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  1. I guess the advantages i see having native services built in, is reliability, not having to rely on third part integrations with various other manufacturers players, less video switching going on if using on screen to navigate services,
  2. I would like to see c4 just add these “video” services (amazon, netflix, plex etc) to there product offering as part of there natural progression, like they offer the music counterparts all ready. Maybe on the next line of controllers, EAV1,3,5 etc lol. Perhaps if they could get here it would help getting all these favourites in one place, navigator can display media library’s allready!
  3. This is all interesting stuff. I have been following the brand since day 1, times change, things happen, i think C4 have done pretty well in an ever evolving landscape. The biggest thing i believe that has changed and is now the big issue, “the big issue” that has not been addressed, is the diy market. It didnt exsist at the begining, no problem, lets sell boxs to anybody that wants them. Its a much harder sell now with mr & mrs client being pummeled daily with iot options that they can go buy off the shelf from the local warehouse 10 mins after they fell off there chair once there local dealer has been round with there proposal. as allready susgested the key to all this is to get the platform into more homes, faster. Os3 is looking great at the moment and i believe is c4s usp, the platform, not the box’s. I believe c4 should capatalise on the platform, they should offer two platforms. Os3 home & Os3 pro. Os3 home should be hardware less and run in app, obviously this product would have limitations and be cut down but would include the most common mainstream drivers for iot devices hue sonos etc, c4 could cost this annually or even one time, heck they could probably charge a small fee for each driver used (in app purchase) No composer no dealer just a wizard in app that will configure and add the select compatible devices into your system & what where when for limted automation by the end user. I believe the product roomie worked similar this way os3 pro would be the fully fledged dealer based product with all the boxs and automation a client with the dosh could possibly want. the client that bruised there arse earlier on now have access to the platform once they get back from the warehouse with there new light bulb or doorbell, c4 still makes a sale albeit a smaller one however in more qauntitys. My opinion anyway 🤔
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