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  1. Current I'm working on a learning project in my office. Hoping to apply the knowledge to a showroom later.
  2. @Hometronics-SF How do we know whether its a hdcp issue and if so, how to fix it?
  3. Can someone recommend other (brands) HDMI boosters as alternatives for Leaf?
  4. Is it possible to connect the 'Zone 2 Pre out' of Denon AVR to Triad Power amplifier?
  5. Sorry guys, I have a bad habit of using tags. I didn't know it was an issue. Really sorry.
  6. Hi @Hometronics-SF, For a moment dont think abt the AVR. I removed the AVR. Let me explain. If I connect the HDMI output port of the EA-5 to the input HDMI port of TV via a HDMI cable, i get the OSD on my TV and everything works fine. If I use a HDBaseT (transmitter & receiver) instead of a direct HDMI cable, i don't get the OSD on my TV. The HDMI signal is not getting transmitted.
  7. Hi @Hometronics-SF Yes I tried it. Still it doesn't display the OSD. HDMI port of TV is not getting a signal. But with a direct HDMI cable i get the OSD.
  8. Hey @Hometronics-SF, If I connect the EA-5 Directly to the TV via HDBaseT instead of connecting it via the AVR, i still get this issue. Could it be a defect in the product?
  9. I have connected the HDMI output of EA-5 to a Denon Receiver. When I plug the HDMI output of Denon Receiver to the HDMI input of TV via HDBaseT, i cannot view the OSD. No signal is received. Randomly it starts working, but then it stops working if i unplug the cables and reconnect (Or even after reboot). It worked for two days without an issue and suddenly stopped working. What is the issue?
  10. When i execute a function i might enter a certain mode. When i exit the mode how to return back to the previous state? Example: I'm switching my TV on using the theater display, and i have created a lighting scene for the TV mode. At the same time i'm playing a song using the keypad, and then the lighting scene changes or even the TV might switch off. Now i'll be stopping the music from the keypad, and then i should get back to the TV mode, which automatically turns on the TV and sets the appropriate lighting scene. What is the best way to do this?
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