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  1. I think they really missed on the redundant PSU's by not having a second power plug and allowing a second circuit to be used, sure an ATS of UPS can be used but with no IO to take up space on the rear of the chassis it should have been a quick cheap add
  2. @C4CA For me so far they offer the same experience. I think it will truly come down to which ecosystem you have or which "Wake" word you prefer to say.
  3. this can be done with the Berto MQTT driver as well. Just set HASSIO to send a message of "xxx" whenever this needs to happen then add that message as a trigger in c4 programming
  4. You can always install the google play store on the fire tablets and install from there. I have two 8" and a 10" fire tablets that are working fine with OS3 installed through the Play store.
  5. Roku's most places and a Nvidia Shied with the IRUSB adapter on one TV, gotta have that bedroom gaming
  6. No problem, the thanks really go to @david@berto.co.uk for continuing to make these drivers
  7. @Amr Here is the way I have mine setup. All that is needed for basic control in the Berto_MQTTBridge configuration is the server info. Everything else for Sonoff relays is done through the Berto_SonoffRelay and Berto_RelayLight. First make sure what topic you have configured as the Topic on the sonoff under Configuration> Configure MQTT and make sure that that is entered exactly (case sensitive) under the topic on the Berto_SonoffRelay configuration in composer. Once that is verified then a standard connection needs to be made between Berto_SonoffRelay and the Berto_RelayLight. Let
  8. If the devices you want to control are 433mhz you can send a mqtt message from programming with the correct RF info and use it for control. They do need to be flashed to tasmota from the stock firmware. They are well loved in the DIY community for adding cheap sensors ie water or contact.
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