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  1. Now that I figured out how to program a music on keypad button. I really want it to turn on my Amazon Music playlist, however on the right side of Composer HE I see my Amazon music But when I click it, it doesn’t give me any programming options . Can AM be programmed to turn on via keypad? thank you.
  2. Yes that is exactly what I did. but when I triple or double click the music does not turn off. anybody know why?
  3. Sorry, to clarify, everything stays the same, on the left I just choose triple tap and that’s it? triple tap will turn off the music? am I missing a step ?
  4. So I should choose the “triple tap” then correct?
  5. So I can change it to “double tap”? so one click turns on the music and double click will turn the music off?
  6. Is this a driver once installed, can be used through Composer HE?
  7. I programmed a keypad button to turn on my favorite iHeartRadio station with Composer HE, Now I was wondering how do I turn OFF the music from my keypad button? I programmed it “when the keypad button is pressed” Is there another setting? Thank you
  8. That price though!! Hopefully C4 fixes the current driver issues thanks
  9. Mine is hardwired via CAT6. Can you please elaborate on how to connect it via serial like you suggested? Thank you
  10. Any word on this issue being corrected? Mine has been done as well.
  11. Can I add this driver via Composer HE? Or does it need to be a dealer ?
  12. Can the gusund plugs be integrated into C4? Is there a driver?
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