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  1. I heard a rumor that the solution is to use favorite rooms to switch between controlling rooms and that the driver wasn't going to be fixed.
  2. Known issue. I believe it was being worked on but there wasn't an ETA on a fix. You might be able to get it to work by selecting the Dune as a source after selecting the movie.
  3. Hmmm, do you mean the EA-3? The EA1 only has an HDMI out. No 3.5mm for audio.
  4. It doesn't need an internet connection, unless there are drivers that are causing issues that do require internet. It does, however, require a stable local network.
  5. It sounds like it could be network issues. Are you sure nothing was comprimised on the network with the DDOS?
  6. Does the t10 work fine? Is it just the mobile app that doesn't work?
  7. Have to go to 2.5.3 first. An HC300/HC200 will be needed.
  8. EA5 also has two digital coax outputs that you can use with the Triad AMS or a DAC.
  9. FWIW, it works fine on my Android phone to my system.
  10. Try on your mobile connection rather than your home WiFi. If that works, then do you have a UniFi router?
  11. Mockupancy records for a week and replays exactly what was saved. How are you testing that it is working or not working?
  12. The best method to have one work is have the driver give data to a secured website, then have the widget pull data from that website. i.e. like all other cloud-based drivers.
  13. oh, I don't know of any widgets that exist. I just use the Control4 app. I might be interested in trying one out if there is one that exists.
  14. Yes, they are called 'Experience Buttons'. They don't have moving icons, but they can have icons for various states and are super useful for programming.
  15. The best way would be to use a VPN. You really don't want to have an open port exposed to your system.
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