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  1. The C4 driver for firetv works, but it has a delay. I personally use Roku.
  2. Try the Control4 driver with the same Universal drivers? If that works, then the Universal drivers may not be compatible, maybe?
  3. I get what @C4junkie is attempting to point out, but it's foolish to think that way. If Amazon, Apple, or Google bought Control4, then I could see DIY being a role and that would have been a sell out to everyone aside from homeowners. Snap AV is the opposite and the few announcements have reinforced the dealer model is staying. Why would dealers want to change a model that ensures them exclusivity on configuring the product? That's the essence of the CI market. I get that homeowners would like to be able to do it, but it's way more complicated than most, if not all, homeowners would know how to do. It's not like replacing a light bulb or plugging in a device to go to a web page with options that are easy to find and understand. With DIY cluttering the marketplace, it's only a matter of time before end users find themselves spending too much time on automating their houses to get a lackluster experience compared to their neighbor's professionally installed system. That's already the case if the system is done right.
  4. Keep drinking that Koolaid if it helps you sleep...
  5. Do you know Snap AV? Does the author? All I see is a very highly subjective opinion about some public financials and an SEC report. I have no idea what will come of whatever happens, but moving to DIY has not been mentioned. Quite the opposite.
  6. While connected via SSH, try smbclient -L <IP of your synology>
  7. First, I would create a second user rather than admin. Second, are you using special characters in your password? Last, what smb version is set on the Synology?
  8. How do you have your synology configured? I have one and it's been fine on all OS versions I've used.
  9. No problem. I had the same issues at one point. The process has a lot of quirks and steps.
  10. Are you using the same Apple ID on the iOS device as is logged in on the ATV? If not, you need that. If you are using the same account, then I would check that the ATV shows in the Homekit app on that iOS device.
  11. I recommend an RK-1, then Cisco, then Asus, then Araknis, then Ubiquiti in that order.
  12. You have to use a Control4 mobile app or a Control4 touch screen controlling that specific room. You can't add favorites using On Screen Display
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