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  1. Found it!! And yes, the online box was checked but it wasn’t there until I unchecked and checked the boxes again. Very strange but happy I finally got it, many thanks!!
  2. Nope, what comes up first in the list is room join but this is not the one I assume...? Can I narrow the search with manufacturer, type or category?
  3. I read about this driver and tried to find it but the only driver I could find is the room join driver but it doesn’t look like the one I need.
  4. I am still not quite sure what the best way is to start/stop a digital audio session in a room, based on my main room (kitchen) downstairs. Start/stop in my case is a presence sensor in each room and I want the music to start playing the music that's played in the kitchen. So far I have tried the programming 'add room to kitchen session & remove room from kitchen session' in the digital media driver. This method seems to work in terms of start/stop playing the music based on the presence signal, however it sometimes also activates the digital media session when I switch the music on in the kitchen and without someone being present in the other room. I still haven't been able to figure out why it does this. I recently also tried the 'delete session from room x' command instead of the 'remove session from kitchen' command but this seems to kill the media session in the kitchen and therefore stop everything. I would be very grateful if someone can give me some direction on this.
  5. I finally managed to get my head around the KNX Heat or Cool Thermostat so if you any more questions in relation to this then I am happy to try and answer them. One thing I was wondering you could share your knowledge on is the 'KNX generic' Driver versus the 'KNX Relay/Contact' driver. I am using both at the moment but don't really see the difference in functionality (if any) between the two drivers, and whether the one suits better for certain types of things than the other. It feels to me that both can achieve the same thing?
  6. I just tried this but with the same result. It seems impossible to stop sequential actions from firing if they were planned to start after the toggle command was received. So just to explain the sequence of things: I have two actions, first with 0 sec delay, second with 1 minute delay. 1. Motion sensor active, action 1 fires, and leaving room immediately 2. +30sec later the motions ensor deactivates, toggle scene is activated and action 1 deactivates 3. +30sec later the scene activates again by itself for action 2, and lights never switch off because motion sensor was not activated and will therefore not deactivate the scene again Another issue I am seeing if with regards to the rate and level. If I put a rate of 5 minutes and level of 70% then my lights are switched at 70% straight away instead of ramping up to that level in 5 minutes. Not sure if I am missing something here but having tried so many different things it almost looks to me that there are several bugs in this advanced lighting agent.
  7. Many thanks for your guidance, I will change my programming.
  8. I am using advanced lighting in combination with motion detectors. With a brief presence in the room the motion signal is active for 30 seconds, the lighting scene activates with the first action for all loads, however the lighting scene does not deactivate if my second action starts with a delay that is longer than these 30 seconds which results in the lights staying ON. I would have expected that when the scene is deactivated it will terminate its controls and turn the lights OFF. If I program just one action for each load and without a delay it seems to work fine. It looks as if a deactivate command only deactivates the loads that are active and not the ones that are in delay. Also wondering if there is a way to set loads to 0% when the lighting scene is deactivated. Any support on this would be great.
  9. I would like to buy a ceiling fan that I can control through Control4, e.g. the remote control in my bedroom. I found a universal receiver that connects to Alexa through Wifi so started looking into the possibility of being able to trigger actions in Alexa from Control4, as I would expect this to be the only way to get this working, unless anyone has any other ideas? 'SIMPLEconnect® WiFi® ceiling fan enabled for home automation featuring integrations with Amazon Alexa, Apple® HomeKit™, and Google Assistant putting the ultimate control in the palm of your hands or by the sound of your voice'
  10. Just wondered what you did you end up doing ? I am struggling with the enable signals and cant get my head around the difference of the enable address, the 'Enable movement detection' command in the driver and the 'Movement detection Enabled' command in the driver. Also the driver status seems not to invert automatically if the invert enable is on so I find it very confusing.
  11. The channels are correct but it looks like they aren’t transmitted to the satellite boxes via IR. Maybe a timing issue? Will give it another try later.
  12. The discrete numbers do work on the remote so are set up correctly for the satellite driver. Is this something awkward that perhaps needs a reset of the controller before it works?
  13. Many thanks I managed to get the clouds added. Each unique satellite box has its own cloud and are binded. I set up favourite channels for two clouds and they are showing on the navigators however when I select a favourite channel it does not go to the set channel. Surely the cloud should be transmitting the channel number to the satellite box it is binded to?
  14. I was referring to favorite TV channels from different sources/satellite boxes and if there is a way to configure these?
  15. I also want to set up favorite cannels from multiple satellite boxes and would like to select these from the navigator or on-screen display. I can see cable TV in the broadcast lift but not sure how I go about setting these up for different boxes as I do not seem to be able to select the source of the channel. Any support on this would be much appreciated.
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