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  1. HE is supported, ME is not. That being said, no, you cannot manage the network config from HE.
  2. The 13mb currently used for Metadata? Sure, go to your USBs on that same page and then delete the songs, make sure you only delete them from the library and not the USB as well if you still want them on the USB. If you mean the 'All Data' portion, you cannot reduce that as that also includes the OS files.
  3. That is the storage available on the controller and is used for storing album art and track info. You should not be able to max that out unless you have a huge amount of local music.
  4. The My Movies feature requires a media player that is no longer sold. My Movies does not allow videos played on a controller or touchscreen, the UIs are only used to make a selection to play on the media player. There is a Plex driver that will make selections from your plex server and play them on a plex capable device.
  5. Yes, that's all possible to be managed by the primary user as well. Check out customer.control4.com. My wife uses her own email to connect to our system.
  6. It depends. Did the PDU or Wattbox (if you have one) power cycle it? Is it scheduled? Could also be from OvrC.
  7. If it is a sonos amp, then a matrix switch should work fine and that is supported. I had assumed the Sonos speaker was a play 5 or something portable. Sonos Amps are treated similarly to other smart amplifiers.
  8. 1) That sample rate is a digital format. RCA is analog, so the controller's DAC would convert it. 2) Need the Sonos Global Line In driver and connect the EA to that, but it is not a supported/recommended config from C4.
  9. I would check the printer's manual and ensure it supports WPA2. If it does, then you'll need to tinker with the fast roaming settings and other advanced settings on the AP.
  10. Simple and bad passwords on WPA2 can be cracked in less than 5 minutes.
  11. It would take less than 30 seconds to backdoor a hidden open network. Some printers need advanced settings on APs shut off, so I honestly wasn't kidding at buying a printer that supports modern WiFi standards. I bought one for around $350 to make sure it supported 5ghz and proper encryption.
  12. This is where taking a networking basics course is helpful. Splitting the 2.4ghz and 5ghz is done in the ssid config. My suggestion is get a better printer because most are cheap crap.
  13. ME was discontinued 3.1.1+. It would be a solution for older versions.
  14. When a USB is plugged in, it creates a driver. It then needs to be scanned. You can scan it with Composer HE or Pro.
  15. The expectation is that the APs are updated too and the entire configuration is done via OvrC. Tech notes on release stated no rollbacks.
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