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  1. Okay sorry one more thing guys, do I have to favorite the desired channel first before I can select it in programming view ?
  2. I feel like it should be easy but i'm struggling to find how you do this. Any Ideas
  3. Hi Guys, I have a client with a C4 system running in his retail unit, he would like the option of scheduling a certain internet radio station using either tune in or siruis xm music to play in the retail area between the opening hours of the shop. Is this possible to do with scheduler?? Thanks Shaun
  4. Hi Guys, I'm looking for some help integrating somfy drape motors into a C4 system, using Serial as the customer doesn't want to pay for the UAI IP device. My current setup is 4 drape motors in the project with a cat 5 ran to each motor running back to a central location connected via RJ45 at each end to a splitter box (supplied by shade company) with a wire ran from that to a somfy bus power supply and then a final cat 5 back to the rack connected to the serial port of an EA5 using a rs232 to rs485 converter. I'm using the somfy SDN 2.0 rs485 driver but when I follow the ste
  5. Fixed the issue In the end! Had to factory reset all the dimmers and fully delete the driver and re add, it must have somehow corrupted the driver when updated from 2.10.6 to OS3, Glad to have it fixed and luckily hadn't gotten too far with the programming of the lights.
  6. I did have some of the keypads setup but this issue is with the load that's physically connected, the keypads work fine when controlling some of the loads that are connected to the panelised lighting
  7. Hi Guys, I have a project including 24 keypad dimmers around the house, the project has been really delayed to get to finishing stage and as such the keypad dimmers have been installed for month's and working completely fine controlling their respective loads. We started completing the C4 install on Friday and I started adding the dimmers to the system, this all went fine all of them added in no problems, until I went to turn the light on in a room and instead of the steady ramp up with the button press the light just pulses unless you hold the button then the light ramps up and w
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