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  1. Thanks for answers so far... When I was looking up a C4 leaflet regarding the differences between the different controllers it did mention Shairbridge is available on the HC250 "as a secondary controller only" - does this mean it's being transferred from the HC800 over the network? EA-1 Performance Comparison Would you suggest a 2nd HC800 or EA5 in this case, as the EA3 only has 1 analogue out, rather than a multisource pre-amp, such as the Autonomic MMS-5a / Denon HEOS Superlink / NAD CI580 - I would only be using it for audio purposes so would an additional master controller not be overkill? (the rest of my system is quite light - maybe 20 lighting zones, in addition to distributed audio + video - there is no security / climate / relays etc) I suppose I could use some form of DAC to convert the digital coax from the HC800, giving me 3 outputs from it? Any recommendations? What about the siting of the WMB?
  2. So moving the HC250 and Wireless Media Bridge to the rack would then provide me with 4 physical outputs, the WMB obviously being limited to Airplay/DLNA (range of Bluetooth means this option is no longer a possibility). Does Shairbridge work on the HC250 as well, provided the OS version is sufficient? What would the merits of adding an additional C4 controller, e.g. EA-5 (or even a 2nd hand HC-800) instead of something like the Autonomic MMS-5a or Denon HEOS Superlink be?
  3. Hi, end user here trying to get the concept clear in my own head before approaching my dealer. The more I read the more confused I seem to get! My current system consists of an HC800 & HC300 in the rack centrally, as well as an HC200 and HC250 locally behind 2 different screens. I have an AMC Digital H.O.M.E. X86i, which I presume is some form of audio matrix, as well as amplifier (I can’t seem to find out much information about it on the web)? My system is still on a version of 2.6. I have six separate audio zones & would like the possibility of playing at least 4 different streams concurrently. (I also have a wireless music bridge - does it matter whether this is wired straight into the amp, ie centrally, or into the HC250, as it is now?) At present I can’t seem to play more than 1 at a time. Presumably this is to do with the way the audio outputs are wired into the X86? Should I be able to get 4 different streams playing concurrently based on my existing hardware or do I need to change anything? The HC800 has 2 analogue audio outputs so these should go into the X86 providing the ability for 2 separate streams, no? Does Shairbridge on the HC800 (I realise the OS will need updating) provide for multiple virtual streams or am I still limited to the 2 hard-wired outputs? Is it worth scrapping the HC300 and relocating the HC250 centrally to be able to use its audio output? (I don’t use the onscreen GUI so I should probably scrap the HC200 also) Is there any merit in replacing either of these with an EA1 given I don’t use the onscreen GUI? I believe the HC200 is primarily acting as a Zigbee extender upstairs (and utilising a single IR to control the TV but this could be done over Cat6). I had been looking at something like the Autonomic MMS-5a but I’m not sure if it’s overkill if I can do what I want with the equipment I already have, although I do like the way it integrates everything together. Thanks a lot for answering several questions in one! Pete
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