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  1. Luckily you can backup the list once it is all created.
  2. Composer Pro uses Gracenote for movie lookups for specific file types. (I believe .iso's). But... it hasn't been great lately, so meta data would have to be entered manually per entry in the media tab of PRO/HE.
  3. The collections driver isn't necessary to play movies. The built in media scanning in Composer Pro/HE should work with a Network File Storage driver.
  4. I believe cybuch is meaning the Control4 MyMovies driver that uses a Dune, Popcorn hour, or the old C4 media player with the Control4 media database and scanning. Not the ExtraVegetables implementation.
  5. Set up a popup or something on the start and stop sense, then unplug the audio from your echo dot and wait for a bit. It could be your echo dot is not silent enough when it is not playing audio.
  6. Yes, the matrix amps have an audio sense event that can turn on a zone.
  7. Collection Management - FREE driver was last modified 1/27/2015 and still has the creator listed as ExtraVegetables.
  8. Technically both incorrect. H&F bought Control4 then merged it with their other company SnapAV.
  9. Just because you don't like what I commented doesn't make it rubbish. If you look carefully at the Hue drivers, they are rebranded with 'Control4' as the creator and would likely fall into the category of drivers deemed a priority to continue. Another example: Houselogix MyQ driver. That driver is nonfunctional and a statement was released that it was not going to be updated and that Control4 is looking into a different official integration.
  10. And with Neeo, the original Neeo remote will never work with Control4. Acquisitions see things deprecated and left behind due to priorities or business standards. I'm not sure why the collections management has not been fixed, but I'm sure there is a good reason for either lack of priority, lack of resources, or it used an unsanctioned method of integration.
  11. hmmm, I don't see that in HE. In the Monitoring section? Oh wow, it is there in OS3. 2.10.6 HE did not allow deleting drivers. I personally find that problematic so I'm going to contact someone at Control4 about that.
  12. ??? I don't see a way to delete drivers in HE.
  13. I heard that not all ExtraVegetable drivers moved over and not all will be maintained/updated.
  14. Oh, I don't know that I would expect any Extra Vegetable drivers to work anymore. I'm sure if there was active development on any of those drivers, they would have been rebranded to Control4 instead. Extra vegetables website got replaced as well.
  15. Only a dealer using Pro can update drivers. If you want them updated, you'll have to reach out to one.
  16. Control4's My Movies implementation is fixed from what I have heard. Who writes the collections management driver?
  17. You will need techs involved to add and connect devices to the system, but the more advanced stuff (events, programming) is available in Composer HE. Prices would vary between Control4 dealers, so I would talk to a few to get an idea what it would cost.
  18. First thing to remember. It is not a DIY system. Second thing to remember, find a good professional in your area to do the initial setup. For personalization, you can use When/Then or Composer HE.
  19. Correct, OS2 app has a feature to stay connected. OS3 does not. It is what it is. I wouldn't expect that to change. If you were using that feature before going to OS3, then that would likely be your complaint.
  20. 5-7 seconds is about how long my Android app takes to connect. That isn't as bad as I have heard some taking. Some people were saying 15-20 seconds to connect remotely.
  21. I believe I read that is a known issue to have to select another station sometimes. If you log out and log back in to any service, then it will change those IDs and break old programming.
  22. I would keep your current setup, use the Heos and Sonos only as speakers/endpoint volume control, then put a controller local to each area to have a Control4 output providing all audio. Like the others said, it is better to pick 1 audio ecosystem to do whole home audio. That being said, the best integration is native.
  23. Should be fine to stay on DHCP. Static only helps if your router goes down. Some drivers could lock up a system if they improperly handle the case where internet drops.
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