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  1. Works for me. You're using customer.control4.com?
  2. Were you using the new C4 4k/4 driver? Or the old C4 IP driver?
  3. For Native C4 audio to pair with C4 controllers. None besides the Triad One. All others are separate audio distribution systems.
  4. If you don't already have a battery backup for the NAS, Control4 controller, and network. I would advise getting one as a first step. Any time the connection drops between the NAS and the Control4 controller while the Conttol4 controller is still on can get the scan locked (from what I've seen). Rebooting the Control4 system should resolve the issue.
  5. If you are using the new driver put out by C4, then there should be an updated driver that reduces that problem. If you don't lose control and just have the message show up after selecting the AppleTV, then that is likely a behavior C4 knows about and is part of the Apple integration. Some drivers that modify the project while it is running (auto-rename), will cause the issue to occur more frequently.
  6. No, there is not. You can use Bluestacks or another Android virtualization tool to run the mobile android app. Some may require 4sight if they don't connect directly to the LAN.
  7. For the Announcement on the outgoing call, you will want to take the snapshot and select Control4 *before* you execute the announcement. A big note on the programming. Showing a camera for 30 seconds will not delay that entire code by 30 seconds. You will need to add a 30 second delay after to have it work right and expire after the duration.
  8. Nope. They are two different audio systems. Same would happen with any other third party streamer.
  9. If you have a single UI and the 30 lights with no automation, then it might work. As soon as you add lighting scenes or more UIs (like 10 touchscreens and a few mobile devices), then you will want at least an EA1. The CA1 wouldn't fail on it other than commands being delayed or slowed.
  10. I personally wouldn't use a CA1 for that install. The CA1 is great for very small intro builds or as a controller to put a mesh in a remote part of a building. For that size, I would spec at least an EA1, probably an EA5 depending on how many touch screens there will be.
  11. That's a lot of speculation. It's safer to not expect change than to hope and be burned.
  12. Nope, it is definitely worth the time and money to upgrade.
  13. Correct. It should have a battery inside as well (like any computer) and should keep the time, but those batteries can wear out.
  14. 'Being Accessible' meant that you can use the app and connect up. The timezone set on the device is configured by the dealer and the time is updated from time servers on the internet.
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