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  1. Since updating to the latest version of c4 on iOS last week , I’ve been occasionally having long startup times intranet (like 20-30 seconds ) -just like after a new version install - odd ?
  2. I have a similar issue. I only seem to be able to see the same first page of my list. Would be great to be able to have a shortcut to a garage door or gate
  3. Exactly the same issue. On the latest iOS version startup is variable and can take up to 8 seconds (intranet). And still forever if on 4sight ....
  4. Regarding the 60 seconds , For some of us it’s a geographic issue(note not internet speed issue). Control 4 had acknowledged this but still no fix to date. It’s almost 6 months. Maybe they need to refund our 4 sight subscriptions!
  5. Same issue for me. Still hasnt been resolved. Intranet Connections takes about 3-4 seconds to connect which is much slower than Os2. Connecting with 4sight is a unusable experience for the past 6 months. Can take up to a minute to connect to my system. 3.1.2 didn’t make any appreciable difference. @jakblak was looking into it at that time
  6. Has there been any progress on this? Really struggling to use 4sight ATM
  7. Os 3 with all its added features still has many bugs including this one. Some of us pay for 4sight subscription and still have to wait 45 to 60 seconds to populate the screen which is thereafter extremely laggy. Remote usage of our control 4 system is non functional. @jakblakwas looking into this. I am deeply disappointed with oS3.xx as I consider remote operation as a core functionality for my purposes.
  8. Thanks for that info. Fingers crossed. 4sight really unusable at present.
  9. I’m still having extremely long lag times on cold startup. 60-90 seconds. Is there any fix on the horizon?
  10. Yes. I have the coolmaster too. Samsung DVM-s with 10 indoor units. Initial setup done by my installer. The coolmaster app works better than the C4 app IMO
  11. Perhaps @jakblak can assist with ramping up some priority to this issue
  12. My os3.1 seems to be dependent on an active internet connection. I’ve lost Internet connectivity twice in the past month due to service provider issues and each time my intranet c4 is unusable. Smart switch inputs are either delayed for 2 or more minutes or are not processed at all. The 2 or 3 minute delayed response to inputs is what scares me- like a garage door open or close instruction! i have no external drivers as far as I am aware (I do have Apple TV bridge) and do have an active 4sight subscription.
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