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  1. I get errors when setting it up. What can I put under "sender" in the "SendEmail" setting? It does not accept anything I type.
  2. Thanks for that. Will try it when I get home. For email parameters, is it the outgoing parameters based on my internet service provider?
  3. I was able to login and go through the settings, but I don't see any event options for motion. Only able to set notifications for troubles and tamper etc., but not motion. I went through every setting, but maybe I don't recognize it. Where did you set it to email on motion?
  4. Thanks. Of course now I am not getting the login page. Wonder if it got pissed after wrong password 3 times.
  5. Thanks for the information. What's the default login for the DS2 Mini?
  6. In order to be able to program whatever is available in HE, is there a manual I can read, or what is the best way to figure it out?
  7. Thanks. What would email do if no motion sensing? Just email me when doorbell is pressed?
  8. I have a Ds2 Mini installed and was wondering how I can get motion alerts and emails etc. setup. Does my dealer have to do that, or can I set those up on Composer HE? Currently I only get the doorbell sound in the house and an alert on the intercom app when the button is pressed. Thanks.
  9. Ahh. Otherwise does the dealer have to rename? For drivers, can I install myself, or does dealer need to?
  10. I was finally able to connect to my system via HE, but when I click on a room (named bedroom #1 for example) and click on rename, nothing happens. Do I need to get certain permission or do it elsewhere in the software?
  11. Also, I have a DS2 Mini installed and can view it when on site, but remotely it doesn't load. Do I need to enable any settings for that to work? I am using Araknis routers and switches.
  12. Looks like 4sight was finally added to my account. I also installed composer HE. What do I need to configure in order to use HE remotely?
  13. Are these drivers something that I can add myself using HE, or does a dealer have to install them?
  14. So I purchased HE and have the key showing up on my online account for HE, but it still asks me to subscribe to 4sight. Was I supposed to be given a separate key for that, or is there something else that I need to do in order to activate my 1 year of 4sight?
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