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  1. To clarify another thing I discovered: With Alexa, activating a Voice Scene connected to an Advanced Lighting Scene: Alexa will correctly activate the Lighting Scene by voice, but will *not* also activate any additional Composer Programming associated with activation of that Lighting Scene. In order to do this, I had to create an Alexa "Routine" within the Alexa App (this option isn't available in the Browser Interface) to get all these actions to take place. In the Google Assistant ecosystem, at least at this time, you can create similar "Routines" which will accomplish what you want using the Home App on a device. But these Routines *can't* be activate using Google Assistant: the Assistant voice says it can't do Routines, or some words to that effect. I've spent a lot of time trying to work this out, and hopefully this will be of help to somebody here.
  2. In Amazon, I had to specifically authorize this within the Alexa App, by including a code that had to be given after the command. This allows me to unlock a door lock. With Google Assistant, it actually turned out to be more straight forward: I have a pair of Garage Doors, and set up 2 Google Assistant Voice Commands within Composer Pro: Garage Number One and Garage Number Two. In Programming, for "Turn on Garage Number One" I have 3 Actions: Open Garage Number One Unlock the Kwikset Lock to the House Turn on the Usual Lights using an Advanced Lighting Scene I did the corresponding thing for "Turn on Garage Number Two" for my wife. When driving, I run Android Auto, so when I'm getting near home, I can activate Google Assistant and say "Turn on Garage Number One" and my Garage Door opens, the Door gets unlocked, and the lights turn on. Works quite well, and I don't think this creates a major security risk. I do have an Alarm system, not currently integrated with Control4, so that is still in operation.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I haven't yet, but that's a good idea - I'll see what they have to say.
  4. There are 2 options to set: Camera Mode, with 5 Options: Indoor (Auto), Indoor 50Hz, Indoor 60Hz, Outdoor, Outdoor with Highlight Compensation Day/Night Mode, with 3 Options: Auto, Always Day, Always Night I currently have Camera Mode set to Outdoor with Highlight Compensation (because in the morning direct sunlight throws off the exposure), and Day/Night Mode set to Auto. I'm now wondering if it's having trouble 'deciding' on Day vs Night mode, not too long after sunset, with these fluctuations being the result (as ILoveC4 was alluding to). I may play around with different combinations of these 2 settings, and see if this improves things. If not, it might be defective and needing replacement.
  5. Could this be a defective DS2-Mini? The other issue I have with it is having intermittent, but frequent "Poor Connection. Continuing with Audio. Video will return when the connection improves" message during Intercom calls to it, from either my T3, or my Note 8 (using WiFi or cellular). I've uploaded phone screen captures, including one showing real-time connection data. This is despite having strong WiFi and/or Cellular connections, and the DS2 connected by POE to an Araknis switch. I had a long troubleshooting session with Control4, including a Team Viewer session where they could directly have a look around, and there were no configuration errors. They suspected a hardware issue. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the reply. During the day, I do see that type of fluctuation, and since that door faces east, I have disabled the motion sensor alerts until early afternoon, as this also generates many false positives. But this is well after sunset, so there is no sunlight. Have a look at the clip, and you'll see it to be in night mode.
  7. I have a DS2-Mini at my Front door, programmed to send a snapshot via email when motion is detected in a small area near the steps, above a certain threshold, at certain times of day. Works well. But lately, after sunset, I am getting many false positives, and reviewing the video recording (Luma NVR), the camera is appropriately in night mode, but there are frequent, marked fluctuations in the image's brightness, which is being mistaken as motion. I've attached a clip that shows what is going on. No lights are going on or off in or around my house, to the best of my knowledge. I have checked in the DS2's Web Interface, and don't see any setting that would adjust this type of sensitivity. Any ideas on what is causing this? I received over 10 emails from 7:25 to 7:30 pm last night, and at least a few the prior nights. Any way to alter this behavior? And for what it's worth, the night mode in my Luma 510 Bullet cameras is far superior to the DS2-Mini's, but I guess that's just the nature of the beast. Thanks. Edited to Add: The Uploaded MP4 won't seem to play, so here's a link to the file in Google Drive: MP4 File for DS2-Mini
  8. BINGO! Didn't realize I needed to have it scan for stations, but seems obvious now. Channels now show up as an option for the Tuner, although the Onkyo is not tuning properly. Will have to play with this. And as I guessed, the solution here also applied to why the UHF/VHF Antenna for my Sony TV was the same way, not appear in the Navigator's menus. Scanned there, and now they do. Many thanks!
