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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum here. Just wanted to see what everyone is using to integrate a microphone output into a Triad AMS24 or similar pre-amp for one of the outputs/zones... My goal is to be able to integrate the microphone for 2 of the HDMI inputs going into a video matrix or MOIP system. Their previous system used an AMX audio/video matrix that had a mic input on the matrix which made it simple. I'm sure you guys need more information, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Controller - EA5 Sources with microphone integration - - HDMI Input for PC - Would like to have microphone on this input - 2nd HDMI Input for Vivitek NovaPro transmitter. This HDMI devices accepts up to 4 wireless screens. The solution is already there, but I'd like to add the microphone into this input. Audio Matrix - AMS24 Microphone - Shure wireless transmitter with balanced outputs Video Distribution - Binary Media Over IP. The Audio is stripped from the transmitter via RCA and currently goes into the AMS preamp.
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