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  1. Mitch did a super job for me - super fast response - super reasonable. Highly recommend
  2. Just had fresh install of C4 done. All TVs etc were updated to most current available software. First TV is a LG oled55c8pua with webos 4.3.0. There were no problems adding ip driver and everything smooth until I asking for programming the tv to turn on in one of two activities. first being to watch Cable TV. That was easy. The second activity is watch TV using the built in apps. When this activity is selected the TV comes on with a generic LG background but I am then forced to press menu button on remote (260 or the app) to get the app selection screen to appear. I am told there is no way to get C4 to add a step to call up the Home Screen(where Netflix etc resides)on the TV. There is a way in TV software to always have the Home selection appear but then I have to wait for it to disappear or press menu button if I am only watching cable. Is there a way to do this or is there a better third party driver that can handle this? Second TV is LG Oled65B7A-U with WebOS 3.9.0. The Tech could not find an ip driver that would work and I think he may even have been on phone with C4 help. I know this Tv works with full IP control as I was using it with another app (Roomie Remote) is there a third party driver that will work with this model as I really hate the stick on IR. I suppose I will have the same issue when trying to watch the apps vs cable? in both TV’s cable is fed to Yamaha AVR via HDMI and then HDMI out to TV. TVs both have optical cables back to the Yamaha AVR’s. thanks in advance
  3. I have 2 rooms - home theater room and master bedroom that need control. bedroom has LG-Oled, Yamaha receiver and Apple TV4k and cable box. All but the cable box are wired Ethernet. Do I need anything more than an io extender in the bedroom to gain control? Reluctant to buy a second EA unit as I will likely never use the osd. If an extender will do it - which one is recommended. Thanks in advance.
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