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  1. Rumor I heard is that MyQ/Chamberlain want to charge a fee for every open/close event and that is why Control4 is struggling with having an official integration.
  2. Interesting, so you switched from the web interface to the standalone app? I may have look at that VMS again. I think I tried that at one point but could not get it to add my NVR or something. My first impression of the VMS software was it was unwieldy an counter-intuitive but maybe it has improved.
  3. I recently received a Yale YRD226 touchscreen deadbolt to replace a similar (but older) YRD220. My Control4 guys helped me connect new lock to my home Zigbee network and the basic lock/unlock from Control4 iOS app works. However, I can no longer add additional users via the app and the options for auto-lock time are showing as 0, 10, 20, 30, 40 with no units. The lock is supposed to support 30s 60s 2m 3m. This all used to work with previous lock so I am baffled (and so are my installers). They have upgraded lock firmware, and according to them the lock is reporting as the YRD226 which seems consistent with the packaging. Anybody out there have any experience, ideas, or suggestions? Thanks!
  4. That is correct. When I go to the Luma ip address, after typing in name and password, I get a popup that says "No plug-in detected. Please install the plug-in". There is no real solution for using newer browsers from what I can tell, it is either the lack of Flash or NPAPI support. My only workaround is to run an older version of explorer, on an old windows laptop, and also run in administrator mode. I can't do anything from my Apple laptop nor desktop machines.
  5. My NVR and cameras only allow me to view video and not download since the browsers stopped supporting plugins (technically they stopped support Flash right?). I have been very frustrated with customer support and there has been no reasonable solution offered yet from what I can tell. I tried downloading the VMS software mentioned above and it is terrible and unintuitive. I can't get it to recognize my nvr nor the cameras. I am pissed and would not buy HIK, SnapAV, Luma, whatever the hell name they are hiding behind.
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