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  1. Looking at buying the new Amazon Echo show 5. Wanted to know if anyone out there has it already and can it integrate with the Control4 OS3 system, in terms of Alexa.
  2. When I go to downloads it only gives me an option to download composer ME and the control4 app for PC.
  3. I recently upgraded my control4 system to OS3. I was just starting to get use to Composer HE but now my Composer does not connect to my system after I upgraded. Is there a composer HE for OS3?
  4. mmmm still cant figure this out. Went under media and theres nothing there. I have upgraded my system to OS 3. Well ill just play around more and see what happens 😟
  5. Yes. I only downloaded HE yesterday. Still have to get use to it. Thanks will try it and see what happens.
  6. Hi. I have recently purchased a control4 for my room. I am from South Africa and i have a cable box with DSTV explora. I previously had the C4 system and i noticed when i want to watch cable i just select an icon from my ipad or phone and it goes straight to the channel. With my new system i noticed that i do not have any icons for DSTV. How do i get this? I dont want to call the dealer out as the call out rate is bit expensive if its a simple task to add on myself. thanks
  7. Ritz27


    Hi, I am installing a Contro 4 system in my master bedroom and would like to get a new 2.1 home theatre. I was told that Bose system dont generally work with the control 4 system. Can someone recommend a system that i can get that will work well with control 4, was thinking of a harman kardon system
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