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  1. I use the IFTTT driver to start/end activities on my Harmony Elite remotes. I saw the same article about the Express but don't know anything more about it.
  2. I know that this driver has been dead for a while and I am sorry to resurface an old topic. I am just curious if there is anything in the works for integration with any hub other than Vera. I have found the the status/feedback to be very inconsistent with Vera. Commands seem to be sent okay but can lag at times so I have found it to be very frustrating. But it is a shame not to be able to interface with a world of Z-wave/Zigbee solutions out there.
  3. Apologies....yes I am using the IFTTT driver. Already have other connections working. No issues on that side, just looking for the correct trigger.
  4. Yes I have his generic IR light driver. Is that the one you are thinking of?
  5. I am hoping that you guys can give me some advice. I want to create a standard light button on the Lights page in a room that when turned on, sends an iFTTT command. Is that possible? I can't seem to find a trigger in programming that is associated with a light driver that is on or off. There are variables for state change, level change, etc but not a simple on/off (that I can find). How could I accomplish it? Thanks!
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