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  1. As I understand it, the case was actually similar with the DS2, not providing a second, lower res stream, but a work-around was somehow created such that Luma recognized the DS2 HIGH stream as a secondary...?
  2. The Chime is added to the Luma NVR. It does record, and it does show up in the Luma mobile app in both single and multi-camera views. Accessing Luma though in web browser, I can only view the Chime in single camera view, which accesses the main/HIGH stream. When selecting in the web brower the multi camera view (9,4,1+5, 1+7) it pulls in the secondary/MEDIUM streams from each LUMA camera (and previously DS2), but because the Chimes doesn't output a secondary stream the camera comes up blank.
  3. Just switched from DS2 to Chime. Previously had the DS2 recording to Luma NVR. DS2 used to output a secondary stream that the NVR would display on a multi-camera layout in the web browser. Chime does not seem to have the ability to offer a second stream so my Chime camera shows up blank in the multi-camera layout. Any known workarounds?
  4. I tend to agree rf9000. I think the Josh privacy point isn't actually as big of a factor as some believe. You could have the most private secure voice control out there, but everything else is listening and tracking.
  5. Are you able to use this set-up for drop-ins/intercom calls room to room?
  6. Yup, on paper Chime is a far and away superior door-station to DS2 in just about every way, but it looks like a ring...
  7. I believe when released the Nanos are $600 and Core is $1,500. Each core can handle up to 100 Nanos. Each Core has two audio outputs to a matrix, so if you have three or more people using voice commands at the same time you would need multiple Core units in the rack.
  8. I spoke to someone at Josh earlier in the week who stated "late Q1 or Q2" for the new products.
  9. As I understand it, the current product is the micro which has on board processing and doesn't require a controller. The next gen product out Q2 2021 is a much slimmer wall mount and offloads all the processing and control work to the rack mount core device. So the micros can be stand-alone or used with a core but the next gen nanos require the core for processing. Core i think retails for $1500 and is also what will allow for tapping into an audio matrix for in room speaker feedback.
  10. Muj, I am using C4 dimmers and keypads, but those don't change the color of the bulb (warm to cool, or RGB) like Wiz bulbs. I do have lighting scenes that moderate the light level, just not the light color (type of white or otherwise).
  11. one more: It strikes me that Josh could be sold at the control level (Crestron/C4) not end-user. For example C4 could offer an annual $100 4Sight Basic or a $1000 annual for 4Sight Premium with Josh and perhaps some other perks.
  12. Four further thoughts on Josh: The game changer moment will be when Josh allows for room to room intercom, so one can call and speak back and forth with someone in another room utilizing the in room mic/speakers (same with door station). They seem to be in the midst of a pricing structure shift, where licensing will be based on number of rooms total in your C4 project, not number of mics at play. So you get dinged for rooms you have no intent to control with voice and would never actually have a mic there to begin with (i.e. maybe wine room, master closet, hallway, etc). Pricing is going up on Jan. 1. Crestron does have a more advanced integration into their touchscreens and remotes, but both require the user to button press. It's a question of if a future C4 Neeo "Gen.2" or T4 has the hardware capability to offer an always-on mic listening function for a wake-word. At the moment it seems to me that Josh is a bit like pay radio. Certainly a luxury nice to have service, but the market won't bear their expected price point. SiriusXM I think started out by trying to charge $25+/month for service and now it's a fraction of that. It's tough to compete when competition is free (yes, even if Google/Amazon/Apple free comes at a cost of privacy, and reliability). Just my .02
  13. Has anyone had any experience good or bad using Wiz recessed cans in a home that connect over WiFi (would 100+ of these cause crazy network traffic for my Pakedge/Ruckus network?) and further, anyone tried the C4 driver to integrate https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/lighting/wiz-led-rgb-wifi-light-driver/ ? I'd like to be able to change the lumens throughout the home depending on time of day and also based on scene (dinner vs cleaning, etc.). Thoughts?
  14. It would seem like the capability is there to incorporate josh into both T3/T4 and perhaps a future gen of Neeo remotes (if a mic is ever added). Josh can use the mic in a mobile device and a Crestron remote, so seems like it should be possible.
  15. This Josh.ai integration with Crestron looks ahead of C4 - any sense if there might be a way to integrate into new T4s utilizing the more advanced microphones? https://www.crestron.com/Partners/Integrated-Partners/josh-ai?ext=. Maybe someday we'll have a remote like this with a voice control button.
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