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  1. 4sight, VPN, or don't bother. If you're as much as a novice if you need help with the port forwarding, then you most likely don't know that there is an extremely common password on the equipment that most dealers do not change If you open this device to the Internet via Port Forward or DMZ, I guarantee it'll get hacked (or be enticing enough for someone to keep hammering away at it).
  2. My guess is the main point of this unit is to handle a larger processor load and provide redundancy. Redundancy being the bigger factor in regards to I/O. There's no way to make the I/O redundant, so that's most likely why it was left off the CA-10. Besides, the projects that are large enough to *require* a CA-10 most likely have plenty of I/O spread out across all devices besides the primary director. Finally, to keep costs down. These conversations are like deja vu when the HC-1000 was announced. When everyone realized the performance boost the HC-1000 provided, the lack of I/O was completely forgiven and forgotten. Those complaining about no I/O on a CA-10 just don't get the product's purpose.
  3. A WattBox that's gone flaky? That NEVER happens! 😂
  4. I was talking about the Telkonet driver. I personally have not used the TP-Link outlet or Alan's driver for it.
  5. There is a "Read Meter" action within Composer for that driver that will output the usage on the individual outlets. However, there's no way to post it to the UI. Maybe it's possible to make a custom button that fires that action and e-mails the output to a destination? Not elegant, but would be functional. EDIT: Maybe take this a step further for those with touchscreens, pasting the metered outlet output to a screen pop via a custom button?
  6. I’ll take a look but IIRC the energy monitoring features it has aren’t really functional to Control4. I think the only way to pull that data is thru the WebUI of the Telkonet EcoCommander. You might want to check out what LollerAgent said.
  7. Two more things to note.... 1) This thing is deep. So if you have a lot of wires in the gang box, get ready to battle with getting it to fit in. It probably has another cm at least on a standard C4 Keypad Dimmer. 2) The LEDs are on if the outlet on. So if the outlet is in a visible spot, this can be a nuisance (doesn't bother me, but I remember my light sensitive customers who would have a fit if they saw this). I could have sworn the driver I used previously gave the ability to shut the LEDs off regardless of the outlet status, however the driver I posted earlier does not provide that options. I might have a copy of the driver that has this feature, but it'll take me some time to search it out. I will update if I find it.
  8. There was one being sold by Telkonet on Amazon. I was really shocked to see it and grabbed it immediately. Came from their warehouse in WI.
  9. This further confirms my feelings on Axxess. They had really awesome looking products that were just always plagued with some kind of issue. Like when that firmware was around that it was draining the batteries in the Motion Detectors that you couldn't find anywhere, that was always a real treat. Or when the Dimmer module would decide to put on a spark show even though there was no short or over wattage issues... That damn doorbell too.....
  10. The EcoGuard worked! Attached is a copy of the driver. The instructions to identify were also in the box on a printed paper (hold the join button for about 10 seconds and release when the top LED starts to rapidly blink red). I got really lucky that coincidentally a single EcoGuard was available on Amazon this week: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VN8CZPQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Thanks again for the help all! Telkonet_EcoGuard.zip
  11. I’ll keep this in mind if I have a problem with the EcoGuard. I was trying to avoid buying hardware and software. If the EcoGuard works it’ll be cheaper in the long run. Only problem I foresee is me forgetting the identification process on these and I can’t find the addendum for connecting it directly to Control4. I think it has a weird tap sequence, not your typical 4 tap.
  12. Get ready to laugh... Holidays are coming, this time around I’d like to have my Christmas tree on schedule with the rest of the lighting system instead of me constantly forgetting to unplug the tree. Lights in the tree are LED. Don’t know if Axxess makes a switch version but I’ve also had experiences with the dimmer version that made me stay away from them going forward.
  13. LOL yep that's what I figured from my day worth of searching, but wanted to make sure. By chance I did another search for a Telkonet EcoGuard after the initial post and found one for sale on Amazon. It's on the way. Also found the C4 driver on the dealer forums. When I get everything done I'll follow-up on here with the results and a copy of the driver. Thanks!
  14. I can just go with a Control4 Outlet Switch/Dimmer but I'm not a big fan of its bulkiness nor of the fact it hasn't been updated in almost a decade. Was wondering what other solutions might be out there. I've used Telkonet EcoGuard outlets for a hospitality job and they worked well. Unfortunately it's damn near impossible to just purchase one of them (combined with the fact I no longer work for a Telkonet partner or Control4 dealer). It doesn't have to be built into the outlet either, a wall-wart is acceptable (just not as huge at the C4 one lol). I know I could just go with a WiFi outlet and be done with this, but would love to tie it in natively with the rest of my Zigbee mesh without having to purchase a separate driver. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I cannot go the Z-Wave route either. I don't have an EAx controller to use to host the Z-Wave antenna. Thanks for the help!
  15. It's no longer tied to a license server and it's now in c4z format. If you've previously paid for the driver, there is no reason to switch to this one. Since you can no longer buy the driver from Houselogix, this is your only hope for new projects.
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