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  1. Sounds like you've hit a crossroad. Either you continue to do work for your big company and lose out on your own dealer account. Or focus on your own business.
  2. With more details, a keypress can be suggested to reboot the keypad to see if that gets it back online. Are you talking about the legacy 6 button keypard? Or a newer gen configurable keypad? If the legacy keypad, is it on Embernet or Zigbee Pro? (or if you know what OS your C4 is on, that will answer this question).
  3. This is to control an IR fan. Do you have a little remote control to change the fan speed?
  4. What kind of dimmer are you using? Adaptive phase or Forward phase? Forward phase dimmer supports up to 1000w (with no tabs broken) compared to the Adaptive phase dimmer that supports up to 650w (with no tabs broken). And you can typically get away with forward phase dimming of LEDs with no noticeable difference compared to the preferred reverse phase. From my experience, a forward phase was typically only ran to a chandelier due to the typical high wattage requirements that come along with them -- that they would typically exceed the wattage of an APD even if it was the only load wired to it.
  5. Mine is the basic, easiest explanation trying to not confuse the DIYer who shouldn't be playing with electricity. Yes to everything you said.
  6. This is wrong or just a poor way to describe it. Power is going into both boxes. It's the load wire that determines where the switch/dimmer goes, and the keypad goes into the opposite box.
  7. The switch should be in the box where the load wire is located. The keypad in the other box. If you're asking questions about standard electrical wiring I highly suggest you hire an electrician.
  8. I mean if you already own it and you have some ideas on how to use it, why not. But if it's going to cost money to get your dealer involved, then I would say don't bother. Don't throw anymore money into their products. Even Blackwire dropped them, so I don't even know who even sells them in the states anymore (let alone where to get those wonderful batteries).
  9. They start disecting the image and pointing out the "wood grain" background as proof it was a C4 produced image. Here's another! The conspiracy continues! 😂
  10. I'm saying that picture of the Neeo remote that was posted on Instagram (screenshots within this topic) have been seen before the Control4 purchase was announced. You can still bring up those photos on Neeo's website. https://planet.neeo.com/t/m22yqs/neeo-launches-neeo-pro It's not a fake photo. It's not a legitimate leak. It's some dealer upping his marketing game. There is no such thing as a legitimate leak, because if it happened Control4 would revoke that dealership. Control4 doesn't pre-announce or leak anything, ever. Everyone is getting all goo goo ga ga over stuff that is easily searchable off of Google. So back to my key point for this thread, everything stated here is bullshit until Control4 announces something.
  11. Yeah it sucks. IP is definitely more responsive than IR, but Apple is the ones to blame for this fiasco. C4 knew this would be an issue in the future with Apple and their walled garden, and they're still catching heat because of it.
  12. So you missed the part where those images have been available for years before the Control4 purchase was even announced? Like I said, everyone is basing their theories over old pictures. And guesses.
  13. Yeah I was afraid this was going to happen. Craftsman Assurelink is shutting down and migrated the accounts over to MyQ. I'm sure MyQ has implemented some changes to account for the migration within the API and this is the end result. I haven't even tried my Craftsman driver since doing the migration. Highly doubt it works at this point.
  14. If I can throw in my two cents... Avoid having any lighting functions tied to a button that involves, double taps and triple taps. Whenever you add double/triple tap programming to a button, you're inheriently adding a delay to the response of that button as C4 is waiting for a potential second or third tap to read as a different command. This could produce delayed results that often get mis-identifed as a larger issue with the system (Zigbee reception) when simply as @Cyknight said -- you're trying to do too much with one button.
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