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  1. Wasn't sure if I should post here, or in a different forum. I can move if needed. We inherited a C4 system from the prior owner of the home. They had 4 TVs, 6 audio zones and Lumos Cameras set up with it. We got a dealer to come out and get us all hooked up again. The only difference we did was move from their apple TVs (which they took) to Rokus on 2 TVs. Once here, the tech consolidated our wifi (we had 3 Wifi points - the main xfinity (very weak due to being in closet), the Control4 Apple device which is the C4 hub, and my own Google Wifi extenders downstairs. He couldn't get one TV to work as the previous homeowners took a key component from the TV, but he got the 3 other TVs hooked up into the audio and control4 remotes. He also got the airplay working and the security cameras set up. This was 2 months ago and almost right away everything stopped working. All 3 TVs will not work with the audio at all, none of the C4 remotes are functioning properly (not recognizing the rooms they are assigned to). Pandora stopped working due to "Network Error" the error message said. I could get TuneIn for about a month, and then Pandora mysteriously started working 2 weeks ago. But as of today Pandora stopped working as well as InTune. So everything the tech came to do/fix that day - now most of it stopped working. And at various times. First it was Pandora a few days after the tech left, then it was one of the TVs a week later, then it was another TV a day after that, then it was InTune and Pandora In today. I can still use AirPlay so my network is fine, I believe. The dealer will not respond to my emails. Is it normal for these glitches to happen so often? I feel like we are in a money pit if we need to spend ~$200/hr for a tech every time something 'breaks'. Is it this dealer we used possibly? Like, if I find a really good dealer/tech could we potentially have a very reliable system and a better experience?? I am trying to decide if we scrap this system for something else, or invest a bit more $$, but I really don't want to if this is going to keep happening. Every error message or issue I research says "call a dealer". My family is very tech savvy and I wonder if we switched to an open system, we could get a lot more help and be able to do things DIY. We don't have a robust C4 system set up with lights, temp control, etc. It's only audio on 6 zones, TVs on 3 (potentially 4), and the Lumos cameras, so I feel like we shouldn't be having this many constant problems. We were given no direction when the tech was here. He showed me how to use the airplay and then that was it. (He even changed my wifi password and didn't tell me what he changed it to - had to call Xfinity for help). So I don't know if there are even basic troubleshooting steps I could try with any of this. So scrap it and start over with another system, or do I give Control4 another shot?
  2. Thanks! Calling today! The pre ious owner is unhelpful and the dealer they had install it is not calling me back!
  3. Thanks all! The previous owner has only directed me to the dealer when I inquire. I live north of Houston. I can see Control4 is option in my network options, but it’s password protected.
  4. I’ve been trying to solve the puzzle of the Control4 gear in our new pre-owner house. It was installed by a dealer here who will not return my calls. I’ve tried searching online as well with no luck. How do I find out what is hooked up to this system? I can see: control4 remotes (2), two systems (receiver or something??) in our media panel (where the theater/movie room is), and ipad mounted on the wall (of which I was told controlled the smart home system), we also have security cameras (which the alarm company confirmed are not theirs) and we have speakers mounted all over the house. How can I tell what was part of the control4 “smart home” system? Is there a charge to get this all working again? And a monthly fee to use the app and whatnot? The company that installed it is not returning my calls (left 4 VMs over the course of a week), so kinda don’t want to give them my business now! TIA,
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