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  1. It does not. Learning IR for devices requires a dealer with Pro.
  2. Minimum sample rate is 48khz/24 bit. I believe the max limit drops from 192khz/24bit when there are over a certain number of connections per a controller. I believe the EA5 drops to 96khz/24bit max when three outputs are used on it. Two outputs I believe stays at 192khz/24bit and you could keep it that high and have four outputs if you had two EA5s. That being said, I think Qobuz, Tidal, and Amazon Music HD hardly ever go above 48khz/24bit.
  3. They are in C4's online database.
  4. Why not use a Universal Mini App driver? Makes it so you can select Netflix, Youtube, or any of the supported apps on a few different devices (e.g. Roku) and everything automatically switches correctly.
  5. I would hit the 'check resolutions' button in Composer. If that doesn't fix it, then it may be the image itself.
  6. Did you use Composer to add the pictures?
  7. unless you have the correct software to configure an hc250, both the triad one and hc250 will be bricks. FYI, the configuration is not done in Linux. Literally nothing an installer does uses terminal and access to it like a Linux server.
  8. Upload the picture for the background or the screensaver? Are you using OS3?
  9. Depends on your audio source. If you use one of the HiRes services, then potentially. Amazon Music HD, Tidal HiFi, and Qobuz.
  10. Change the order of the inputs. Chances are that your HC800 is on lower input numbers than the EA5. From what I have noticed, Control4 picks them in reverse order.
  11. You can swap the outputs from the EA5 and HC800. Those changes would have to be reflected in Composer. But you for sure cannot force the order, the order is automatic.
  12. Sounds like you have a media scene active.
  13. Replace the AN300 with a Pakedge RK-1. Replace Eero with the new Pakedge WA-4200s or get Ruckus. That should resolve the issues you see with speed.
  14. I believe they update to 2.5.3 and stay at that version.
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