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  1. So how do you get drivers off Drivercentral if you don't have the official Dealer BS credents? Here's my money, can I have the driver please 😆
  2. The new dimmers look much smaller than the old ones and probably much better. TP link at $7 a pop can't be beat so I am going to try that route to see if it fills a simple need
  3. So the TP Link is the Kasa line correct? How does the Kasa interface with control4 as they are on the Wifi? Native drivers in control4 or do I need to buy the driver for Control4?
  4. So I have the C4 dimmer and not impressed with the size, reliability and price of the unit. I just want some reliable units for holiday lights. What are the forum recommendations to accomplish this and is the driver available?
  5. Well, after re reading this post, just ignore the documentation directions about the driver is not bound if it is "valid IP" in the Driver Info line. Damn thing works anyway. Glad the instructions are wrong or not updated in the stupid driver! On to the next project!
  6. Yep, I was looking for 2 way control so that Spa Controllers could activate lights on control 4 by unused aux ports of the Intellitouch
  7. Lighting group in the intellicenter, you mean the outdoor control box or the intellitouch LCD panel which I don’t have. I do have the ScreenLogic adapter which I set the relay to a light but that does not pull tru to the C4 adapter to the C4 Touchscreens
  8. That is because it reinstalls the same driver that is stored locally on the controller. Not sure where you got the "Brandt" version
  9. Yes, it finally paired after multiple resets. Funny, it never upgraded to a newer firmware that it was originally stuck on and still 03.19.49 but works so that is all that matters!
  10. I did that by SDDP and it ends up installing a SnapAV Driver
  11. yep, I see that now, different drivers. Source of yours to try?
  12. There are basically 2 online versions, the older one on 6/30/2016 requires the IP input in the driver itself. The newer on 8/7/2019 inserts itself into the Network list where you usually bind the IP via SDDP or IP. I can only use IP and that does not work either. LUA output of first driver as below: Authorization: Basic cmpkb3ZpYWs6a2***** User-Agent:APP 09/27/20 21:41:22 : Processing result No Content or Headers So looks like you have a different driver version. What is the build date on that?
  13. I have this setup also and have experienced the same issues as others above. I wish there was the ability to access the Aux relays in C4 so it could be scheduled in C4 as part of the lighting control!
  14. AK1, your driver was created by chris brant but all online wattbox drivers that don't work are by SnapAV
  15. It does not have to be SDDP, just not given the option to do it that way as it is list as and IP port on the network list. I did put the IP in manually and still it did not bind
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