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  1. Mine just dropped off again as well. In the Ecobee App, go to the settings and "Get PIN". Then log into your Ecobee account in a browser, go to Settings...My Apps...Add Application... and then enter the PIN Code there to add the device. This time I didn't try to remove the Control4 App, and just added the code to 'overinstall' it, and it worked. Quicker and simpler than before, but at least
  2. Very interesting - thanks for this. As Pounce points out, the Installer Manual for System Setting 13 doesn't include the Control4 Value option, but this video shows otherwise. I'll definitely have to try this out.
  3. It could be. The thing is when I read in the PDF, "Outdoor Sensor" is used for other functions, like Humidity Mode, "Low and High Balance Point," and apparently other Indoor Air Quality options. These seem to have nothing to do with the Primary Temperature reading that the unit would use to regular temperature in the room. Hopefully I'm missing something (wouldn't be the first time!).
  4. I'm looking through the Installation Guide PDF, and in the Installer System Settings Guide, the only place where I see these 3 options is with Item # 16: "Outdoor Sensor." Isn't this a different function from the "Primary Sensor" which is either Built-in or Wired?
  5. Very interesting! This could definitely come in handy. Thanks.
  6. This was back in the fall, and as I recall I didn't. But in this regard, isn't this for when you have a Wired remote temperature sensor, rather than a Zigbee sensor? After the posts from RyanE and msgreenf, indicating it isn't possible to use a Zigbee connected Temperature sensor instead of the built-in Temperature Sensor (or wired one), I stopped trying.
  7. Fair point. I have a somewhat unique relationship with my company, and am very reluctant to take their time away from their busy jobs to help me on a personal level. I joined this community to learn, contribute where I occasionally can, and perhaps it is a bit unfair of me to ask for help. I've seen this forum the same way I see the AVS Forum, where I've participated significantly for a number of years. But thinking about it, they're not quite the same, and I'll be a bit more circumspect when asking a question.
  8. Yes, a bit harsh. Yes, I'm in Sales. I haven't looked at this in a year because I've been happily using the IR Driver. Only looking at it now since I was asked about this by someone else on the forum who in turn is trying to help his father in a fairly isolated area. So trying to do someone a favor. I had forgotten about the Network Tab when configuring Connections, so now see how to get the IP Connection, since the Driver didn't allow for it directly. Yes, I should have seen that. I'm still learning, which is part of my enjoyment of this field (a second career for me, after retiring from my first one). So thanks for pointing me in the right direction, which could have done without the personal insult.
  9. Mine is Samsung Note 8, wife's is Samsung S8, both on Verizon.
  10. So nobody uses the Intercom Anywhere app on Android to answer any intercom calls?
  11. To follow up on this: I have the UB820, using an IR Driver, and it works fine. But I'm wanting to help someone else who also has a UB820, but wants to use the UB9000 IP Driver. So I thought I would add it to my system, and see how it works, but I can't figure out any way to 'connect' my UB820 to the UB9000 IP Driver. The Documentation indicates it must be added to the Project using SDDP, and since the UB820 doesn't seem to be capable of generating the necessary signal, I can't move past this. When the Driver is added Manually, there's no way I can see to enter a MAC or IP address to establish the control connection. Is it possible to work around this SDDP requirement, and use the UB9000 IP Driver with the UB820? And if so, how? I think it is possible (since I think my company tried it out when they did the original install), but I can't figure out how. Thanks.
  12. Still interested in what other people are experiencing: I'm sure many here are using Intercom Anywhere on their Android Phones - are you able to put the phone into Speakerphone Mode, so that you can see the Video on the phone at the same time as you hear what the person is saying? Mine comes through the earpiece only, so to hear them I have to hold it to my ear, which prevents me from seeing them at the same time. This seems like a basic function, and I'm still hoping I'm missing something to get this working right. Thanks.
  13. Looks interesting. How comprehensive is the Control4 Driver, and where can you get it? Also - does this work with Intercom Anywhere? I disabled all echo cancellation options I can find, on both devices, but the problem remains.
  14. I was thinking along the same lines. There are various echo cancellation features on both the DS2 Mini and the T3, and I tried turning off any and all of these options that I could find, with no improvement. But based on your ideas, I'll double-check on all of this to make sure. I really love my C4 system overall, but the DS2 Mini has been a disappointment: the current Audio Intercom problem, poor night mode video quality, relatively low resolution video, the "Poor Connection" error I sporadically get on any Intercom calls, from T3 or Android Phones, not providing a wide enough angle to see what packages might be placed at the doorstep, no PIR motion options, etc. But when I've researched other options, I haven't as yet found any compelling alternatives.
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