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  1. Reboot the controller, then try, but I think you need to get stronger zigbee mesh.
  2. So we are getting close and nothing yet right?
  3. damn youre right just did it, and is working, didn't thought about it, since he told me is new just been in my drawer for years. literally I peeled off the screen protector. thanks msgreenf
  4. that's not how I join my devices, I added the driver and then on connection, acquire the remote, right?, that's the problem it doesn't acquire, you asked me what did I do to factory defaults, not how I try to join it. Maybe I didn't explain well, im sorry the problem is not me not knowing how to, I truly believe I have a broken remote in my hands, just wanna see if someone here had the issues with this remotes.
  5. well list scroll down it says factory default
  6. Hello guys, so my dealer gave me a pretty much brand new Remote control sr 250, I have composer 10.2.6, using old driver for it, there aren't too many, at least on my list, cant acquire the remote, already flash it using the 4 button and 0 with batt remove, factory reset, tried other driver just in case, still same results, any ideas other than the remote went bad on a drawer? thanks
  7. oh got it, thanks man. this project is taking many hours of my sleep.....
  8. sorry, I have seen the dongle but the radio? for what? the lock? this for my personal knowledge can you elaborate just a bit?
  9. Thanks chope, I have 250 rooms, I mean 250 controllers lol is a hotel, ill keep in mind this info

  10. hello, This might seem dummy for me to ask but, can I run both networks at the same time from EA1 running 2.10.6? all I have installed is zigbee, wonder if I could add some z-wave devices, like locks, tats and maybe some switches.
  11. hello guys, Do we have any updates regarding nest, or is just me behind.....Last thing I heard was control4 is working on a solution before august 31. Still the case?
  12. thanks ill check that option.
  13. Hello guys, Im thinking to integrated my shades, any suggestions? there's some friends telling me to go with lutron, but I heard is a pain in the b.... to program? Ill installed my self, so simpler the better.
  14. yes, so this means we c4 end users wont be able to integrate nest with c4? or will need another driver for nest? change the account in c4? or just better look for other thermostat?
  15. hello guys, im pretty new to c4 world and this forum, but reading I have seen something will change on august 31, can you guys tell me what will happen?
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