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  1. I would keep your current setup, use the Heos and Sonos only as speakers/endpoint volume control, then put a controller local to each area to have a Control4 output providing all audio. Like the others said, it is better to pick 1 audio ecosystem to do whole home audio. That being said, the best integration is native.
  2. Should be fine to stay on DHCP. Static only helps if your router goes down. Some drivers could lock up a system if they improperly handle the case where internet drops.
  3. No. There were a few new third party ones announced, but I have not heard much about any of them.
  4. You need to use the Control4 touch screen or mobile app to modify the codes. The Control4 system is overwriting the codes on the DS2 based on what it knows needs to be configured.
  5. No, they can't be added to the project and require a project to be functional. They will only work as an endpoint with volume control or even play audio in 2.10.6 and lower.
  6. SNMP is no longer available on OS3+
  7. If all you care about is Atmos, sure, ATV is better. If you care about reliable and good integration with Control4, stay with Roku.
  8. If you rebooted the primary controller, there was an issue with the Sonos drivers that were fixed by Control4 and would have autoupdated the driver.
  9. As far as I have heard, Domotz, ihiji, and bakpak are no longer compatible. Only OvrC is working with 3.1.1.
  10. My guess is the Sonos update changed something and maybe latest C4 Sonos driver is not compatible with 2.9.1. HC300 would have to replaced to update to 2.10.6.
  11. I heard a rumor that updating to 2.10.6 or OS3 resolves the issue.
  12. Need to do the certificate patch for 2.8.1. It might be better to use device inage updater to put the controller at the version you want.
  13. That doesn't sound right. I have an Xfinity Modem and Pakedge RK1 and don't need to have anything portforwarded. It would likely be a router setting blocking the traffic that the portforward possibly bypasses. In any case, ISP routers are usually not the ideal to use with a Control4 system.
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