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  1. Is there a limit when adding multiple amazon echo plus devices for a single project?
  2. Can we use CA-1 as a Z2IO to extend Zigbee Signal Strength?
  3. Hi @Matt Lowe, My customer wants to get rid of the in-wall thermostat which comes with regular AC units. Since the temperature sensor is inside the thermostat, I need to use another c4 compatible temperature sensor to update the proxy. The control inputs and outputs of Cool Master Net Zones can be seen in the following image. https://ibb.co/Bgr7Scz It doesn't have a temperature input.
  4. Hi @RAV, I tried with the Z2IO but didn't work for me. Will try again.
  5. What is the best way to get the current temperature of a room and view the values in the app? I'll be using a Cool Master Net module to automate AC units.
  6. Hi @lippavisual & @Kevin L It's working now. Earlier, I was using the DMX RGB Dimmer in composer, which has 3 sub channels to assign red, green and blue. I then enabled the RGBW management option and linked the additional DMX dimmer for the white channel. This worked well for American Lighting LED strips and Colorbeam recessed lights but not for this DMX engine (LEH-4091). Finally, I used individual DMX dimmers for the respective channels after finally getting the user manual from the manufacturer. We need to add an additional channel (Channel 6) for the dimmer to work. Otherwise It would not turn on. CH1:Red (256 level) CH2:Green (256 level) CH3:Blue (256 level) CH4:White CH5:Speed (256 level) CH6:Dimmer (256 level) CH7:Strobe/Program Speed CH8:Preset Program I'm sharing the datasheet for anyone interested. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i3uf1rl0fjdpfvy/LEH-4091 DMX Datasheet.pdf?dl=0
  7. We could select the source to be controlled from the navigator and adjust accordingly. Just watch this video @JSTRONG Here's the link to endpoints of the room. This is using a Leaf Audio Video Matrix Switch and audio video receiver. https://ibb.co/272BC7D
  8. Hi @lippavisual Yes I have. But can't get it to work.
  9. Hi @Kevin L I have tested the DMX driver + Engineering Solutions RS232 DMX box with Colorbeam lighting and American Lighting and they both work without any issue. However, I can't get the LEH-4091 to work. I'm not sure whether we need to do some additional configurations. If you know anything about this, please advise. Thank you.
  10. Hi Amr, Just felt like using one to cut down and supply power. Anyway I bought the Bond Bridge and it works great! The switch would reboot the fan, so I decided to get rid of it. Thanks!
  11. @lippavisual I know about DMX and I already have the RS232 DMX engine. I need a lighting company which can provide lights that can be submerged .
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