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  1. Wow, I thought the issue was patched a while ago. Mine has been stable for months.
  2. Tech support told me I had a lot of multicast devices that were causing communication issues with director. I have a bunch of Sonos zone players, Roku media players, etc. I'm using 4Sight which solved the communication problem. In the meantime, C4 techs are working on a true fix/patch.
  3. I submitted additional logs to tech support. Looks like I have a lot of multicast devices that may be interfering with communication with director. I have 6 Sonos Zone Players / speakers, 4 Roku media players, game systems, DirecTV Genie 2 with 4 4K boxes, etc. They are working on a fix in the meantime, but suggested 4Sight as a work around. Seems to be working for now going that route.
  4. I'm just using a dedicated cable modem and Netgear R7500 wireless router. It's located dead center of my small townhouse. Never had a problem pre 3.0. I have 2 Galaxy S8+ phones and a Galaxy S10E. They all have the communication problem with the new update. My iPad works 99% of the time however. I have seen the dreaded "Unable to Connect" message on it, but very rare. I'm convinced it's a bug related to Android smartphones. I've submitted logs to tech support. Hopefully it will be patched soon. I've tried deleting my devices on my C4 account, un-registering then re-registering. Switched from my HC800 to EA1 as primary controller. I'm running out of options.
  5. I don't have 4Sight. I hope it's a bug that will be fixed soon. The odds of it happening on 3 different phones are pretty unlikely. Especially when I never had these problems before the update with same router and equipment.
  6. That might be an IR sensor input. It allows you to place an IR sensor on the TV and route the wire to the cable box mounted behind the TV. Have you tried the Comcast/Xfinity IP driver? I've used it a couple times with great results. Not sure if your cable box is compatible, but it's worth checking.
  7. Is there a known bug with Android smart phones? I have 2 Galaxy S8+ phones and a Galaxy S10E. All have the same issue. They show unable to connect message. I've had level 2 tech support run a bunch of tests and I've submitted logs from all devices. I hope this will be patched soon because I love the new OS 3.0 update. I posted in a different thread with more details on my particular issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I see. I'm using Google Home, which works fine on its own. I haven't tried the Google Home / C4 driver however. Seems like it should work though. I've used the integrated Control4 "Voice Scenes" driver plenty of times.
  9. Get a Smart Bridge Pro and download the Caseta app. Once shades are configured in the Caseta app, you can export the integration report and assign the shade ID numbers properly in Composer. Set a static IP for your Smart Bridge and enable "Telnet Support". Install the Smart Bridge Pro driver, set IP address in properties, then download Caseta shade drivers. Make connections within the connections tab from Smart Bridge to each shade ID. Mine works flawlessly.
  10. Have you tried adjusting the volume ramp rate in properties tab of HTST9? Assuming it has this adjustment, of course.
  11. I deleted all devices and uninstalled the app. After reinstalling, getting the same message. I heard something about modifying a communication daemon either in the phone settings or within Director. I should have asked for more details about this. Control4 tech support mentioned it to me earlier today. He said he read about it in the Facebook C4 forum. I don't use FB. I guess I could setup an account and do some research.
  12. Yes, using the new app. I was thinking about trying that. I have 16 devices registered on my account. I'll let you know if that works.
  13. It's so frustrating! I have 2 Galaxy S8+ Android phones and a Galaxy S10E. All have the same issue. "Unable to Connect" "Please join a Wi-Fi network connected to your system, or contact your dealer to enable Anywhere Access through 4Sight." I was sent to level 2 tech support and submitted logs from all devices. I am also using an iPad, which is way more stable. I've only seen that message a couple times using it. I switched Director from my HC800 to an EA1 as a test and got the same results. I also unregistered, then re-registered controllers. I am really hoping it's just a bug and will be resolved quickly. I am an installer and certified Control4 programmer. I'm a bit reluctant to upgrade clients to OS 3.0 because of these issues I've been having with my own system at home. I do love the new interface though and can't wait until it's nice and stable.
  14. Very strange. Never seen that. Maybe AirPlay is still active from a device and starts to cast once Netflix stops.
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