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  1. @JustJay2 Some good information. My local installer was dropped into my lap. I purchased a new build and this company has a contract with the builder of all the homes in my community. They installed all the AV wiring while the homes are being built. In retrospect, I suppose I had an option to look for a different company, but a neighbor did just that and ended up with 2 companies pointing the finger at each other when something wasn't working. That being said, I do need to find if I have a service agreement somewhere in all my paperwork. I'm just disappointed that I've had to do this much of my own research to resolve an issue I contacted them about. I asked them to update the IP driver. They said they updated it, but did not say they updated the older IP driver... which didn't even resolve my issue. They resorted to using an IR flasher, rather than doing some research on fixing this issue the right way. This is our 2nd new build home. 14 years after our first one and it has been my personal experience, with most home service providers, more often than not, they are not able to do their jobs correctly the first time. (I won't even get into what the solar company did to our roof.) That's all I want... companies to take their time to do their work right, the first time.
  2. Update... I have so many emails about this issue that I misread who provided me with the latest information about what was actually installed, and my C4 version. I received an email directly from a C4 customer advocate. He was the one who told me this information. He is going to contact my local installer and educate them on how to correctly update my C4 system, so they can actually install the new 4K driver.
  3. No aggro here... just trying to educate myself as much as possible before approaching the installer, asking them to utilize current technology to resolve this issue, rather than reverting back to an older technology than can be buggy. (I am really pushing this because come this May, it will be 1 year since they set up my C4 system and after 1 year, they will start charging me $100/hour if I need their assistance.) So, I asked the installer to see if they could do some more research on fixing this issue, making sure they haven't missed anything. Here is the reply... "They updated the Apple TV driver that is for the V1-3 Apple TV devices. As I said before, it does work the V4 boxes but is not 100% compatible and does have some unexpected behavior when used with a V4 Apple TV. The driver we released last Tuesday requires your system to be on 2.10.6 and yours is still on 2.10.2. The setup is quite lengthy and somewhat complicated requiring the Control4 iOS app to complete, but does not need an Apple Setup code because the Apple Home App setup is not supported by Control4." I do have a 4th gen ATV, that's running tvOS 12.1.2. It almost sounds like they installed the update for the previous ATV driver that @Cyknight referenced... because my system is running 2.10.2. I assume he is referring to the version my C4 system is running. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like they did not install the new[est] Apple Certified IP Driver to my system because they have not updated my C4 system to the current 2.10.6 version?
  4. @ekohn00 Is there any documentation online that I could reference and send to my local installer? I would like be able to back up my accusation that they didn't do their job correctly. Thank you for all the information. 😁
  5. @ekohn00 They said they pushed out the new driver. I told them it didn't work, that the screensaver was still not working. Then, he came out and switched it over to using the IR. I was never provided a HomeKit accessory setup code. Am I to assume that they never really updated the driver then?
  6. I really wish the C4 update worked for us. Again, I am not able to complete any updates to our own system; I am at the mercy of our local installer. I was told they pushed out the new driver, but I have not way of knowing for sure. Is there a way I can tell on my end, without having access to the backend? For now, the IR is working. It just sucks because I've already experienced that if the sensor is accidentally moved 1mm, it will not work.
  7. Update: a tech from our local installation company just came over to take a look at the system. After some troubleshooting, it seems Apple pushed out an update that broke the IP driver that the C4 system uses. The update created a conflict so that the system will not enter the screensaver mode automatically. The tech went "old school" and connected an IR flasher to the front of the ATV. Tested everything, made sure the C4 remote is working as expected and the screensaver is working again. The tech informed me that they do not push out updates to customer's systems. So, perhaps Apple will, one day, admit THEY broke this and fix it. << insert - not holding breath >>
  8. I am having this issue with all ATV screensavers. I only use the Aerials and the built-in Apple Photos. A local installer set everything up for us and have not change any settings since before this issue started. They do not provide me access to C4's Composer... they want me to have to call them for help. $$$ @Mr. Daniel I will pass on your suggestions to the installer. Thank you.
  9. I am having the same exact issue. Up until about 1 month ago, it was working fine. I have tried everything, including temporarily changing the screensaver to a different one, previewing it, etc. Nothing has worked. I was even on the phone with Apple for quite a while. I finally resorted to a factory reset of the ATV. The result of that: Once the reset was done, I bypassed as many settings as I could just to get to the main menu. Set the screensaver to turn on after 2 minutes. It worked. Then I logged into my Apple account, to get things started. Tested it... screensaver still working. Then I called my local C4 installer to assist in reconnecting my C4 remote. (I am locked out from making any changes to the system myself.) I tested the screensaver again... STOPPED working. There is something with the C4 system that is keeping the ATV "awake" and preventing it the screensaver from starting. I called Control4 company myself and they informed me that they were aware that some C4 systems were not 100% compatible with the newer ATV 4K boxes. I was told they released a new IP driver on 3/5/19. I informed my local installer and they said they updated the driver for my system. I have tested it and the screensaver will still NOT start. Very frustrating.
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