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  1. Dahua Technology’s Product Integration with Control 4 Announced at ISC West https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190410005895/en/ This was announced on April 10th, 2019. Anyone have any idea what this means, exactly? There is no information on exactly what difference this entails.
  2. Wouldn't even need to be 4 weeks, could be 4 days. That would give them a reasonable amount of time to get their servers back up and running. No self-respecting IT department should have a server down for more than a day for any reason.
  3. Yeah. That's what I was afraid of. If all things were equal I'd rather stick with the smaller system and build up if I need to, but if it makes for unnecessary difficulties then it's not worth it.
  4. Ah. Strange that they would still advertise a discontinued product. I'm undecided about more than 8 zones so 16 would be "future proof", but 24 is just overkill as I may well just end up with 8 total. So if I went with an AMS8 and in the future decided to add a second, would it make things challenging on the programming side?
  5. I was referring to the C4-16ZAMSV3-B. I pulled the info right off Control4's product catalog page. Is this inaccurate?
  6. 8 zones might not be enough over time, but I wouldn't need all 16 zones right away, and a few of those zones are more than 2 channels (4 at the least, my back deck zone will have 4, maybe 6 speakers) So my currently thoughts are to purchase the 16x16 matrix switch and a reciever with SDDP control. Then add more amps and the TS-PAMP8-100 to finish it off. This way I'm guessing would give me the most flexibility without overcomplicating the integration side of things, since it all runs through a single 16 zone switch..
  7. So, in order to make it to $16,000 we're going to throw an ea5 and the speakers? The triad equipment mentioned without all the added stuff is $7,382.95 or $388 a zone. Well under the aforementioned $1000. If my aim was to spend $16,000, I could easily do so. The point was not to. You also left out the C4-16AMP3-B option which does in one piece what all 3 triad units do, or what several helpful members had mentioned with the matrix/amp combos.
  8. I've heard almost nothing but bad regarding Sonos on this forum regarding features and ease of use. Is it unrealistic to expect a 16 zone amp/matrix system to cost less than $16,000 without even factoring labor, wiring or speakers? The C4-16AMP3-B isnt more than $4,000.. that makes it $300/zone.
  9. Isnt russound dealer installed? I live in a small, northern Canadian town so local companies are few. The closest Russound dealer is in another province.
  10. If the C4-AMP108-BX is end of life I'd rather not bother with it. I was more referring to the C4-16AMP3-B. Says it distributes and amplifies. You'd still recommend the matrix/amp combo?
  11. Are you referring to the C4-16ZAMSV3-B? On the website it says it can distribute 16 zones, whereas the C4-16ZAMSv3-B (edit: C4-16AMP3-B) will distribute and amplify to 8 zones.. what would be the benefit of using the matrix with dumb amps vs just getting 2 control4 8 zone amplifiers and be done with it? Is the "dumb amp" route significantly cheaper?
  12. What sort of issue have you had? Bulletproof is pretty important. A system that's hard to use is a system that doesn't get used.
  13. Right now I only have an EA-1 right now with a EA-3 or 5 next phase. I would say minimum 4 zones, but really with the size of this house I could get as many as 8 or 12 in. All of my zones are wired for ceiling speakers except the living room. I'd rather just use a sound bar in there. The big surround system can go in the theatre. Though, both of these zones dont -need- to be integrated into the multi room function, it would be nice.
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