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  1. As you know, I know hardly a thing about networking. But one thing to rule out before anything else is whether the WAPs require POE+ and whether the switches are able to provide that current. My WX-1’s required PoE+, so I had to go out and grab a new switch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. All- For whatever reason, all of the TP-Link Bulbs on my system are flakey. Not sure if this is driver related considering they work perfectly fine from the Kasa App or Alexa. I’m using Alan’s driver (guessing it’s current) and am on OS3.1 When I attempt to turn the bulbs off or on, they typically blink on the first attempt, but typically respond properly by the third press. Thanks in advance for the input. I replaced a bunch of Hue bulbs because of connectivity, nothing to do with C4. I remember those working really nicely with C4. Just had a heck of a time getting them to stay connected because of the layout of my home and location of the bridge. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Good news!!! I now have a serious network setup that is blazing fast and handing off beautifully... (funny thing it’s the exact same system -2). Bad WAP and NK-1. I got together with my dealer and his network guy today and they spent the better part of the day diagnosing and troubleshooting. Trouble was everything was reading well, so they were totally perplexed. Just to rule out every possibility, they started tearing it down bit by bit. Final thing was to isolated each WAP. Every time they added this particular one back to anywhere on the system it wreaked havoc. I think everyone knows I was on the verge. Not a bad cable, not a loop... bad WAP. Plays nice by itself, hates the others. It’s in a box and things are amazing. Crossing my fingers. Thanks everyone that tried to help... you guys are amazing. Thanks for sticking it out with me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. LR works fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Not sure how much of that you can see. Thanks@LollerAgent Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Maybe this is supposed to be how it works? It’s been so long since it’s worked. 1. I can play my entire listen menu apps in any Sonos room 2. I cannot get sound from the apps unless they are first selected in OSD or C4 App. I swear with a room off, I feel I used to be able to open the Spotify app and choose output to C4 LR Spotify Connect or C4 MBR or C4 All Spotify Connect. Now, I can still play music directly to these rooms from the Spotify App by just selecting the LR AVR or Master (Non C4 options for those rooms). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Power Saving... hmmm, Interesting. I'll look at that tonight if I make it back home. Thanks Mitch.
  8. I have a Samsung 2018 Q9FN in one of my rooms. I have problems with it taking forever to start up from Room Off. It worked fine when I had the TC in another room, when it was moved, it started behaving this way. It’s Ethernet. Think it’s all network related? There are two slightly different drivers, could be I be using the wrong one? It otherwise works fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I’ve gotten everything pretty well working. The particular room’s endpoints were non-existent. I rebound them and things seem to work as they’re supposed to. One thing I can’t figure out is using the Spotify App for that room. If I choose it directly from Spotify the C4 Room won’t play. But it all plays fine choosing Spotify (or any others) from C4 OSD or the App, just not directly via launching Spotify. Could be an endpoint setup wrong? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Here’re a lighthearted post to start the day. What’s are some of the funniest or weirdest SSID names you’ve encountered? At least all of my network issues have gotten me some laughs. I was scanning my home with inSSIDer last night to look for channel interference (my home is in a multi family home development), and came across “PayYourCableBill_2.4” and “WillUMarryMe”, “takeoutthetrash” and “GetSomeFreshAir”. There were the typical “STAYOFF” and versions of that theme. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Good morning forum members. Is there a setting to allow the app to stay connected to the system longer? Seems as though my App is only staying connected briefly before it has to reload the system. Not the worst thing ever, just a little bothersome. Also, I’ve been reading so many posts regarding the time it takes to load 3.1. I’ve been blaming it on my crappy network issues. Just wanting to see if it’s a known issue. A lot of you posted how fast 3.1 loaded, but others complained of it taking too long. Thanks all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Just my .02 @ILoveC4 I love AVPro Edge products. I’m known to toot their horn. They aren’t cheap. But they simply just work every time ...right out of the box. They support every conceivable current audio and video protocol and most importantly ...they last. They extend audio/video/ir/PoE and Ethernet. I use the AC-EX100-444-KIT v2’s at home. The problem with the generic & quasi-generic (Amazon/eBay) extenders is that they claim to do it all, but just don’t last and you don’t get the extension they proclaim. On the other side, brands like Atlona and Gefen are certainty great quality, but IMO AVPro Edge products work better and last longer. I’ve never replaced one since I started using them as “AVPro Connect” brand back in 2013. I have 2 in my current home project and 6 in my offices. Over the years I probably have had a dozen. Not one has ever failed. Also, support is available and awesome. These guys are very techy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I’m about to unwittingly hijack. (I realized after I typed all of this). Has anyone answered this query? Should all of the WAPs be set to the same channel (per freq)? Or should they be different. Right now, in my case (with issues) I have the 2.4 set to 6 on all of the 4 WX-1’s and the 5ghz all set to 148 (I’m not in there to look at the exact channel, but it’s in the 140’s). I do not have band steering enabled and I have disabled STP. In my case, this setup seemed to at least function (albeit horribly). Changing any single one of those things seemed to basically render it unusable. But I’m still open to trying things. As for power, I believe they’re all set at 18 on the 2.4 and 13 on the 5ghz. I have other issues (potentially a bad cable run), but I can use the system at least until I get it working (non-Pakedge techs are coming Thursday). No one supports Pakedge in my area. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Viola! Woke up this morning and the LISTEN icon was magically on the room’s OSD home screen. Looks like I’ve got everything except that odd Roku issue and the nagging network problems. (Probably caused the delay - I bet if I would have power cycled the controller it would have been fine, I don’t like to do that unless I have to ...albeit I have a scheduled reboot once a month). Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Yes Mitch. I’m certain that’s where it is. I had to create all of the bindings these techs just left unbound in that room. I’m sure I have missed one. I just don’t want to waste a ton of time if someone knows what to look for. Everything is working well and the Listen menu is on all devices including the OSD. It’s just that in particular room it’s not on the home screen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. I’ve been working through a bunch of issues today and got a ton of things finally working correctly. Pretty much the last thing I have is the the LISTEN icon is missing from one of my rooms home screen in OSD for one of two rooms it can be accessed from. It’s there on the App and my remotes. My immediate reaction was to check the Navigator programming, but it all looks fine. This may have been an existing issue since I don’t really use OSD in this particular room, but I noticed it while I was diagnosing my missing LISTEN menu for that room. (Tech never reconnected endpoints). So that’s solved. The missing LISTEN icon on the Room’s OSD home screen persists. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. So While I can control both Roku’s now with no problem, there is one very strange issue. On only one of them, if I enable passthru I lose control. If I disable, then it works great. Problem with disabling passthru is that the remote and C4 apps display “Roku” and not the mini app name. The other Roku is also an Ultra and is setup identical. Passthru is enabled and I have full control and it displays the mini app name. It’s just very strange. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. I use a Sonos wireless 5.1 system for one of my rooms. During my most recent device and OS upgrade, we lost my Sonos system and Music Apps (from EA-5) from my listen menu. I wasn’t home for this, so I didn’t realize it until a week later when I went to play Tidal through LISTEN. Can someone help me configure the proper way to reinstall the drivers and rebind the music apps so they’ll reappear as choices in my navigators? I’ve read everything I can get my hands on and cannot seem to figure this one out. I assume that I don’t need all of the Sonos devices added, since right now all I have on the system is a single room of Sonos bound together as 5.1 in the Sonos app. I’ve tried to look at an old backup to see how I had it setup prior, but don’t have one with the right date. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. As usual, you are spot on Mitch. Working wonderfully. Powered down device Deleted Roku Drivers in that Room Refreshed Added Back Drivers Powered up Device Identified via IP (it then populated that device into the drop down. I deleted the IP and selected the player. (This step was necessary?) Bound MiniApps Selected PassThrough Fixed. Solved. Done. Perfect. Thanks @msgreenf You’ve taught me a ton these past 6 months, but I think the best thing you’ve taught me is to start with the simple things. I have a tendency to want to go straight to gloom & doom. Today - I’m going to write programming for the bathroom motion sensors. This is timer programming 101 (C4’s training vid is precisely on this exact scenario). I’m going to post regarding how to properly set up and bind my Sonos. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Every other device and issue is solved with the exception of this particular Roku Ultra. Ethernet is running fine, wireless is really down to spotty internet. Otherwise rich. The Roku is set up IDENTICALLY to the other one in my system. I have not yet gone as far as removing and reinstalled the driver. Thanks guys. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. I'm going to run an independent cable to that WAP tonight as well. That should tell the story I believe. I want it to be the reason, because I am out of ideas (other than fixing the Sonos).
