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  1. Anything else on this: https://9to5toys.com/2020/03/05/control4-expands-its-smart-home-lighting-with-essential-lighting-line/ ?
  2. A RCA pair? Works for stereo, not digital. Whatever kind of extender kit you want over CAT6.
  3. In hindsight I'm glad we ran audio return lines from each tv back to the rack originally intended for TV app audio (which we never use).
  4. I would be surprised if they didn't continue to develop the 260 as an alternate to the neeo. Without any buttons Neeo is a niche product. But maybe 260 just isn't sophisticated enough...although it seems like it might be (based on lighting feedback).
  5. why would it be any different than showing the percentages like for lighting? lights have real time feedback on the legacy remotes...
  6. Now that we have volume feedback on the Neeo, is there any technical limitation for doing the same on the legacy remotes (260, etc)?
  7. That's how I have the two cable boxes set up as 1 and 2, but i"m looking for a way to program it 'smarter" so there's no yelling and screaming that someone has changed the roku channel. Can anyone think of a way for rokus 1 and 2 to get routed to a TV based on the state of the other roku? i.e. if :"roku box 1" is playing disney in the family room and someone selects the netflix channel shortcut/mini driver in the living room, then control4/Leaf routes "roku box 2" to the living room so as not to disturb roku 1.
  8. Despite having (2) cable boxes and and AppleTV in the rack, the only thing that ever gets use with my kids is Roku mostly because of the mini-drivers for quick access to Netflix, Amazon, Disney, etc. I'm debating getting a second Roku - is there any "good" way to utilize the same mini drivers such that if one TV is watching a Roku source and a second TV requests a different Roku channel that the alternate Roku gets routed to the second TV and not the first that is currently streaming a different channel to a different tv?
  9. Since upgrading I've lost the ability to use "Monitor Mode" on my T3s. Now if I enable Monitor Mode on 1 T3, the DS2 when pressed doesn't screen-pop to any T3. Anyone else?
  10. There definitely seem to be some workarounds, but after owning for a month or more now, I find I don't use it at all - literally just sits on a shelf. In my opinion it's clunky operationally and only half-baked in concept. I've said before I think the price is spot-on...for a remote that works, but after 5 weeks of use I wouldn't spend $1 on it. A shame that C4 couldn't have taken the year since they acquired Neeo to actually customize and polish the product before pumping it out to market. sure it can be hacked and DIY'ed with icons that sort of maybe get the job done, but I'm just looking for something that works and makes life easier - this remote is not that. at least not yet. Great potential, but a flop in its current form. One gets reminded of it's inferiority with a quick look at the remotes from the competition that have been in the market now for several years (yes, I know they cost more, but I'd rather spend $900 on something I'll use vs $600 on a paper weight). Just my .02 after 5 weeks of Neeo use.
  11. Would replacing the cut-off switch with a Control4 low voltage wireless 0-10v work as well? Then i'm just swapping out the switches. The 0-10v might need it's own power supply? In which case I'd still have to wire it through my grill station to line power, so I suppose it's the same as plugging in a z210 then to line power, and connecting relays to bistro wires.
  12. Does this mean I need pull the lv bistro set off the existing low voltage line running underground? The bistro string is tied into a circuit of 25 other lv landscape lights. The bistro set however has a cut-off switch in the line so I can separately turn off the bistros when I'm not outside since i don't want them on with the rest of the lights on their sundown- sunrise schedule. I'm hoping there's a way to tie into the cut-off switch with a z2io or replace the cut off toggle switch with a c4 lv switch. Any idea if either scenario will work?
  13. The bistro set is LED, but it's not on it's own transformer. How would I connect a Z2io to the bistro set "kill switch" so they operate independently of the rest of the low voltage circuit? The switch is connected to a grill enclosure that also has line voltage outlets, so I can house a z2io inside there, the question is how to connect the z2io to the bistro set...
  14. WisC4

    Neeo Remote

    I've tried that but can't seem to tie the buttons to a macro or an advanced lighting scene...I'm not sure what I'm missing. Figured it out. Thanks!
  15. WisC4

    Neeo Remote

    Yes, when I meant Pro or non-HE. in HE I've been able to make the custom buttons but haven't been able to associate the buttons to programming - where is that done?
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