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  1. I'm trying to create an IR Driver for a Samsung TV. However, the remotes power toggle button is the only command that will be read by the controller. When i press the other buttons, the controller is not accepting the IR commands sent by the remote. Remote buttons are fine as it works directly with the TV. I have also attached an image of the remote. What should be done in order to assign the IR commands of other buttons of the remote to the controller? https://www.dropbox.com/s/1o7o7p3b06tkvvm/Photo 7-18-19%2C 3 52 13 PM.jpg?dl=0
  2. The live view of security cameras are really slow. If a stranger moves fast, we can't even recognize who the person is. Is there a way to fix this or do we have to live with this delay?
  3. Yes I tried it @Crustyloafer. Thanks, but i wanted to try it for another purpose. I found the issue. I have deleted the power command from the tv template driver (Driver Wizard) when i created a custom driver for the TV. I have added my own command called 'power' later to assign the on/off toggle IR code value. It's good if control4 can allow us to create a GUI menu for the driver that we create, where we can add our own commands and assign them to our own buttons we design in our GUI.
  4. The current order of the drapes list on the menu is given below. Front Drape Inner, Front Drape Outer, TV Drape Outer, TV Drape Inner Image Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ntkggz9vajvmm5u/Photo 5-30-19%2C 3 51 48 PM.jpg?dl=0 How can i change the order in this way: Front Drape Inner, Front Drape Outer, TV Drape Inner, TV Drape Outer
  5. I want to toggle the device state. If the 'TV' is selected, we can see the menu given below. So I want the TV to turn off/on using the 'Power' button. In order to achieve this, i'm trying to toggle the variables state when ever i hit the power button.
  6. I have assigned custom buttons of the remote to turn on/off the tv or projector. Since the projector cannot be turned off immediately once it is turned on, i have added timers to update a variable called 'CommandIsReadyToSend'. If the variable 'CommandIsReadyToSend' is 'True', the functions assigned to the custom buttons would work. If not, the command is not sent.
  7. @Crustyloafer The TV and projector are in the same room. I have created a IR driver for the TV. If i turn on/off the TV using the remote, I can't get a feedback from the TV to check whether it's on or off. So i'm updating another variable to assume that the TV is on/off. So if someone clicks the power button from the mobile phone, it should turn the tv on/off based on the variable state and update the variable. This is required because if i turn on the projector, the TV should turn off or if the TV is already turned off, it should ignore the TV
  8. I have a Boolean variable called test. I want this variable state to toggle when i press the power button from the mobile phone or touch screen. However, i can use other buttons to change the state, but for the power button the state of the variable doesn't change. What is the reason for this?
  9. I managed to setup the door station. It worked perfectly. When I pressed the door bell button I was able to receive a call to my In-wall touch screen. But on the next day i tried ringing the bell and it didn't work. So i had to remove and re-add the drivers once again and then it started to work and i was able to receive calls. But on the next day it stopped working. What could be the reason for this?
  10. Hi @LollerAgent Could you please share a screen shot of the connections that you have made in composer pro project. I need to try the same. Thank You!
  11. Current I'm working on a learning project in my office. Hoping to apply the knowledge to a showroom later.
  12. @Hometronics-SF How do we know whether its a hdcp issue and if so, how to fix it?
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