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  1. Hi @JSTRONG It works using the AV Matrix. I have tested and I'm able to listen to music while watching TV. Need to know whether it's possible to do the exact same thing with MoIP...
  2. @SMHarman We are going to place them close to speakers, otherwise there's no way of upgrading. The light switches are limited. The customer doesn't want to have them everywhere.
  3. With the setup included in the link below, I was able to listen to music while watching TV. If i'm not listening to music, I would basically hear the audio signal of the video source. https://ibb.co/RNMK2Nv Will I be able accomplish the same requirement by replacing AV Matrix with a MoIP system. I need to listen to music while watching tv (video signal only from the source) in the same zone. Video Endpoint is the TV Video's Audio Endpoint is the AVR Audio Endpoint is the AVR Audio Volume is the AVR
  4. Hi @Crustyloafer Did you get the driver from chowmain? or was it from bluestream ?
  5. How do you go for additional subwoofers in setups like 9.2.4 or 9.4.6 when the AVRs don't have multiple subwoofer outputs?
  6. Has anyone worked with B&W 800 D3 speakers and McIntosh monoblock amplifiers?
  7. Will the CA-1 experience signal interference if kept over a gypsum ceiling as a zigbee mesh controller? Will the Z2IO experience the same issue when kept over the ceiling as a zigbee signal extender? The customer wants to hide most of the devices.
  8. Hi @SMHarman I appreciate if you could share a diagram to get the entire idea about colornix. Thank You.
  9. That link is broken. Or not public. Hi @SMHarman how about this link. https://ibb.co/Jk6WKgR
  10. Hi @SMHarman This is the setup provided by Colorbeam. Please advise whether I should go for a better system. https://www.dropbox.com/s/avnp3gjoqsg967d/Enclosure1.pdf?dl=0 I'm going to put Dolby Atmos in two rooms. Either it's going to be a 7.2.4 or 9.2.4. The AVRs will be placed in the respective rooms. In a situation where I need to go for 4 subwoofers, I should go for rackamps right?
  11. Hi @SMHarman, What's the controller you used? Did you use RS232 DMX Engine by Engineering Solutions? In addition to RS232 DMX Engine, did you use any other controller?
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