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  1. There is not. Many passwords are encrypted as well.
  2. Also, if so. You really should not be participating as that is Intellectual Property that is not yours.
  3. DIYers that cracked it? Possibly? I have heard the driver encryption was broken.
  4. sigh... If you thought I was trolling, then you obviously missed the point. If you want to become a dealership who installs Control4 rather than just manage your own home system, then that would be very good to clarify.
  5. That in itself breaks the contract. Hence the responses. If you didn't know that, now you know.
  6. Be aware Control4 can and might terminate the dealership if they find out the dealer is sharing pro with a non-employee.
  7. I would avoid this. New account for new customer due to privacy laws.
  8. Agree with you, but on some of the items I'd say every five years and maybe every two years for software versions.
  9. I believe you are correct for the current market. Homeowners are looking for Control4 and dealers are prioritizing certain jobs.
  10. Dealers pick the customers. Control4 only wants Dealers to sell products regardless of who the customer is.
  11. At least what I have seen and heard, the target demographic is not the 'average Joe' as much as many 'average Joes' would like.
  12. From a DIY perspective, Pakedge and Control4 make zero sense. Both are CI systems, i.e. generally for those who want something built and not building it themself.
  13. That makes sense. The only thing I'd argue is that you're comparing standalone systems vs a full integration. The value from Control4 does not come from a simple setup with a single use case (i.e. lighting control), the value comes from the full home use case. So lighting, audio, video, cameras, intercom, garage, gate, thermostat, and others when combined. That also means a standard install makes zero sense to be small. It is a better idea to use a different product to save on cost, but they don't integrate into the full ecosystem as well. As for Ubiquiti, sure they are cheap, but
  14. Kinda lost me on this one. How is it is not cheap and easy to integrate?
  15. lol, if it takes someone that knows how to use a rhaspberry pi to do an opensource system, then it's still not as easy or up to the standard. That may be open to DIY, but that does not make it better. I'd be curious to hear what you consider a full home system because the capabilities of a Control4 system are extensive and have support from other manufacturers. But... If this pulls those hardcore DIYers away, oh well. Those that aren't DIY will still desire someone to install a professional system.
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