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  1. Exactly. I forget which model/firmware started this change, but the newer Installation Modes are accessed the same way the previous Lens Memories were. The IR codes are the same, and I suspect the IP will as well. Installation Modes allow configuring a number of other parameters besides Lens Memory, but this is where Lens Memories are configured.
  2. I appreciate the good ideas on programming. The TP-Link powerline devices came in this morning, and I was able to get everything set up and secured, with the WiFi piece in my crawlspace. Flo App shows a solid 4 bars, and with my phone shows 25mbps bandwidth, so I think I should be good to go here. I don't know if the somewhat more humid conditions under there, with more temperature fluctuations than within the house, will prematurely age it, but hopefully it should last a while. It's a cheap fix if it needs to be replaced down the road. Got both pieces for $80. The Flo is still in "learning" phase, but it will be interesting to see its analysis once it has enough data. Overall I'm pretty happy with this addition.
  3. Hope it comes soon, dinom. For those of you who have the Moen Flo Shutoff Valve, and using the Cinegration Driver, it seems to me that for the various alerts and warnings, monitoring and such, there would be duplication of function doing this within Control4, since the Flo App already does this. There might be more 'granularity' with the Cinegration Driver, but it seems the basics are covered by the Flo App fairly well. I love that I can programatically control the Shutoff Valve with Control4, which is the main reason I went with this system, and this seems to work quite well. But for those who have had this setup in use for a longer time, I am curious to know what you use Control4 and Cinegration to do, independent of what the Flo App provides? Options may occur to me as time goes on, but I'd be interested to hear how others utilize the Driver and Control4 in your homes.
  4. Just to follow-up here, my plumber installed the Moen Flo yesterday, I installed and configured the Flo App, and everything seems to be working well. I added the Cinegration Driver, which also seems to be working just fine. I also placed the 3 sensors I had in appropriate locations around the house. The only problem I'm having is getting enough of a WiFi signal to the Flo, which is in my crawlspace. I repositioned a WAP to a closer location, which helped, but I'm still getting 2 bars, sometimes 3. For this type of device I want a more solid signal for reliability, so I just ordered a TP-Link Powerline Kit, where the 2nd device will generate a WiFi signal. I can plug that into the light socket in the crawl space where the Flo adapter gets its power, and hopefully this will get me a really strong signal and connection. I realize the Powerline doesn't support particularly high bandwidth, but since this will only be used for the Flo, and since I can't imagine it needs a big data pipe, I think this should work well. I created some programming for when we're on vacation, and my wife wants the drip irrigator she has in our yard to work, to turn the water on for the hour or so she wants, morning and night, and then turn off again. I appreciate the recommendations and information here, as it looks like this should work out well, and meet my needs.
  5. Interesting. That's the same price that Crutchfield had for the Valve for a couple of days (sale no longer active). Moen still has the 3-pack of sensors for $129.99; Crutchfield had it at $99.99 for those 2 days. Looks like I really lucked out! UPS has it scheduled for delivery today, and the plumber is coming Monday. Looking forward to getting this all set up.
  6. DAM-it confirmed that the Valve itself is not 'smart' and their system relies on the external sensors to detect leaks. I lost interest after discovering that. I have an email in to LeakSmart, but no reply yet. Wanting to get this done, I happened to find the Moen Flo on sale at Crutchfield yesterday, so picked up the Valve and a set of 3 Sensors for $450. Should be here in a couple of days. I'm now looking for a Plumber to get everything installed. And I'm glad the Cinegration C4 Driver is now up and running, so look forward to having all this in place shortly.
  7. I've been reading DAM-it's documentation more closely, and my impression is now that leak detection is dependent on having external sensors in place. They don't seem to describe any monitoring function in the valve itself - just the ability to manually shut it or open it, or have this done automatically, triggered by what the sensors detect. I have emailed them to confirm this, and determine if I'm missing something. If this turns out to be the case, then I'll be leaning more heavily toward Moen Flo, based on all the comments and experience here, as well as taking a closer look at LeakSmart..
  8. The Status page has been updated: Google and Alexa voice services are currently unavailable for all customers. At least it's not some quirk in my system.
  9. Still unable to re-link. And now the Google Voice connection is also indicating it can't reach Control4. Seems like it has to be on the Control4 side of things. I checked the Control4 Status page, and no outages are currently reported. Nobody else?
  10. This problem recurred this morning. I've seen it from time to time in the past. Usually I unlink the accounts, reboot the controller, and then re-link the accounts. This time, it's not working, even after 2 controller reboots, and multiple attempts. It's been more than an hour now. I'm still getting: "We were unable to link Control4 at this time.Please try again later." Anybody else seeing this today, or it just a local quirk in my system?
  11. Yeah, I'm still leaning toward the idea that I'd be happy with any of these three. I've not heard of any 'red flags' or overt problems with any of them.
  12. Thanks for that @RAV. While I don't know that I need that kind of detail, it is pretty cool to see that data. I'm double-checking on DAM-it to see how it compares in this respect.
  13. @Cinegration - many thanks for your very informative posts. I'm not sure I need/want that level of water analysis, for our relatively simple empty-nest needs, but I have to admit that is pretty cool to be able to get that level of detail.
  14. Oh, I agree RAV. I was just trying to address the question of whether or not Sensors were *required* for any of these 3 products in order to react to leaks. Some posts suggested that they were required, but as best I can determine, each brand had a product that can do this without Sensors. In other words, the 3 brands are the same in this regard, and this factor can't be used to differentiate between them, or choose one above the other on that basis. But whichever I get, I'll definitely include a few Sensors to optimize leak detection and response.
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