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  1. If the C4-AMP108-BX is end of life I'd rather not bother with it. I was more referring to the C4-16AMP3-B. Says it distributes and amplifies. You'd still recommend the matrix/amp combo?
  2. Are you referring to the C4-16ZAMSV3-B? On the website it says it can distribute 16 zones, whereas the C4-16ZAMSv3-B (edit: C4-16AMP3-B) will distribute and amplify to 8 zones.. what would be the benefit of using the matrix with dumb amps vs just getting 2 control4 8 zone amplifiers and be done with it? Is the "dumb amp" route significantly cheaper?
  3. What sort of issue have you had? Bulletproof is pretty important. A system that's hard to use is a system that doesn't get used.
  4. Right now I only have an EA-1 right now with a EA-3 or 5 next phase. I would say minimum 4 zones, but really with the size of this house I could get as many as 8 or 12 in. All of my zones are wired for ceiling speakers except the living room. I'd rather just use a sound bar in there. The big surround system can go in the theatre. Though, both of these zones dont -need- to be integrated into the multi room function, it would be nice.
  5. I'm looking into distributed multi room audio systems to integrate with my Control4 system. I like Denon's HEOS Drive units because they integrate with C4 and Alexa as well as have their own app, so there is multiple methods of control. What I don't really like is the $1000CAD per zone. Are there similar options with the same characteristics as HEOS, but at a lower cost point? I have a 42U rack. It just really needs to be bulletproof, simple to use for the sake of everyone else in the house and controllable through C4 and Alexa.
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