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  1. Sorry my fault, I've worded it all wrong. Okay let me make this simpler. Do you know of any drivers that don't show the Open Close and Stop buttons in the Shades page?
  2. Thanks for your reply, I don't think this is correct, I can already control all blinds at once. What I need is to be able to simplyfy all the 9 individual blinds down to like three? My idea was to have up to open, down to shut and stop to 50% but I can't find a driver that will let me do that. If not then get rid of the open, close and stop graphics and just have it like a button under the shades tab, (Like lighting scenes) Thanks
  3. Hi, I've got a Lutron QS Standalone system I have intergrated into Control4 and which works fine. I have a set of three blinds in which I can control as the following: Group1 - All Open Closed 50% Group 2 - Center Blind Open Closed 50% Group 3 - Outer Blinds Open Closed 50% They're all working using a generic blind driver and just adding the "When blind open" -> "Press Lutron Keypad" . The issue I have is with how it looks. I have to have each blind funcation as an individual blind due to getting no feedback it just looks a bit rubbish. I've spoken to control4 and they said theres a driver out there where it would look like a lighting scene but still show up in the shades area. Anyone got any ideas?
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