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  1. Mine continue to fall offline as well. I have had to reconnect several times over the past few weeks.
  2. We have Charter Spectrum internet but are using Hulu for streaming. Would be curious to hear move about your experience and what you are currently paying?
  3. I am hoping these products actually ship. Would be great to have another Zwave option for C4. My experience integrating Vera was frustrating to say the least. I ultimately removed it from my system.
  4. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to put together that info and post. Very helpful!
  5. Same happening here. It is strange that we can't click on the session and go there. Seems intuitive for it to work that way.
  6. When I installed them in my home system, I believe that I added the driver to the room that the bulb was located in. Then I entered the MAC address for the bulb that I wanted the driver to find before selecting auto discover. Auto discover really just grabs the IP address of the bulb that you want to add. The documentation tab in Composer should walk you through it.
  7. A processor reboot seems to have sorted things out. But I have another question. I had our C4 field service rep on site today and we couldn't figure out how to control the mic/line volume independent of the master volume. This is an OS3 project and I am trying to figure out how to show source volume and microphone volume on the same page. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
  8. The instructions provided with the driver say it should be set to 38400. I don't think 9600 is an option.
  9. jackstone....I am wrapping up my project and the 508MX is up and running. I purchased a license key from blackwire and had the driver connected for a short period of time...but now it will not connect. I have deleted and re-added it. The serial connection is in place but I am no longer getting the firmware version in the driver. Any suggestions?
  10. I have a GC-100-12 in my setup. It is one of their older units but I do use the relays for to open/close my garage doors. It works well but I seem to be experiencing some delay when sending commands. I am running OS3. Anyone else seeing any delays using a GC unit?
  11. We are working on a large commercial project where another company will be installing the burglar alarm system. They always install Honeywell and will want to use a 128bpt on this project. We are partial to DSC so I am not very familiar with Honeywell. We have about 30 zones so a Vista 20p should be able to handle it. Is that the best way to go to ensure compatibility with OS3? Thanks!
  12. Just to be sure I am understanding what has been posted above... It sounds like we can use a Vista 128BPT with OS3 if using the CBM module? However, we cannot have over 3 partitions and cannot use Total Connect at the same time? Is that correct? If so, what driver does this setup require? Thanks!
  13. that does make sense and it sounds like the driver has a lot of functionality. I am going to order a 508mx for my install and I look forward to using the driver. I was going to go with the DBX ZonePro but it sound like the mixing of sources wreaks havoc on the driver. Thanks again.
  14. Sorry that I have been slow to get this but making more sense now. So in Zone 1, Mic 1-6 will mix with whichever input that you choose in the drop down. Input trim is controlled by the slider for "Source" and the microphone trim is controlled by the "Mic/Line" slider while overall volume is controlled by "Master". So it looks like I could mix mic 1 and mic 2 with my video source input to have all 3 active at the same time as mentioned in my scenario above?
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