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  1. Thanks! Calling today! The pre ious owner is unhelpful and the dealer they had install it is not calling me back!
  2. Thanks all! The previous owner has only directed me to the dealer when I inquire. I live north of Houston. I can see Control4 is option in my network options, but it’s password protected.
  3. I’ve been trying to solve the puzzle of the Control4 gear in our new pre-owner house. It was installed by a dealer here who will not return my calls. I’ve tried searching online as well with no luck. How do I find out what is hooked up to this system? I can see: control4 remotes (2), two systems (receiver or something??) in our media panel (where the theater/movie room is), and ipad mounted on the wall (of which I was told controlled the smart home system), we also have security cameras (which the alarm company confirmed are not theirs) and we have speakers mounted all over the house. How can I tell what was part of the control4 “smart home” system? Is there a charge to get this all working again? And a monthly fee to use the app and whatnot? The company that installed it is not returning my calls (left 4 VMs over the course of a week), so kinda don’t want to give them my business now! TIA,
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