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  1. Hi. Could you do something about the slow startup time of the iOS app on os 3.1.xx using 4sight. The new iOS update made it better but it still takes over 20 seconds to connect remotely. on os 2.xx using vpn it was instantaneous. What’s the point of paying for a 4sight service when it’s so slow to start...
  2. I have a UniFi cloud controller and its shows all switches and AP as down -( because I’m still offline ) a power recycle of the router seems to have worked on the t10 but I’m still getting intermittent errors on the wireless connections (iOS app) where the app won’t populate and gives a 403a error
  3. Once the isp is up and stable again, will try an emulate the issue and see where the problem is
  4. Don’t know yet. The network is still down after the ddos. I am just concerned that the control 4 environment is dependent on an active internet connection. I assumed the microenvironment didn’t require an internet connection.
  5. The t10 also had an issue. Populates intermittently. Also all my smart switches are also delayed
  6. I’m on OS 3.1 and had a strange event occured on my system whilst intranet. We had a ddos attack on our isp this weekend and the internet has been been down for the past 3 days. So now ,My app (wired and wireless) fails to load occasionally (403a error) whilst intranet on the same WiFi and also the on wired t10 screen. Also, smart switch instruction take up to 3 minutes to execute. Clearly this is anomalous (and dangerous -for example garage door opening ) I have power cycled the EA5 and the internet router. I have a Ubiquiti 24 port POE switch and 7 UniFi AP’s Has anyone experienced this before. This is all intranet. I have 4sight enabled.
  7. It's almost like I reported facts. You can say you don't believe them. But the facts are the facts Just updated to iOS 13.2 and latest rendition of c4 app. My 4sight is appreciably faster. 15 seconds to ready. Intranet still about 2-3 seconds @jakblak thanks - you’ve produced the goods...
  8. When last I checked with @jakblak about a week ago , it was a ‘work in progress’
  9. Thanks for that info. I notice a 30-40 second delay to splash page and another 20-30 seconds until it populates the icons. My connection is fibre 100/100mbs with 2ms local latency. my intranet connection time is 1-3 seconds. The timings are similar using my vpn which is hosted by my isp the whole issue of geographical location that msgreenf brought up doesn’t make sense to me -the difference between latency to usa and local for me is 200ms vs 2 ms - should be hardly noticeable (1/5th of a second !)
  10. I have posted about this in another track same issue. Intranet startup on iOS 14.1.2 and iOS 3.1 takes 2-3 seconds. on 4sight it takes about 60-80 seconds! no fix yet
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