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  1. Did you replace floorboard outlets as well to match? For what it's worth I have painted white floorboard trim. Now I know I'll swap all outlets at eye/counter level (in the kitchen and bathrooms), but still unsure of whether or not to keep floor board outlets white or swap them to black as well.
  2. JSTRONG you did floorboard outlets as well? And swapped the outlet colors themselves from white>black? im pretty sure I’ll do the counter electrical outlets and faceplates, I’m really just unsure of whether to mess with the floor outlets all throughout the home.
  3. I recognize this is a "design" and personal preference question, but I'm about to order new keycaps and faceplates (midnight black). As a general rule, should I also swap out the faceplates that are at counter level in the kitchen for electrical outlets (not C4 switches) and also should I swap out the faceplates (and actual outlets white>black) for floorboard outlets?
  4. Any sense of when the newly combined Control4 and Intercom Anywhere app for iOS will be released? Is it out and functional for Android already?
  5. Ryan, The internals on the DS2 haven't been updated over the couple of years, or have they? Is the spec comparison then 1 megapixel (DS2) vs. 5 megapixel (Chime) and 120 degree (DS2) vs. 180 degree (chime) horizontal view angle?
  6. There is lots of interest, and seems like it should be straight forward given that Carrier opened up it's API, and the tstats work with Alexa, etc. The Homeation driver hasn't been updated in 2.5 years, and doesn't really work. The polling timing is off between the t-stats to Carrier Cloud to C4. Even just the Carrier t-stat to cloud alone I've found the timing to be spotty, so it's not a surprise it doesn't really work with the driver.
  7. These Vitrea V Touch Pro look impressive - has anyone tried them? I see they have a version that's a Crestron Connected version that doesn't require a plug in gateway, wonder if there's a C4 version in the works, other the V Touch Pro says it will universally work with C4.
  8. Any news on SR-260 firmware updates?
  9. Anything else on this: https://9to5toys.com/2020/03/05/control4-expands-its-smart-home-lighting-with-essential-lighting-line/ ?
  10. A RCA pair? Works for stereo, not digital. Whatever kind of extender kit you want over CAT6.
  11. In hindsight I'm glad we ran audio return lines from each tv back to the rack originally intended for TV app audio (which we never use).
  12. I would be surprised if they didn't continue to develop the 260 as an alternate to the neeo. Without any buttons Neeo is a niche product. But maybe 260 just isn't sophisticated enough...although it seems like it might be (based on lighting feedback).
  13. why would it be any different than showing the percentages like for lighting? lights have real time feedback on the legacy remotes...
  14. Now that we have volume feedback on the Neeo, is there any technical limitation for doing the same on the legacy remotes (260, etc)?
  15. That's how I have the two cable boxes set up as 1 and 2, but i"m looking for a way to program it 'smarter" so there's no yelling and screaming that someone has changed the roku channel. Can anyone think of a way for rokus 1 and 2 to get routed to a TV based on the state of the other roku? i.e. if :"roku box 1" is playing disney in the family room and someone selects the netflix channel shortcut/mini driver in the living room, then control4/Leaf routes "roku box 2" to the living room so as not to disturb roku 1.
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