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  1. Agreed, thanks for the 2nd opinion, based on everyone I am getting a quote.
  2. Yes, agreed.. after thinking about it, I also realize that C4 could be down and the monitoring has cellular backup. thanks
  3. Camera/Door Station is in the C4 install, so this is just alarm install. I asked for details, he is providing, but I agree, I think it's a ripoff. People see a big house and they triple the budget. I called 2 other companies for quotes. thanks for the second opinion
  4. Hi all - new to this forum. I am about ready to move into our new house, which has an extensive C4 setup (lighting, audio, VDN, climate, pool, sprinklers, theater, heck even my piano will be automated).. But now the question is alarm system. Here is the alarm situation: -My new C4 implementation has some cameras, door station, etc.. -Existing alarm (20 years old) has some motion sensors, wired smokes, some glass break sensors, etc. The alarm guy came in and is trying to sell me on a C4 compatible upgrade (new panel, etc.) for $8k (plus monitoring) So, some questions for everyone. 1. What do people generally use for alarms when integrating w/ an extensive C4 setup (i.e. do I just all ADT... or should I consider this upgrade proposal, etc) 2. Do I really need monitoring if I integrate w/ C4? Can i use the alerts in lieu (understanding it's a little different to have an email sent to me than to the fire department) Not trying to be cheap ($150k+ system) - just want to understand what others are doing around alarms/monitoring. Thanks!
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