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  1. I recall it as well. Something along the lines of putting the scripts on another device rather than on the controller.
  2. It also sounds like you are a dealer. Just note that you might want to review the contract terms with Control4 and be wary if they take offense a dealer contract termination could be on the table.
  3. That is not true. The limit to one controller dropped after 2.10.4. Two Triad One zones is well within the device limit threshold that is in the recently udpated controller spec document.
  4. You might find this one applies better since it is not an application on your computer. https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/1030
  5. If you did not get explicit permission, then reverse engineering is hacking.
  6. The answer is no. If it were yes, SAVI would work with 3.1.3.
  7. It would be easier for you to write a driver and then have the driver talk to whatever you're wanting to control the system.
  8. Hmmm, via shell? That's not possible 3.1.1+
  9. I believe the change was with ram and storage, both of which the FCC wouldn't care about. Interesting to know about the FCC filing for more bands, must have been a U.S. thing.
  10. I read there were enough hardware differences that the original Neeo remote cannot run the C4 software.
  11. I would highly recommend using Composer ME or HE to manage the music in the Control4 environment. That being said, the EA5 should show up exactly the same as the HC800. It's just a network folder share.
  12. I'm familiar with Bro, that's here too. Have not heard the other ones, so learned something new. 🙂
  13. Sick being considered a British thing is interesting. I've heard it in the Western U.S. and pretty sure it originated here. Like dude, gnarly, dope, and others.
  14. Anything missing at triadspeakers.com?
  15. Nope, not supported with Amazon Music. I wish it was possible myself.
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