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  1. Same Solution. New Home https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/domaudeo/
  2. We are considering using a Color Tunable DMX enabled light by WAC lighting. http://www.waclighting.com/product/aether-3-5-23 It has 4 channels but are labelled as Dimming / CCT/ Saturation / Hue.. Not the standard RGBTW They are based on Lumenetix Araya Tunable Color built in DMX Controller http://lumenetix.com/i/Lumenetix_DMX512-A-Protocol-and-Wiring-Specifications.pdf Will DomAudeo Driver (any of them) work with these? If not , any suggestions are greatly appreciated
  3. I purchased the Domaudeo DMX Control4 driver 2.2.1through Blackwire a week or so ago. I have been trying to get the Domaudeo DMX Tunable White Driver in latest version to work. Other Color RGB Driver works great. The Tunable White Driver fails to detect any channels
  4. Has anyone used Domaudeo DMX 2.21 Driver with Tunable White? Is there a specific Tape that it would work with. I could not get it to detect any channels from Warm/Cool Strips Thanks
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