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  1. Get the Somfy and you will need the RTS to connect to Control 4. A little pricey but it just works. I have used all 16 channels to control 11 blinds with combo and all room functionality. Programming is easy but could be confusing at first.
  2. Sounds great but don't want to snoop the app to build a driver. Anything out there now as far as drivers that work with heat n Glo?
  3. I asked about that on my build a year ago. Did not have one. Is the Wifi module thru Heat n Glo and who does the driver?
  4. Anyone come up with a driver for the Heat&Glo fireplaces? I know that it will require a IR signal send so it could come off an EA device.
  5. So I have several TP-link Kasa 103 switch wireless outlets for holiday lights. I tried to group them all in Composer as a holiday lighting group so the Lighting control on the touch screen only shows one holiday light instead of several. None of the lights respond as a group. The driver works fine with C4 switches so I figured they are not compatible. Is there a work around to this?
  6. So how do you get drivers off Drivercentral if you don't have the official Dealer BS credents? Here's my money, can I have the driver please 😆
  7. The new dimmers look much smaller than the old ones and probably much better. TP link at $7 a pop can't be beat so I am going to try that route to see if it fills a simple need
  8. So the TP Link is the Kasa line correct? How does the Kasa interface with control4 as they are on the Wifi? Native drivers in control4 or do I need to buy the driver for Control4?
  9. So I have the C4 dimmer and not impressed with the size, reliability and price of the unit. I just want some reliable units for holiday lights. What are the forum recommendations to accomplish this and is the driver available?
  10. Well, after re reading this post, just ignore the documentation directions about the driver is not bound if it is "valid IP" in the Driver Info line. Damn thing works anyway. Glad the instructions are wrong or not updated in the stupid driver! On to the next project!
  11. Yep, I was looking for 2 way control so that Spa Controllers could activate lights on control 4 by unused aux ports of the Intellitouch
  12. Lighting group in the intellicenter, you mean the outdoor control box or the intellitouch LCD panel which I don’t have. I do have the ScreenLogic adapter which I set the relay to a light but that does not pull tru to the C4 adapter to the C4 Touchscreens
  13. That is because it reinstalls the same driver that is stored locally on the controller. Not sure where you got the "Brandt" version
  14. Yes, it finally paired after multiple resets. Funny, it never upgraded to a newer firmware that it was originally stuck on and still 03.19.49 but works so that is all that matters!
  15. I did that by SDDP and it ends up installing a SnapAV Driver
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