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  1. Is the driver central one still working? I swear the houselogix and driver central ones are identical and used the same communication method. There is an alternative that requires a dealer to come to the site. Z2IO with Control4's garage door kit. That kit is a much better control anyways.
  2. Chameberlain and MyQ probably finally shut off that stupid hack. It's going to be awesome. Call your dealers and ask them why they used a subpar integration that was known to be a hack and not an official integration.
  3. You can't do it all from Composer. It has to be done inside the driver file, i.e. a totally custom driver with a different lua code and icon.
  4. I can make it three. With the Apple app on the Roku, there is really no need to buy an ATV. It's actually easier and smarter to integrate a Roku.
  5. Pakedge RK-1, Pakedge WK-2, and Xfinity (Comcast) ISP 250mbps down, 15mbps up.
  6. Best thing to do would be update the system to 2.10.6. Everything minus the CA10 is compatible with that version.
  7. Composer HE? Control4 for PC-Mac? Windows 7, 8.1, or 10?
  8. I assume that is the app version, not the Control4 OS version?
  9. HC800 cannot run the required software that the EAs and the CA10 can.
  10. Have you tried hitting the refresh action on the Apple Bridge driver in Composer HE? Or had your dealer set up a button to program the refresh? I would also check the Apple Bridge and Apple TV drivers are the latest. Updating the drivers fixed the no control issues on a lot of systems.
  11. Either upgrade to an EA5 or CA10 and use the new IP driver (also update to 2.10.6 or newer), or use an IR driver. Pretty much the only options.
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