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  1. Just to give a bit more background to this, I did try to follow the driver's instructions but I struggled a bit from here.... -Go to the Network/Connections tab (I first thought this was related to the TV menu but then assumed it to be the network connections tab in Composer Pro where I did find the Panasonic TV and I manually assigned its IP address) -In the Available devices list find others -> Panasonic/Panasonic VIErA (The available devices list I guess is the list of devices showing on the right with UUID's but I could not find the VIErA in that list...) -Bind the UUID connection to the driver (so no, I did not find the UUID of the Panasonic in Composer Pro so this is most likely the problem) Do I need to de-activated certain functions like Viera Link or CEC control for the UUID to show up in Composer Pro? Once the TV is powered it reacts to all the commands so it seems to be working apart from proper power On and Off.
  2. I managed to get hold of the Panasonic Viera v2 driver from Annex4 but seem to struggle with the Power On command. Wake on LAN is activated and the TV does power ON sometimes but not very consistently or by pressing the Power On button in the driver itself. Does anyone have a clue as to what could be wrong here? Do certain functions need to be de-activated in the TV, e.g. Viera Link or any other settings?
  3. Could you perhaps help me with the Panasonic Viera v2 driver as well. I am also based in UK, London.
  4. Is there anyone on this forum who would be happy to sell me an Annex driver for Panasonic Viera v2. My dealer is not set up for it so I am looking for someone who is willing to help.
  5. Is there anyone who can help with this Panasonic Viera v2 driver from Annex4?
  6. That's great news, thank you, I just signed up and completed the training so looking forward to getting my account approved.
  7. I also have a Panasonic TX-50CX800 series (802B to be precise) and also struggling to find a Control4 driver for it. I had a look at this site and did a search for Panasonic and this driver came up: tv_ip_http_panasonic_2012GTSeries.c4i. Is this the one you were referring to or maybe someone else managed to find a suitable driver?
  8. I can't find an IP driver for this particular model. Serial works fine just no volume feedback. Do you know if there is a workaround to the slider on the T3 displays, so I can pulse volume up/down instead of using the slider?
  9. Slightly different problem but my Denon AVR-3808 is controlled through RS232 and it does not provide volume level feedback. I can pulse the volume up and down with buttons no problem but what is the workaround for the slider on the C4 display or app in this case? Does anyone know if the slider be used as a Up & Down pulse somehow? The AVR does IP control via the Denon (DeRemote) app with volume feedback etc. but I so far have not managed to find a Control4 driver that supports this. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Curious to know how you made this work as I seem to be having the same issue. I have an EA3 controller with analog out connected to amp 1 and digital out connected to amp 2. EA3-HDMI is also connected to amp 2 for on-screen navigation only, not for audio. When I play Spotify in room 1 (=amp1) and I activate room 2 (=amp 2) based on current_playing_device in room 1 (room 1 selected_media_device = room 2 current_playing_device) then spoitfy starts playing in room 2 as desired. Now the problem: When I play TuneIn radio in room 1 and I activate room 2 the same way as described above, SR-260 shows TuneIn as the selected media, but amp 2 is not switched on so there is no sound. If I select listen->tunein room 1 on my remote then amp is activated but not automatically the same way as Spotify follows in room 2. Idea idea why Spotify does switch the amp 2 on, and TuneIn radio doesn't?
  11. I recently installed the control4 driver for my QE82Q70RA TV which is working perfectly fine apart from one button which is the GUIDE button that seems to be missing. It is a very important button for me as I use it to select a programme from the Programme Guide. The button is on the original remote but doesnt seem to be used in the driver. Does anyone know a workaround to this?
  12. I also don't have an option in my menu for IP remote on my MU6120 which must be a 2017 model as well. The software is on the latest version. Is there a way to get this IP remote function activated, or IP control to work in a different manner?
  13. That would be great! I saw that Amcrest integrates well with C4 so perhaps I should consider changing to them. Bit of a shame because I am quite happy with the Reolinks and assumed this to be possible. Would be nice if I could get the H264 stream to work before the trial expires.
  14. Thank you for the quick response. Unfortunately, that's a real shame as I was very keen to use this function in Control4 to switch external lights. There are no workarounds with ONVIF and if not what other IP cameras can you recommend that support this feature and integrate well with C4? I am trying the trial version at the moment and get Snapshots ok but not the H264 stream. 'URL not verified: Could not read from resource.' RSTP port number I use is 554. Any ideas what this could be?
  15. Does this driver support motion detection triggers? The driver's documentation says 'Supports motion detection events if enabled on the camera' which I have done but I can't find a trigger option in Control4. Any direction on this will be very much appreciated.
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