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  1. It’s the Honeywell T6 Pro Smart Thermostat Programmable TH6220WF2006
  2. Thanks! My current Honeywell does not sync/refresh in Control4 when I change the temperature on the thermostat itself. Plus in Control4 I have no other options schedules, humidity etc. Have you had yours for a few years? Seems to be holding up well?
  3. Looking to purchase a C4 Therm Control4 Thermostat to replace a Honeywell. Can get them brand new on eBay for under $200. Just wondering what you all think of these units? Are they still solid and compatible with OS3 & EA3 ? Anyone that has one have any pros and cons? Thanks!
  4. I too am having the same issue with a new Honeywell thermostat. did you ever get this solved? i called Control4 and they said it was the Honeywell API and there is not much to do other than get a different brand thermostat. What did you end of doing? BTW I’m running OS3.
  5. I have Tru Audio sound bar for my 85inch TV and it’s great. Also have Tru Audio speakers and subs in ceiling. They are nice and sound great. any others with Tru Audio speakers ?
  6. Hi, I have a new Honeywell T6 Pro Smart Thermostat Programmable TH6220WF2006 and my dealer integrated into Control4. It functions and works in C4, however if I change the temperature on the actual Thermostat itself, it does refresh in the Control4 app. For example, I set the temp on the thermostat to 75, and when I open the Control4 app the temperature does not refresh in Control4. Is this something that can be fixed? thanks.
  7. So my dealer is coming out tomorrow to hopefully finish the job up. I activated the DLNA setting on my Plex server. I will tell him to add the DLNA driver to my project. Any other specifics about this I could tell him to make it easier? Simply add the DLNA driver and it’s good to go?
  8. Thanks, that’s what I want...but how do I know my source is DLNA enabled? (sorry for some many stupid questions).
  9. I see. so my music resides on my Mac mini on my network. My Mac mini is also my Plex server. Seems like DLNA is the way to go then? any particular settings I need to change /do on the Mac Mini for DLNA?
  10. If I use DLNA I still can view & listen to my music under listen>my music.. correct without going through Plex.? correct?
  11. Do they both require a reserved IP address since my music resides on my Mac Mini? If I decide to use DLNA, it still functions the same way correct? it is directed to my music folder on my Harddrive then I can view it under Listen>>>My Music
  12. Can someone explain the differences in the “ network file storage driver“ and the DLNA driver? Pros and cons of each? thank you
  13. I have the Jandy iAqualink pool control, and their app is very clunky and has limited functionality. I would like to incorporate it into C4, does anyone have any experience with the iaqualink in C4? Are you able to control everything in C4 with it? Any pics of it in C4? thanks!
  14. Can a user do it through my home OVrC account? Is it a relatively easy to update via SnapAV.com?
  15. Does a dealer needed to upgrade this firmware or Can an end user do it? Thanks!
  16. Thank you Sir, yes understand. I think a synology NAS is the better option overall, I will eventually go that route.
  17. Yes the Mac mini is on all the time. if I get the NAS drive isn’t that the same as plugging a Harddrive full of my music into the back of the Control4 unit ? Except I know you can run Plex and backup on the NAS etc.
  18. Yes correct, on the Mac Mini Harddrive.
  19. Quick question: Once the DLNA driver is installed, how do I access my music on my Plex server: On Control4: under “Listen” I click on the “Plex” app? Is that correct? or will my music be found under “Listen” >>>”My Music”?
  20. well I have my dealer coming back out to finish my project , so I think it will cost effective to just have him do it, since it already covered at this point. Again , my Plex server runs on my Mac Mini, not a Synology NAS, if that means anything.
  21. Is that all I have to tell him? Where do I tell him to add the DLNA driver? Specifics please so I can tell him. Appreciate the advice!
  22. so I have Plex running on my Mac Mini Plex server , which I use to access my movies, music and pictures. To listen to music though, I open Plex on my Roku attached to my TV. Is there a way to listen to my Plex music without turning the TV on? Like on T3 touchscreen or iphone? sorry I am not sure what DLNA means? thank you!
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