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  1. I did. He’s on it as we speak. Thanks Jakblak😄
  2. Updated to os3.1. Still the same I’m afraid. Takes about 45-60 seconds to load the splash page. I should have stayed on os2....
  3. I have exactly the same issue. even worse when using 4sight on a remote connection. Mine takes about 45 seconds to load the splash page- I’m on os3.1 using ios 13.1.2
  4. Exactly the same issue on my side
  5. Vodacom. bht I’ve also tried fibre at my workplace with similar results -20-24 seconds. I suspect it’s because I’m on an older version of os3. Will get my installer to upgrade it this week and update you
  6. The app is the latest version. My os3 might be about 2-3 months old
  7. Fibre 100/100mbs. - I am located in South Africa it’s the same on LTE -about 20 seconds tried soft reboot. main controller is EA5
  8. After upgrading to os3 my 4 sight takes about 20 seconds bring up my splash screen and takes a few more seconds to populate the rooms. Even after upgrading to os 13.1. Works superfast intranet - it’s just on 4sight that’s the problem
  9. I have exactly the same issue. I have to hard restart the EA controller every few days
  10. How do I check the version. I’m an end user
  11. I’m using the new Apple TV driver with Apple TV bridge on os 3 and iOS 13.1 beta. I had the need to restart my EA controller at least once a week to be able to use the sr260 remote to control the Apple TV or the Apple TV functionality on the iOS app
  12. The mobile app os 3.1 is really fast intranetwork but my 4sight connection still takes about 20 seconds or more To get to the home screen . Anyone else having that issue?
  13. I’ve got the new driver for 2 weeks now and have had to hard restart the ea5 controller twice already because the Apple remote became unresponsive to commands. Works fine after the restart.
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