  22. Well... during my one step at a time approach, I refocused to the hardware and setup. I am offering this information because I feel like I might be on to something. After much careful combing of settings, etc (including the original first recommendation to split out the SSID's) and persitence, I finally have 2 of the 4 WX-1 WAP's working. When I say working, I mean that the wireless signal in their general vicinity is strong and the Xfinity Speed Tests of the internet are registering over 300 mbps. The remaining 2 WAPs still aren't registering good wireless signal and if I can get to the internet, the speeds are ridiculously slow 2-15 mbps. So here's what I did to further diagnose. I made sure the WAP settings were all exactly the same. I physically exchanged the WAPs from a working to non working area (flip flopped) and to my surprise... the areas remained the same. The areas where one WAP was working, works just as well with a WAP that wasn't (isn't) working. This shocked me... meaning that it had to be one of two things (I think?), either the cabling is bad to the area that has given me problems... or the port on the PoE switch is bad. I will test the ports tonight by simply flip flopping the cables from a "non-working" to a "working" to see if I can eliminate the switch. I am assuming I can eliminate it. So here is the question that I have at this point at (until further testing tonight). Could a short/cross-talk/bad termination, etc. in the cables to 1 or 2 WAPs have caused utter mayhem on the entire network (both lan and wan)?
  23. Thanks so much! Why in the world would you think that's not the problem? Did you ever think that since you have two Sonos players un-accounted for possibly in the realm of WiFi, Mesh, Wired setup could be looping your network. Once again your assumptions are getting the better of you. Only meaning that the SSID changed and I never re-added the other 6. So what I'm looking at is a Playbar that's using WiFi (as denoted by WM:1) and directly pairing in the surrounds and subs (as denoted by WM:2). You said one Playbar is wired. Is this Master Bedroom the wired Playbar? If it is, it's not setup in wired mode. Please change your Sonos configuration from WiFi to wired. If done successfully, that Master Bedroom Playbar should be denoted as WM:0. Sorry, in a prior post, I indicated that NOTHING was connected via ethernet. There is an ethernet cable connected to the master playbar that is just tucked inside the equipment box, never connected. EDIT: Sorry just re-read and saw you have 6 (!) missing Sonos players on your network. Unplug power to all of those during troubleshooting. Only a playbar that you don't see is plugged in. I will unplug that. The other 5 speakers are unplugged and have been since the switch over several weeks ago. EDIT2: Re-read your old post, you're absolutely sure the Playbar isn't wired up correct? If so just unplug the ethernet wire from the Playbar and keep it in WiFi mode. Unplug power to the 6 missing Sonos players. Give everything time to settle down and observe if you have any major network issues going forward. I will unplug that ethernet cable at the master Playbar If I could interject some info here... This weekend I removed the main switch and used only the Modem>Router>PoE+ Switch>4 WAPs to test and although there was a slight improvement, it was negligible. (I rebooted each device in sequence). Which leads me to believe that there is a chance "loops" are not the issue... Now, this doesn't exclude wireless devices causing issues (Sonos for instance). But I do feel l like the power settings and the channels for the SSID's in the WAPs could be a potential issue. I will screenshot the inSSIDer screen tonight so you can see where the WAPs are channelwise and powerwise and how they are reading. I have a second SX-8P PoE+ switch new in the box. I might try to install that instead of the one on currently on the system. That could eliminate that as an issue. Leading me to believe it could be the modem, router, cabling or WAP's (once the PoE switch is eliminated as a potential). There are 2 WAPs that seem to be broadcasting very good signal and connect to the internet. I moved one of the "good" one's to the cable that has a "bad" one to no avail. What I didn't try, was moving one of the "bad" ones to the good one's cable and location. I have to try that tonight. I know this is a lot.
  24. Here is the system. There are only 4 devices currently on. Lost 6 in the SSID change. But right now, that’s not the problem. Have a look (the screenshots overlap) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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