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  1. Mine is up and running like it was before, auto updated, no dealer required. quick question, were their additional features added to this new driver that were not in the previous version?
  2. So I do not need my dealer to receive the update, it will update automatically then?
  3. So the driver is ready for everyone? Or is it still in beta format?
  4. unplugged Cat6 cable of the shade that was not responding and plugged it back in and it went back online. Shades were not plugged into battery back up. They are now. thanks for the help
  5. Thank you very much for the update . if you can please let us know when the final version is available. greatly appreciated.
  6. So I have to have my dealer install one of these drivers correct? Its not something that I can do with HE?
  7. Can you tell me more how I can get this Reboot driver? is it something that is already installed ? Thank you
  8. No I cannot control the volume at all, the remote volume up or down doesn’t work and I cannot control the volume with the Control4 app either. also on the touchscreen or app the watch session is not even active. update: had my dealer come out , he connected to network and rebooted the director and it works again. So refreshing the director and refreshing navigator are two different things? thanks all for the replies!
  9. Oh sorry my apologies.. audio device Denon AVR.
  10. Suddenly my Control4 SR 260 remote control does not control my volume (it shows and stays stuck on 47%) and In addition I cannot turn off the room with the remote power button. All the other functions work, like selecting sources etc. Nothing has changed. I put brand new batteries in the remote just in case. I also refreshed the navigator with Composer HE. still does not work. any suggestions? thanks ! Edit: the volume cannot be controlled via the Control4 app either.
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