am an AVPro dealer and this build was done in person at AVPro directly with members of the chassis development team. It has been in service for less than a month and comes with a full 10 year replacement warranty. For those of you unfamiliar, AVPro is the Gold Standard in AV distribution. I say, no one even compares. In addition to a REAL HONEST TO GOODNESS 10-YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY, they have -bar none- the best tech support in the entire AV industry. The current build has 8 inputs (4 downmixing) and 8 outputs (2 HDBT & 6 Scaling HDMI). Leaving room for 8 more sources and 8 mitre outputs. *I can further customize however you wish up to 16x16. As it sits, I’d let it go for JUST REDUCED ——->>>>>$7,500 <<<<<——- which is much less than half of wholesale. I will also further customize at a deep discount (you can add inputs/outputs to up to 16x16). It’s over $20k MSRP as it sits. AVPro gear isn’t typically discounted, but this is my own system. MSG ONLY - PLEASE NO TIRE KICKERS.
  11. Thanks @LollerAgent I only have them installed right now as Atmos speakers in two rooms, so it’s hard to tell. I guess I could isolate them and listen. Really curious about the Mag6 though. 2 pairs in boxes in my garage for 18 mo waiting lol. So I am trying to use up all I have to finish out my home. I can always throw two pairs of mag6 in my garage.
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