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  1. This is great advice and something that could work for me if I really have to get the initial setup done by a dealer. Until I read this post on this forum I almost rejected the idea of going with Control 4 as I am also an IT Professional, and actually was a programmer for large factory automation projects in the past. I recently set up a KNX system on my own, hardware and software and now would like to add a Control4 layer as the user interface and direct connection with AV. All my cabling is already in place, and have started to look for the Control4 hardware on eBay. I was going to install the hardware myself and ideally would have liked to obtain a Pro license and programme everything myself. Unfortunately I have learned from this post that this is not possible (?) so I guess my next option I to follow your advice and get an engineer in to configure my hardware. Once hardware has been configured I understand everything else can be programmed through the HE license which can be obtained for free? Is it correct that everything else can be done with the HE license, including the programming of network drivers to communicate with KNX via an IP gateway?
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