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  1. Who are the remote dealers here on the forum that you all recommend? Is there a list ?
  2. Thank you all! Appreciate the advice and answers....I’m sure I’m going to have a million more once we move in!
  3. Thats awesome!! Thank you for the detailed explanation! Certainly something to look into once we're settled in. I would consider myself a geek!! lol!! techy etc!!!
  4. Do I buy Composer HE from my dealer or directly through C4? And, what exactly is Composer HE, just a program / app where I can program into C4? Also, any good websites where I can read further on Composer HE? thanks
  5. Thanks! Cant wait to get into this in month or so!! Can alot of this integration be done by myself ? Or do I need a dealer?
  6. Thank you. I like the idea of playing music directly from the C4 UI. Thanks!
  7. Yes correct, music stored on my Mac Mini (plex server). Can I access it from an iPhone or tablet using the Roku > Plex app in another room, I would not need to turn on a TV to access my music etc. forgive me if my questions are not that accurate ,like I stated I do not have a C4 system and have no previous experience with C4. thanks
  8. thank you for your response. If I go with Roku running the Plex app , I still will be able to listen and select my music via my phone and not on the TV? I have audio in 2 other rooms that I want to able to listen to without having to mess with turning on a TV.
  9. We are getting ready to move into our newly constructed house which will have Control4! Super excited! keep in mind, I currently do not have C4 or have any previous experience with C4. I am doing a lot of reading to learn more prior to moving in. I have a few questions: 1. I currently have all my media, movies, music & pictures on a Mac Mini running Plex. Will incorporate 2 TV, 3 zones of audio. Purchased a new Sony smart Android TV X900H. Would I need to buy a Roku Ultra? I read that Roku is much easier to integrate into C4. or an Apple TV 4K. Or
  10. Thanks. what over ways can I utilize this drive to view my pictures and videos and integrate with C4?
  11. I have an older 4TB Western Digital MyBook network back up drive and I was wondering if I can use it as a NAS Plex server for my videos and pictures and integrate into C4? Thanks in advance.
  12. What is the most popular water valve shut off here in the Control4 world? That should help solidify my choice.
  13. Where did you purchase your Dam-it and sensors? Can you turn the valve both off and back on with the app? whats the price of the unit etc? thank you!
  14. LeakSmart also shuts off the water in case of leak. How does the Moen Flo detect leaks without sensors? Just monitors your average water consumption? Do you currently have a Moen Flo?
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