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  1. Could you elaborate some on the exchange program please? My dealer does not know about it.
  2. Has anyone received orders on these yet?
  3. good to know! I was about to purchase an i6. Holding off on that for now.
  4. The ones in the photo are. They are Homeworks Palladiom keypads.
  5. Any idea if the new flat keycaps can be engraved left-justified like this photo, I believe Lutron? It's a little more subtle than smack in the center and covering 80% of the key.
  6. Any new info on shipping ETA at this point?
  7. Is there any way to see the new color options with the Contemporary line? Didn't appear to be anything customer facing yet on the website.
  8. Yep, I've got a c4 outlet switch that fits right inside the LV transformer wall mount box. works flawlessly.
  9. Anyone have an idea when these are available for ordering?
  10. Now with flat keycaps instead of convex, any idea if we can engrave at a 90-degree angle? meaning, if you turned a keypad on it's side the engrave is "right-side up."
  11. These look great. Definite upgrade. Wonder if colors are the same as existing button and faceplate options. Updated blog post: https://www.control4.com/blog/615/introducing-a-lofty-new-look-for-smart-lighting Video of Contemporary Lighting: https://www.control4.com/solutions/smart-lighting/
  12. As I understand it, the case was actually similar with the DS2, not providing a second, lower res stream, but a work-around was somehow created such that Luma recognized the DS2 HIGH stream as a secondary...?
  13. The Chime is added to the Luma NVR. It does record, and it does show up in the Luma mobile app in both single and multi-camera views. Accessing Luma though in web browser, I can only view the Chime in single camera view, which accesses the main/HIGH stream. When selecting in the web brower the multi camera view (9,4,1+5, 1+7) it pulls in the secondary/MEDIUM streams from each LUMA camera (and previously DS2), but because the Chimes doesn't output a secondary stream the camera comes up blank.
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