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  1. Updated (shameless bump in other words)
  2. Yeah, so I’m throwing the Pakedge SX-8P out and popping the SX-24P in. Sorry, I lost my mind for a second.
  3. Yeah - so the allure of OvRC is hard to resist. @lippavisualfunny stuff, but you’re the guru here. I spent months reading (and watching YouTube videos) of Mikrotik routerboard features, setup & management before I took the plunge and then I just kept upgrading, just because I could. At first, Mikrotik seemed intimidating, but in the end really simple, stable and powerful routers. A nerds dream Router. AND dirt cheap. Haven’t considered their switches etc. @OceanDad@lippavisualPretty much the same with Ruckus APs. (on Unleashed). Almost too easy to improve any network nearly two-fold in 10 mins. So much so that I spec ONLY Ruckus now. Personally, I have 3 R710’s (in retrospect, probably 1 would have been enough for my entire home). I haven’t upgraded them because they work better than any APs I’ve ever used even though they are last generation, only missing wifi6. Don’t need it for any reason I can imagine. And the Unleashed monitoring & remote management is almost too simple. I guess I always like single interface solutions. But the compromise here may be too much. Since I posted, I’ve had 3 PMs asking what I wanted for the Ruckus. Lol So this in the end is all about OVrC. It is tempting. I run it on my offices and it’s really nice to be able to monitor/manage/troubleshoot remotely so visually and simply. Certain companies do things better than anyone else, gold standard types. Mikrotik Routers, Ruckus APs & AVPro anything come to mind. And here I am trying to dump 2 of the 3 for OVrC. I didn’t think through this. Lol.
  4. I just realized the Araknis switch is not PoE, so that solves that part. I’ll run the 2 24 port Pakedge’s. Now the rest of the puzzle.
  5. Never said I had to. Said I was weighing options. One benefit is Ovrc.
  6. Currently I am running a Pakedge RK-1 router (took down the Mikrotik for OVrC), my core switch is a Pakedge S24P8 switch (8 standard PoE powered outputs) and a Pakedge SX8P child PoE+ switch and Ruckus R710 APs x3. Zero issues. Great network. Unfortunately, I have run out of Ethernet ports. Here’s what I have available: Current Araknis 48 port PoE+ switch Pakedge SX24P PoE+ switch Current Araknis 310 Router All I can eat Araknis APs. 810/510 Considerations: Need More Ethernet Ports. Need More Power. I do like OVrC. I need Rack Space. Current Router and Ruckus R710 APs have been solid & glorious. I am leaning toward running the single 48 Port Araknis PoE switch with the Pakedge Router and Araknis APs. But I’ll miss the reliability of Ruckus APs, yet gain OVrC for entire network. I’ve already sacrificed my Mikeotik Router to OVrC. I see it as a tough call, any advice…?
  7. What exactly are you looking for. I have a bunch.
  8. Worth a try. It makes sense when you explain it. I’m hopeful. Thanks always Mitch.
  9. I have it set to True. I will set to False and test. Thats very interesting Mitch, was that in the docs? I’ve had tickets in and that solution was never mentioned.
  10. I have struggled with this issue and the answer so far has been “buy white bulbs”. I don’t use “white” per se. So that’s not a good solution for me. I have a bunch of TP LBxxx bulbs that I set at a default color, etc in the Kasa App and the hide all but Brightness in C4 Navigators. Each time I reboot my controller they all Unhide, regardless of the room they’re in (very odd). It’s a royal pain to go hide 12 rooms of lighting proxies each time. Seems the Auto Hide Proxy is buggy on my drivers. Maybe the actual driver instance and I need to readd all 12. Just a little frustrated. Let’s keep the arrogant comments to a minimum. I treat everyone here with respect. Thoughts?
  11. I just took 2 in on trade Connect (S2 Compatible), 3 Sonos Fives (Current Gen) and a Current Gen Sonos Amp. 1 of the Fives is New in the Box. All else is used and perfect working order.
  12. PM me. I have a dealer friend in that area that has helped me out in the past. Great guy.
  13. Lol, thanks for the levity. This thread needed it.
  14. I believe there were some issues during the first month, I never experienced them. It’s been a very good driver as far as I’m concerned. But note @msgreenf’s comments above. So long as you are aware of those caveats and how to solve, shouldn’t ever have an issue. Hot Melt Glue Gun for the IR buds Best of luck.
  15. Zero issues with several C4 IP driver projects. A lot of the field tech’s complain that they have to have the client’s phone at the time of driver install, so they use intrinsic You can typically fix IP driver issues remotely (sometimes requires the client available), but an IR bud falling off is typically a truckroll. We try to avoid IR when possible. You’ll get the complete opposite responses. But it’s 2021. I personally have a fairly large project with zero IR. I think the intrinsic driver has it’s place. Just prefer IP for the reasons stated.
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