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  1. Hi @thegreatheed & @PHILIP1193 Have you guys used Invixium ? Does Invixium support facial recognition with Control4? Planning to provide the total solution to an upcoming apartment if it does...
  2. Hi @Gary Leeds UK Could you please share a link to purchase a 220-240V powered Wemo? I need to get it shipped to US, Australia or Sri Lanka. Thank you.
  3. Hi @alanchow Is Orvibo WiWo s20 C4 driver compatible with B25UK driver in the link given below ??? Because B25UK is what is available in Sri Lanka. https://www.orvibo.com/en/product/productList_index.html#6 Thank you...
  4. I couldn't still figure this out! The readings that I get on the app proxy aren't accurate. I believe it's not sending the current temperature reading getting displayed on the thermostat to the Cool Master Net Module. I have demonstrated this in the video given below. Appreciate it if someone can help !
  5. Can someone recommend good control4 compatible door locks suitable for Asian region? Thank you.
  6. Can we use Amazon Echo Dots as audio endpoints for multi-room music ?
  7. Are the legacy dimmers LDZ-101-240-x and C4-TDIM2-Z compatible with the latest EA & CA controllers along with OS3? Can we have a mix of legacy dimmers and latest dimmers in the same Zigbee mesh network?
  8. Is there a limit when adding multiple amazon echo plus devices for a single project?
  9. Hi @Matt Lowe, My customer wants to get rid of the in-wall thermostat which comes with regular AC units. Since the temperature sensor is inside the thermostat, I need to use another c4 compatible temperature sensor to update the proxy. The control inputs and outputs of Cool Master Net Zones can be seen in the following image. https://ibb.co/Bgr7Scz It doesn't have a temperature input.
  10. Hi @RAV, I tried with the Z2IO but didn't work for me. Will try again.
  11. What is the best way to get the current temperature of a room and view the values in the app? I'll be using a Cool Master Net module to automate AC units.
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