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  1. The instructions provided with the driver say it should be set to 38400. I don't think 9600 is an option.
  2. jackstone....I am wrapping up my project and the 508MX is up and running. I purchased a license key from blackwire and had the driver connected for a short period of time...but now it will not connect. I have deleted and re-added it. The serial connection is in place but I am no longer getting the firmware version in the driver. Any suggestions?
  3. I have a GC-100-12 in my setup. It is one of their older units but I do use the relays for to open/close my garage doors. It works well but I seem to be experiencing some delay when sending commands. I am running OS3. Anyone else seeing any delays using a GC unit?
  4. We are working on a large commercial project where another company will be installing the burglar alarm system. They always install Honeywell and will want to use a 128bpt on this project. We are partial to DSC so I am not very familiar with Honeywell. We have about 30 zones so a Vista 20p should be able to handle it. Is that the best way to go to ensure compatibility with OS3? Thanks!
  5. Just to be sure I am understanding what has been posted above... It sounds like we can use a Vista 128BPT with OS3 if using the CBM module? However, we cannot have over 3 partitions and cannot use Total Connect at the same time? Is that correct? If so, what driver does this setup require? Thanks!
  6. that does make sense and it sounds like the driver has a lot of functionality. I am going to order a 508mx for my install and I look forward to using the driver. I was going to go with the DBX ZonePro but it sound like the mixing of sources wreaks havoc on the driver. Thanks again.
  7. Sorry that I have been slow to get this but making more sense now. So in Zone 1, Mic 1-6 will mix with whichever input that you choose in the drop down. Input trim is controlled by the slider for "Source" and the microphone trim is controlled by the "Mic/Line" slider while overall volume is controlled by "Master". So it looks like I could mix mic 1 and mic 2 with my video source input to have all 3 active at the same time as mentioned in my scenario above?
  8. Thanks for the response. I spoke with Denon this afternoon and unfortunately the tech support rep wasn't familiar with the product. He said that it can not mix any of the sources...so I suggested they take the word mixer out of the product name 😁. What he described was matrix functionality (which it clearly has). Here is my real world scenario...we are working on a training room with multiple sources. Two microphones; a handheld mic for the attendees and a lapel mic for the presenter. Am I correct that the Denon can mix the two microphones to one output so that they are both active at the same time? Each of the microphones would be a separate input on the Denon. But the more complicated item that I am curious about is if we can set it up so that they can play a video on the projection screen with analog audio as an input and still keep the two microphones active as well. This would effectively be mixing three inputs to one output at the same time. Is that possible?
  9. Any update on the Rane driver? The Denon will probably work for my application but I am trying to learn more about it. Does it allow mixing of sources to any output? Can you mix stereo and mic inputs? Thanks!
  10. I use the IFTTT driver to start/end activities on my Harmony Elite remotes. I saw the same article about the Express but don't know anything more about it.
  11. I know that this driver has been dead for a while and I am sorry to resurface an old topic. I am just curious if there is anything in the works for integration with any hub other than Vera. I have found the the status/feedback to be very inconsistent with Vera. Commands seem to be sent okay but can lag at times so I have found it to be very frustrating. But it is a shame not to be able to interface with a world of Z-wave/Zigbee solutions out there.
  12. Apologies....yes I am using the IFTTT driver. Already have other connections working. No issues on that side, just looking for the correct trigger.
  13. Yes I have his generic IR light driver. Is that the one you are thinking of?
  14. I am hoping that you guys can give me some advice. I want to create a standard light button on the Lights page in a room that when turned on, sends an iFTTT command. Is that possible? I can't seem to find a trigger in programming that is associated with a light driver that is on or off. There are variables for state change, level change, etc but not a simple on/off (that I can find). How could I accomplish it? Thanks!
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