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  1. I would love to have a C4 controlled lock for my front door with the 3 point locking system. I wouldn't care so much, but once it gets open, I usually find it still unlocked at the end of the day. I want something to auto lock it mostly.
  2. We have been putting in users and codes via the direct web link to my DS2 w/keypad for a gate and the user profiles keep disappearing. Is there a different way to input users/codes that would make them stick?
  3. Awesome. Thanks. I will have my dealer set that up. Any suggestions on a 2nd button since one would be setup as "open"?
  4. When adding user profiles/codes using the DS2 landing page for my gate controller, they work fine once added, but if I connect to the DS2 using the intercom anywhere app, it then erases all user profiles created. Any idea why that happens? I have tried it several times and as soon as initiate a connection using the app, all profiles/codes are lost. Also while on the subject, is there anyway for the intercom anywhere app to display a button on the screen that lets you open the gate if you receive a call from that DS? Thanks.
  5. I need to mount the Ds2Mini/keypad combo onto the pedestal to control my gate, but the mounting holes are made for a larger pedestal bracket. What I have on my pedastal seems to be around a 5*5 or so square. Is there an adapter or mounting bracket that C4 makes that I can use with the Keypad? Actually just found this: https://www.steelcut.design/products/control4-ds2-recessed-mount-housing?variant=19888464887911 Anyone else know of something similar that would work?
  6. No, on the other end you would use a configurable keypad which then can just be programmed to control the load you want, or multiple loads if you want to use more buttons.
  7. Appreciate all of the replies that were constructive. I started today and the wiring was exactly as I expected. I had just posted to make sure. Basically I used one traveler to the yellow wire and the neutral to the blue/white, then tied the remaining wires together. That was basically what I wasn't sure of. Anyhow, I do have a question. Is there any way at all to have an aux switch light up? I'm assuming not, but figured I would ask. I had all buttons engraved, so it does look a little off having a lighted switch next to one that is dark. I could use the blank white keypad that comes with the aux, but it is nice to know what the switch does exactly since there are so many. I do not want to use a configurable keypad in these locations as it would be 5x the cost and not needed. Thanks.
  8. I did use the neutral for the Lutron On/Off switches. For the C4 switches, I'm replacing every switch in the box, so it's no big deal. For the Lutrons, I was only replacing a select few, so for some I would have to remove every switch to get to the neutral. Figuring out feed/load and travelers shouldn't be too hard. I just wasn't sure if I combine the travelers and attach to the yellow wire at the dimmer, then what I'm doing at the aux. The instructions only show a neutral going to the blue/white on the aux and the yellow going to whatever is on the yellow of the dimmer. What do I do with the load and hot wires at the aux switch since all that attaches to the yellow at the dimmer are the travelers?
  9. The neutral is not too hard to hook up. I never said that. Just said it would be easier to not use it. I have several 3 and 4 gang boxes and the neutrals are tucked away together. Not hard at all, but no point if there isn't a noticeable performance difference. I was likely going to hook up the neutral anyway. I just installed over 40 different types of switches and am more than capable. I just like to be sure since these instructions are different.
  10. I am about to install a multitude of C4 switches and had a couple of questions. First, I do have a neutral wire at all locations and see that it is recommended to use, but was wondering if the performance gain from using the neutral was noticeable? It would be easier to install without the neutral. Second, looking for clarification on installing at 3 and 4 way locations. Also on using an Aux. For aux locations where there are currently 3 way switches, what wire do I attach to the yellow on the aux, what wire/wires to the blue/white? The instructions don't really give much detail. They just say yellow to yellow and blue/white to red. There are 3 wires to account for in 3 way switches and 4 in 4 way switches. Just want to make sure I understood it correctly before getting started. I just finished installing about 25 Caseta switches in 3 and 4 way locations and the instructions for those was simpler as you just use a Pico remote and tie all the wires together at those locations. Thanks.
  11. I wanted my dealer to add this driver, but they said that it was only currently working with the Microsoft Edge browser, rendering it not usable on mobile phones. Is that correct? The mentioned reaching out and were waiting to hear back. Figured I would ask myself to see what was right. Thanks.
  12. Thanks. That works, but it seems Silver On-Wall subs are not an option, so I just left in wall selected.
  13. I have 3 Triad sub amps and 2 are set to the incorrect sub that they are powering. When the amp is first turned on, it lets you pick the correct sub, but after that it won't let you change it using the menu. Do I need to get into the installer menu in order to change to the correct sub? If so, what is the code? Thanks.
  14. Appreciate the responses. That is what I assumed, but wanted to confirm. Thanks guys.
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