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  1. Anyone know for sure? Would be nice to be able to run one wire and then figure it out later so that I have time to make a proper decision.
  2. Would this cable work for both Qmotion and lutron shades? https://secure.libertycable.com/products/LUTRON-RED-500
  3. What would you say the HDX line from HTD is comparable to sound wise? For example a certain line from Origin, Paradigm etc. Thanks.
  4. I'm in the same boat, can't decide on what to wire. Running cat6 for sure, but don't know if I'll double up and run some 4 conductor wire. Is this overkill for power? https://secure.libertycable.com/products/LUTRON-RED-500 One think I for sure don't know is how to wire either to the window. Where do you leave the wire? Do you drill through the window frame?
  5. I do plan on running speaker wire to every possible place I could ever want a speaker. All be home run and possibly looped through a keypad area just in case. Also running conduit to all main TV areas and the attic. Cat6 is going to random places as well just in case. I am curious on how to run Ethernet to the windows that might have shades in the future. Is the Cat6 going to be enough even if I don't got with Qmotion, or should I use something else? Also not sure how to terminate the Cat6 at the windows and where to place them exactly during pre-construction. Do they go through the window frame?
  6. Regarding shades, I had been set on using Qmotion, but one integrator told me to stay away unless I want to have to constantly fix them. Recommended Lutron instead. He isn't trying to sell me anything, so it's not because of that. Are the Qmotion shades that troublesome? What would you guys recommend?
  7. Regarding speaker wire runs, should I run it to a keypad location first for future flexibility (ie. Compoint) or is there any negative in doing so?
  8. I will probably run an extra cat6 to each room and that way if the Control4 announcements end up not being good enough for my wife, I can add the Compoint system easily. I don't really think we will, but can't hurt having an extra cat6 anyway.
  9. I plan on using the C4 doorbell and was wondering if I would have an option to have it ring to the WHA speakers, or would it just ring on the touch panels and cell phones? Want to make sure I figure that out before the wiring goes up. Also, is one cat6 going to be all I need at the doorbell location? Thanks.
  10. Good idea. I plan on wiring for the touch panel just about everywhere just in case. Is just an ethernet wire needed?
  11. I figure Control4 touch panels are the best solution if not for cost. Hard to just justify cost as I don't think they will be used much by the children for anything other than intercom, and even that I expect to be used sparingly. I liked the Russound for intercom as a compliment to the C4, but I don't really like the wall controls. They look very dated. I looked up Legrand and that was my first choice long ago before researching C4 and Russound, but most of the few reviews I found seemed negative. Anyone have experience with those? At this point I'm leaning towards using C4 and announcements and maybe upgrade to touch panels as needed. Still deciding on the Triad vs Dayton or Episode amps. I am not a fan of the Amazon products due to privacy concerns and currently don't plan on putting any in my home. I have never used them and read so many stories about the invasion of privacy from them.
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