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  1. @knowitallI'm seeing the same behavior if I disconnect the load. @South Africa C4 user I'm in California. Voltage seems pretty stable here. I've power cycled several times and see the same behavior 😕 I'm thinking it's a bad switch.
  2. Hi folks - I'm trying to swap in a C4-120277 switch for a regular light switch that's wired inline with a 45W transformer powering my front lighting. It *looks* like I've wired it up properly - I get a solid LED, and it identifies and connects to the project fine. But when I try to turn it on the properties report it's using 15672 watts and, predictably, the fault protection fires and the thing turns red and off. I'm not sure how it could possibly be pulling that kind of wattage. I've measured the line in with a multimeter and it's at 126V and it's on a 15A breaker. When I don't turn the switc
  3. FWIW, I think it might be simpler to have HomeKit push info into variables via Homekit automation and the bridge (shoutout to @Joshua Pressnell, it's pretty awesome) and then I get motion detection too. Might just punt on the native driver issue.
  4. I'm trying to get access to the occupancy information I know the Ecobee 4 is able to publish (it shows it when linked into HomeKit and through the Ecobee app). I have the Thermostat and Network drivers seemingly loaded in correctly (Stat reports Online and shows correct temp) but when adding a remote sensor driver I'm unable to associate a Sensor ID via the dropdown (as the docs suggest I need to do to get it running). Seems possible the disconnect is that the Ecobee 4 seems to have the sensor built into the stat and it's not separate hardware. The Sensor ID *is* the Stat ID, as far as I can t
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