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  1. With V200 working OK, any reboot of controller causes license to become Not activated. Deleting the license key and pasting it again activates the driver.
  2. I got an echo 1 and driver V200 now works with 3.2.2 However, for some reason, events loading after adding trigger and refreshing is erratic. At times a reboot of controller needed to get those new events to show
  3. Unable to activate driver V200 on OS 3.2.1; Send support emails but have not heard back yet. Driver stuck on "Activating license". Uninstall, reboot, reinstall has no effect Update: Ari was very helpful. Fixed. License had to be reset
  4. My bad... The driver is working perfectly.. Somehow the Binding in C4 got reset to null, most probably during an attempt of driver reinstall on my part. Thanks for the help
  5. I have included scan_interval in configuration.yaml But even if I am reloading the url in a browser, I am not getting the lock status to update
  6. I am sure it has something to do with it. It does pull the status correctly. it just never updates that status.. Looking at the code, it is not a lengthy code. Hoping someone knows what to modify to allow that polling update to happen
  7. Done that absolutely..but have not heard back.. As mentioned it seems it has been abandoned since 2016
  8. I am trying to use this driver for json output and rest import into home assistant for monitoring dry contact lock status connected to control4 I/O https://github.com/itsfrosty/control4-2way-web-driver The url with variable IF entered works great. Problem when lock status changes from open to close and vice versa, the URL does not update and the json output remains the same. Last update on driver was 2016! Tried to figure out how to update code to allow for polling update but just beyond my knowledge. Hoping someone can help Thanks
  9. Same Solution. New Home https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/domaudeo/
  10. We are considering using a Color Tunable DMX enabled light by WAC lighting. http://www.waclighting.com/product/aether-3-5-23 It has 4 channels but are labelled as Dimming / CCT/ Saturation / Hue.. Not the standard RGBTW They are based on Lumenetix Araya Tunable Color built in DMX Controller http://lumenetix.com/i/Lumenetix_DMX512-A-Protocol-and-Wiring-Specifications.pdf Will DomAudeo Driver (any of them) work with these? If not , any suggestions are greatly appreciated
  11. I purchased the Domaudeo DMX Control4 driver 2.2.1through Blackwire a week or so ago. I have been trying to get the Domaudeo DMX Tunable White Driver in latest version to work. Other Color RGB Driver works great. The Tunable White Driver fails to detect any channels
  12. Has anyone used Domaudeo DMX 2.21 Driver with Tunable White? Is there a specific Tape that it would work with. I could not get it to detect any channels from Warm/Cool Strips Thanks
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