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  1. anyone can offer any ideas on how to create an icon on the touchscreen to play a specific youtube video on the TV? We have the youtube roku mini driver but it only launches youtube to the generic page. Thank you
  2. Great driver !!!! loved it. you get a larger image on apple Watch (the whole screen) the tiny image in notification, its just the way of iOS. Will it be possible to send in the push notification just a part of the image... kind of like zooming in a particular part of the image, to focus on the face. I am using the C4 Door Station as a source for the image, perharps the Door station driver, we could select what part of the screenshot is captured ? thank you.
  3. Limits are set J. Gabay Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. following up.. today the driver was updated by the local dealer, from ver 0000030 to 00000038 only one shade appeared, we added the second. and continued to work.. I created a programming when you tap the up arrow on a keyboard both shades roll up. down button - both shades rolled down first created them as one action after the other, then I created a blind group and they work. But, I did the same thing with another button to make them stop. but only 1 stops (the first one) and if I simply switch the second one to be the first, the same thing happens. and also when you tap the button to stop the blind group, on the first one stops. have you had this behaviour ?
  5. Hello Before I read rollease support, on the iOS app I deleted the shade that was not working, and added the second shade again. Without doing any changes on Control4 EA1 it started to work perfectly !! Pd. My hub version is 0000030 But I tather not touch it or update it as it is working fine. Thank you J. Gabay Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. great to hear it has a solution. I will be going to the site tongiht. on the app, we can't find the ID, do you remember how to get the ID ? thx J
  7. how did you solved this issue ?? I have a hub with 2 shades, only one is working. I installed on the project 1 pulse bridge driver and it found their hub, and we added 2 pulse shade drivers (one for each shade) only one works
  8. Hello, I will appreciate any ideas or orientation on how I can set a keypad button LED on when a boolean variable is set to ON, without the use of IFTTT. may triggers around the house set a variable true or false, either with buttons, via the app or sensors. and I will like to have a visual on the state of this variable. but it has been very cumbersome to have each trigger around the house to turn on and off this LED when the variable changes. My idea is to have a simple "watchdog" that it checks the state of the variable and set the LED accordingly, without having an action that runs every 2 minutes and puts a load on the controller... thank you J
  9. But you still you have to use ring’s app for video conferencing. J. Gabay Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. hello, I am required to install a Yale Real Living® Touchscreen Lever Lock, but I have some concerns, if you can clear them for me. SKU: YRL220 1. the Automatic Re-lock Time is factory set to 30 Seconds will I be able to lower this to 5 or 10 seconds ? 2. Can I issue one time access combinations to people ? will the client be able to create them on the go / on the app / or composer HE ? or these have to be addressed on the Yale app ? the thing is that I either have the Zibgee module or the Wifi Module, or are they compatible with both ??
  11. Problem fixed, this is what I did... I deleted the appleTV and apple Bridge drivers from composer deleted the appleTV drivers from the documents/control4/drivers and restarted the PC also unlinked the appleTV from the Control4 app on the iPhone, and restarted the iPhone I did a restart on the apple TV. then I installed apple TV 4Gen & 4K driver and Apple bridge driver on composer added the appleTV to the room, did the connections, and refresh the navigators… proceeded to the iphone.. and I started to get this message on the c4 app on iphone... “unable to get setup code from Control4 driver” So I uninstalled the Control4 app from the iPhone, and reinstalled it; also refreshed navigator. now it is working as it should !!
  12. 4th Gen (the driver is the same for 4thGen and 4K) Deviceid: 228 - appleTV.c4z apple bridge driver installed, Device ID: 230 ( applebridge.c4z) there is only 1 apple TV on the system (even though the icloud account has 2, the other room has not been added to the project)
  13. Hello, its IP driver and it is in C4Z format, encrypted and unable to edit/import on driver editor.
  14. Hello, for some reason, the SR-260 remote control moves the cursor on the apple TV 2 places when using the left/right/up/down/ arrow buttons around the "Select" button even the select button, when pressed, you see the double confirmation highlighting on the apple TV UI It moves in the right direction but always 2 places; as if I had double pressed the button I tried changin the track speed on the appleTV speed, to no avail. I confirmed that it is a 4th Gen Apple TV with the right driver. Menu, CNCL, play, pause buttons, do work as expected any ideas ?
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