  9. I am both the end-user, and also using Composer Pro, as part of my employment with my company. They did the original setup and install in my home, and I am now learning and tweaking the system to gain experience, get things working how I'd like, etc. In general, it's going quite well, including upgrading to 3.1. But I have run into one issue that I can't crack. In my Family Room, I have an Onkyo TX-SR600 Receiver, which has an FM Tuner. It seems they didn't configure it properly to begin with, as it never showed up as an option under the Listen experience menu. Similarly with the FM Tuner of the Marantz SR7010 in my Theater - it has never worked from day one. But I'll just address the Family Room one here, as the answer will probably solve both. The Onkyo is using an IR Driver: receiver-tuner_ir_onko_tx-SR600.c4i I added an FM Tuner Driver, which I renamed 'FM Radio-Onkyo': rf_fm.c4i I connected these devices, as shown in the screenshots, and the 'FM Radio-Onkyo' shows up in Composer Pro Navigator, and is 'Visible'. But it *doesn't* actually show up on any of the Navigators: T3, nor my Android Control4 App. What am I doing wrong? Wrong Drivers? Wrong Connections? Thank you.
  10. I recently upgraded to 3.1 motivated partly by wanting to use Google Assistant. Thepritch88 is correct, that you have to start by saying "Turn on" to activate any given scene. Cumbersome, but it works. I created two G.A. Voice Scenes to open each of our garage doors (which I have programmed to also unlock the door to the house, and turn on selected lights), and ended up naming the Scenes "Garage Number One" and "Garage Number Two." These can be activated by saying "Turn On Garage Number One" and so forth. The really cool thing for me, is that I use Android Auto in my car, so when I'm returning home, I can just say the command, and all 3 actions will take place. I didn't use the 'Sync' Action, and when I'm in Google Home, I just select the option to 'Discover' and it finds them.
  11. Is there a consensus in terms of whether it is best to (either manually or automatically) update all the drivers within a given project? With other types of technology (computers, TV's, etc.) updates will often introduce new issues even as they address previous issues. Some therefore take an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" attitude, and recommend doing updates only if you're having issues, and especially if the change-log for the update indicates this is actually being addressed. What is recommended here for Control4 drivers? I haven't seen any easy way to access change-logs to determine what is actually changing, being fixed, added, etc. Thoughts?
  12. Thanks. We actually have 2 garage doors, so my description of the actual names above wasn't 100% accurate. At first I went with "Janice's Door" for hers, since that's her name, but Google kept thinking we wanted to hear music by "Genesis"!😁 We ended up changing to "Garage Number One" and "Garage Number Two" - very creative, right!? So now it's just "Turn on Garage Number One", etc. I do have an Alexa scene "Lock the House" which does turn off lights, locks doors, etc. when we leave, but doesn't do anything with the Garage Doors. Will have to give some thought to whether or not to change that, since we just have to hit the Visor button to close it as we leave. But this is the cool thing I love about Control4, made even better now with Alexa and Google integration - you're only limited by your imagination in terms of what you can do.
  13. I just upgraded from 2.10.6 to 3.1.0, and everything is working fine. One feature I wanted to utilize is the Google Assistant integration. I had previously discovered that Google Home functions can be initiated when driving, through Android Auto. I have a Google Nest Hub in our Bedroom, controlling some Bulbs (installed previous to Control4). Just for kicks, I told Google to "turn on the Bedroom Lights" while I was driving, and I was surprised to find that it worked! That got me thinking. I just added control of our Garage Doors to our home, and my goal was to be able to tell the Google Assistant while I'm driving, and getting near home, to "Unlock the House" and it would open my garage door, unlock the door to the house, and turn on selected lights. This would be pretty slick! The Garage Door Controls don't show up as controllable devices within Google Home, so I had to figure out another way to get this working. In Composer Pro, I found Google Assistant available as a separate Driver, so I created a Voice Scene there, and programmed it to do exactly what I outlined above. I went to the Voice Control section of the customer Control4 portal, hit Discover Devices, and it found this new voice scene. I saved changes, and after playing with the syntax, found it worked. If I'm in my car, with Android Auto running, I just hit the button on the steering wheel to activate Google Assistant, tell it to "Turn on Unlock the House" and it does exactly what I wanted: opens the garage door, unlocks the garage door lock, and turns on selected lights. I don't care for the Syntax, having to say "Turn on unlock the house" rather than just "unlock the house" but that's a fairly small compromise to get this working. I don't recall seeing any posts on using Android Auto to work with Control4, so thought I'd just put this out there. Don
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