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  1. Thanks. what over ways can I utilize this drive to view my pictures and videos and integrate with C4?
  2. I have an older 4TB Western Digital MyBook network back up drive and I was wondering if I can use it as a NAS Plex server for my videos and pictures and integrate into C4? Thanks in advance.
  3. What is the most popular water valve shut off here in the Control4 world? That should help solidify my choice.
  4. Where did you purchase your Dam-it and sensors? Can you turn the valve both off and back on with the app? whats the price of the unit etc? thank you!
  5. LeakSmart also shuts off the water in case of leak. How does the Moen Flo detect leaks without sensors? Just monitors your average water consumption? Do you currently have a Moen Flo?
  6. I would like to incorporate a LeakSmart Water main shut off valve for our new house that is under construction. I am not sure which to buy. The Starter kit or simply the valve inself? The starter kit includes the valve, hub and a detector: https://www.amazon.com/Detection-Starter-leakSMART-Automatic-Shutoff/dp/B071RGVBCS/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=leak+smart&qid=1580939834&sr=8-4 or simply the valve and purchase the detectors separately : https://www.amazon.com/Detection-Starter-leakSMART-Automatic-Shutoff/dp/B071YHRXG4/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=leak%2Bsmart&qid=1580939834&sr=8-4&th=1 Do I need the LeakSmart Hub if I am getting a Control4 system in the house? Wouldn't Control4 act as "my hub"? Is LeakSmart the way to go for water main shut off valves? What others do you all like and recommend. Thank you
  7. What are the best smart water main shut off valves that everyone is using? we are currently building a new home and would like the plumber to install one . thanks in advance
  8. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I'm about to go with Uniview cameras and was wondering if this issue has been resolved, or should I go with another brand of cameras? What brand do you guys recommend that works seamlessly with C4? thank you!
  9. Looking for a good installer in SW Florida Fort Myers for new construction home. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thank you, it certainly is alot to think about. what are some of the DIY/hybrid systems ? what are some good examples of them for me to read up on. thank you for detailed explanations .
  11. We are getting ready to start construction on our new home (approximately 2900 sq ft) & I want to incorporate a whole house home automation system while it’s being built. I have spoke to a few local AV dealers and read a lot of information on Control4, Savant, Elan G & Crestron. I’m looking to integrate security, cameras, HVAC, 3 room audio, 2 room 5.1 surround, some lighting, some door locks, pool/heater control, irrigation maybe some shades. All these systems seem to do the same things. Was wondering what are the pros and cons of each system for people that have experience with them? I am a very techy person and would love some do it myself future add on capability and troubleshooting etc. I am open to any recommendations and have not really favored one system over another. I do not like that Control4 charges you to remote access your own system. Hate having to pay to see my own home. Thank you in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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