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  1. Thanks for the responses. After some experimentation today I made some discoveries. So I was able to get it to work properly now by engaging Passthrough Mode in the driver as long as you ONLY use the MiniDriver shortcuts for Netflix, Hulu, Etc... The problem remains for all channels/services that there is not a Mini Driver for. Also, even if you go to "working" service like Netflix WITHOUT using the MiniDriver shortcut by selecting "Watch>Roku Channels>Netflix" and then hit Neeo Home button you get a "Roku" device icon instead of the service you were watching and still have to go though the whole Watch sequence again to get to the transport controls. That being said, I'm happy to have it mostly working now since there are MiniDrivers for the most common channels. For the record, I'm on 3.13 with up to date drivers, but the issue existed on previous versions as well. Ryan, if you need anymore info from me that would be useful to you just let me know. Thanks.
  2. Generally both the Roku streaming stick+ and Neeo remote work great with C4. There is one possible bug that drives me nuts though. When you're watching Roku and then hit the Home button to access something on the Neeo homescreen for example, hitting the Roku icon doesn't take you back to the onscreen transport/number controls. To get back to the transport controls you have to have to painfully go back through the "front door" by going to "Watch>Roku>Hulu" for example. All other devices you can go to the Neeo home screen and then just tap the icon of whatever device is playing and it immediately jumps back to the transport controls. Can anyone else confirm this behavior?
  3. Very interesting, especially side by side. For me a Neeo with Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR and older Araknis 300 router has been problem free.
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