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  1. Same here, thanks a lot for the explanation, I have been changing names in the Alexa app as well so if you can confirm there is nothing to be edited on the Alexa side of things and just within the C4 webpage then I will try again. Also at what point in this process are you doing the discover devices in Alexa? Is this once at the beginning, or multiple times in this process?
  2. That's interesting as I have been using the room groups within Alexa as well but many times Alexa would ask me things like 'I have multiple devices with TV, which one do you like?'. I therefore didn't think it worked well but happy to know if you have any suggestions.
  3. Just noticed they have now taken the driver from their website so its great that they aren't putting other people in the same situation to try and get this working. I also hope they will fix the multi-echo account functionality as this is a truly great feature that really adds value compared to the native control4 voice scene driver. Does anyone know if there are any alternatives to this driver? I wouldn't expect for Amazon but perhaps for Google...?
  4. They responded to my email yesterday saying there was a known issue with 3.1.3 and were going to try and fix it within the next couple of days. They were supposed to start working on it yesterday. After wasting about a day trying to figure out what was wrong, from reconfiguring all 4 Echo's in my house to individual accounts, deleting all skills, devices, etc., I told them that it would have been helpful if they made customers aware of this 3.1.3 issue at the time of purchase, or on their website. The response I had was 'You're welcome for the prompt response on a Sunday! We will refund you fo
  5. From my email exchange with Epic last night I understood that 1st Gen Echo's can be used with version 180, and that this will also give you the multi-echo account functionality. This functionality appears not to be part of version 200 anymore which was disappointing news.
  6. Just had a response from Epic that the current version has issues with 3.1.3.
  7. Yes mine is latest gen but the drivers documentation says ‘NOW WITH SUPPORT FOR CONTROL4 OS3 and GEN3 ECHOS / DOTS / SPOTS’. See epic website.
  8. Struggling to get the Epic voice commands discovered on Alexa. Been on it pretty much all day and still no luck. Other devices are now being discovered after having done pretty much everything from resetting control4 skill, removing echo device, rebooting controller, rebooting echo, etc. Finally discovering control4 devices again but not the Epic commands. I am based in London, UK. Anyone any clues? I am on the newest version 200. Does the voice scene driver need to be removed first? Have not deleted that yet in C4.
  9. Found it!! And yes, the online box was checked but it wasn’t there until I unchecked and checked the boxes again. Very strange but happy I finally got it, many thanks!!
  10. Nope, what comes up first in the list is room join but this is not the one I assume...? Can I narrow the search with manufacturer, type or category?
  11. I read about this driver and tried to find it but the only driver I could find is the room join driver but it doesn’t look like the one I need.
  12. I am still not quite sure what the best way is to start/stop a digital audio session in a room, based on my main room (kitchen) downstairs. Start/stop in my case is a presence sensor in each room and I want the music to start playing the music that's played in the kitchen. So far I have tried the programming 'add room to kitchen session & remove room from kitchen session' in the digital media driver. This method seems to work in terms of start/stop playing the music based on the presence signal, however it sometimes also activates the digital media session when I switch the music on in the
  13. I finally managed to get my head around the KNX Heat or Cool Thermostat so if you any more questions in relation to this then I am happy to try and answer them. One thing I was wondering you could share your knowledge on is the 'KNX generic' Driver versus the 'KNX Relay/Contact' driver. I am using both at the moment but don't really see the difference in functionality (if any) between the two drivers, and whether the one suits better for certain types of things than the other. It feels to me that both can achieve the same thing?
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