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  1. Thank you I was looking to see if I could program the numeric access codes on the keypad for example
  2. Thanks for that I note that these guides are only accessible by dealers. I was seeking a user guide that I as a user was able to use.
  3. Does anybody have a link to a C4 DS2 Manual
  4. Trying to get more functionality out of my SR250. Forgive me, If I'm off the planet here Currently, I have the # and * buttons on the SR250 allocated to various macros via the room commands to change lighting scenes etc. However, this is limited as the other buttons are typically allocated to other media actions in the room. Is it possible to temporarily suspend the signal from the SR250, to make other buttons assignable to custom functions. One way would be to use the # button to switch to the SR250 to a "new" room and use the extended Button/Room Command availability and then jump back as required. Is there a way to assign the # button to change rooms for the SR250 Hope this makes sense
  5. Thanks everybody for your help. In regards to the C4 Driver approach I understand that the C4 driver requires you to stage each of the zones in turn. My preference is not to stage the zones, as my irrigation system is pump based and has the necessary pressure to do multiple zones at once. Has anybody been able to address this. Because of this I am leaning toward the Rachio system.
  6. Thanks I'm in Australia
  7. Thank you From your response, I'm assuming it integrates well with C4 .
  8. Looking to integrate irrigation into my C4 system. Sounds like Sky-drop is no longer an option. I understand that C4 have a driver and direct interface. Would appreciate if some could give me feedback on the C4 interface and other third party solutions that integrate with C4
  9. Sorry if this has been already covered. Thanks in advance Where would I find the best guide on the use of conditional programming, especially with the introduction of new features within HE OS 3.0
  10. Thank you everybody I have found all the examples very useful. As a further query, as I don’t have physical buttons (ie Control 4 over CBus) and hence all my switching control has to be performed by the dealer, are there any ideas or examples on how I could replicate the press and release capability on my current switches. Ie using Light State or other variable. Trust I’ve explained that clearly enough.
  11. Got it thanks. I don't have physical buttons as I have control4 over a C Bus system. Also note you point re a timer. Interested in views on how this functionality has been best utilized.
  12. Thank you. I have done all my programming on the basis of Press. I don't understand why there is a press and release option?
  13. Is there the ability to track all the programming that has been added to Composer. What do others use to track all the current programmed events in Composer?
  14. The commands available per room appear to largely mirror those commands that are available on a SR 250 and are are available as "when" commands in Composer. In my domain, these options are however not all available as "Action" options in Composer. ie Watch, Listen, List etc. Is this correct for others??
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