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  1. Whole apartment with smart philips Dynalite based lighting (all the lights), One TV, one amplifier, cable stb, 3 zones wired speakers (living, kitchen, balcony) looking to add: wireless solution for speakers in bedrooms since I didn’t do wiring Wireless outlets for few stand alone lights Future: AC control for my 5 zone AC.
  2. The dealer mentioned they are still doing some testing and waiting for some bug fixes.
  3. Got it. The whole dealer concept is starting to frustrate me. How do you guys do changes to your system? Are you your own dealers?
  4. I’m new to this dealer driven model so I’m not sure how quickly they will upgrade me and if there is cost involved.
  5. Update: consulted my dealer who advised me to wait for os3 and then things should work without additional hardware... so I’ll wait a bit.
  6. Sorry, I appreciate the response and was trying to be funny.... didn’t work. Anyone has a US purchased Roku and can take a look and see if the power supply is 220 as well as 110?
  7. But at the end you don’t use the provided remote, right? Or do you? I’m imagining that I only use C4 app when all is setup.
  8. I gave two options, "yes" is not a valid reply ... Do I need Ultra? Premiere ? I plan to upgrade my TV so I do want 4K. Updating... looks like most of the models have Wi-Fi only. I don't want to rely on WiFi signal. So my options are: Roku Premiere+ - HD and 4K UHD Streaming Media Player with HDR Roku Ultra | 4K/HDR/HD Streaming Player with Enhanced Remote (Voice, Remote Finder, Headphone Jack, TV Power and Volume), Ethernet, MicroSD and USB I guess I don't care about fancy remote. So Premiere+ seems right. Is this what I should get?
  9. Thanks! By Roku... do you mean specifically this Or this ? I'm guessing I don't need the remote.
  10. Hi, Just got a C4 system installed in my apartment and I have some basic questions. Sorry, couldn’t find it in the forums... I have an Android TV box supplied by my TV provider (Israel/Partner). The most useful app on this box is Netflix but it requires to go through multiple steps to get it working. It’s also all IR based and I prefer better more reliable control. 1. is there a setup that will allow me to have a “Netflix” button in the C4 interface and ability to control Netflix directly like I do with Spotify? (See what’s playing, pause, FF etc...) I’m also looking for advice on: 2. What is the best smart outlets (can I use Sonoff?) I can integrate with? 3. Can I control my Xbox one and start Netflix from it using the C4 app? 4. Is there a real benefit to using Alexa app as opposed to the C4 interface? Thank you.
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