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  1. This is the 49" John Lewis version of The Picture Samsung TV. It has SDDP, but there is no driver for this 49" version. Has anyone had any luck with another IP driver for this? Cheers Dave
  2. Hiya Habitech have developed one which provides full integration and navigiation using the C4 remote. Have spoken with Dan at Habitech and apparenently they provide it FOC with any NVR they supply or you can buy it from Janus. https://janustechnology.co.uk/products/drivers/dahua-nvr-driver-for-control4/
  3. Hi Guys Anyone tried out the Dahua NVR Driver from Habitech? Wondering how it compares with the Lilin one Cheers Dave
  4. Perfect. Just what I need. I'd love a quote and lead time to the UK please. Dave
  5. Hi Guys Looking for a wireless doorbell solution to integrate into C4. Either something that will jump on the zigbee network or something with a remote relay that I can hook into an EA5 or Z2IO to cause an event when the button is pushed. Frustrating that I can't find anything, so any help will be appreciated. Dave
  6. Not been able to use the Set / Unset button. I use the virtual keypad to set and Unset. Can set and Unset using the a programmed hard / custom button though or as part of a macro. Dave
  7. Thanks Gary. Is that using Wintex and C4 through the smartcom or Wintex via a DualCom UDL? Dave
  8. I've only ever used the IP Com and it works really well within C$ Has anyone managed to use a smart com with C4 & the Texecom app? The IP Com only uses one port so we lose Wintex access on course, which is a bit of a pain. Or has anyone manged to get Wintex through on a DualCom UDL while using C4? Dave
  9. Thanks Gary so you can use the native Texecom app and C4 integration then?
  10. I believe you need to use the Texecom IPcom rather than the Smartcom. I’m commissioning one this week so I’ll let you know how it goes.
  11. Brilliant Thanks Alan, I’ll order one from Amazon now and give it a go. I’ve a few Clients who will love that (and so will my kids)
  12. That sounds interesting. How would you use the X-Box remote to trigger a macro etc though? Dave
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