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  1. How do I go about buying a HE license, can I go to another dealer? Feels like either he doesn't want to sell to me or he doesn't know.
  2. Hi all, I recently purchased a new home in which a Control4 system was pre-installed. I looked into ways in which I can make some changes to it without having to call my dealer every single time and ran across Composer HE. I asked my dealer what I needed to do to download it. He said that I needed a 4sight subscription and then go to the downloads section. I signed up but don't see a link to download Composer HE 2.10.4 (The controller is running v2.1.0.4) or any version for that matter. Is there something I am missing or another link somewhere? Also, do I have to download v 2.10.4 or does a newer HE version work with older controller firmware versions. Thanks!
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