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  1. I've had a Control4 system for about 2 1/2 years now. Before that I was mainly a DIY guy with Harmony, Alexa, Google, etc. It was a retro-fit in my home, installed as part of my employment with a Control4 Dealer. We now use it to control Lights, HVAC, Door Locks, Garage Doors, Security Panel, AV Gear (including a fairly complex Home Theater, with a motorized curtain on the screen), a Moen Flo Water shutoff Valve, a few Security Cameras (with NVR), along with a DS2 Mini Door Station and most recently a Chime Video Doorbell. Overall I am extremely pleased with the stability, reliability, and especially the integration of all these systems. For the most part, it just works. I do like the multiple ways of accessing the system: a 10" T3, Android Phone Apps, SR-260 Universal Remote, and voice integration with both Google Assistant and Alexa. (Alexa is perhaps 80-90% reliable, so does occasionally glitch, but I don't know that I can fault Control4 for that.) The main area where I have been disappointed is with the DS2 Mini, Chime Doorbell, and (Luma) NVR. Perhaps it has to do with having Android Phones, but the Intercom function is just not quick and reliable enough to be depended on. And the quality of audio communication (mainly the DS2 Mini) is just not what it should be for the money spent. I like to have the feeds from our Luma external cameras on my 2nd computer monitor, and IE until very recently was the only option. And out of nowhere, even though the NVR worked, the Luma App on our phones worked, I couldn't get the camera feeds visible in IE. I had to do a partial reset of the NVR to get things going again. Also, the NVR will spontaneously reboot every now and then. Edge can now be used, with some tweaking of settings, but I still can't get the Luma cameras loaded when using Chrome. All things considered, and given what I've learned over the last few years, I'd definitely still go with Control4. But I might consider some other options regarding Video Doorbells and Intercom function, and likely a different brand of NVR and/or Cameras.
  2. I went through this not too long ago, and the only way I found to delete them was to go to the individual posts where they were attached, and delete them there. If there's a better way, I'd like to know as well.
  3. Many thanks for this, @RAV! I had to adapt the instructions shown there, as the option for Step 7 ("Reload in Internet Explorer Mode") isn't present, (even when run as Administrator, and Edge shows I have the latest updates). But in exploring this further, there is an option elsewhere to manually add 'Internet Explorer Pages'. I entered the URL for my Luma NVR, and all cameras now show up. The only downside is that the 'permission' to have these specific pages load in IE Mode expire after 30 days. I guess I'll find out if it gives you the option to renew at that time, or if I have to add it manually once again. But at least this is a viable alternative. If there is any similar 'tricks' to get this working in Chrome, I haven't found it yet. But thankfully, at least this now works in Edge.
  4. In case anybody else runs into a similar problem, I wanted to report back that I finally got this fixed. I went to Maintenance...Default...Restore... "Reset all the parameters, except the IP parameters and user information, to the default settings." Once I did this, the 2 Luma cameras (connected directly to the Luma NVR) came back online, and once I configured the DS2 and Chime via Custom Protocol, they came back as well. I had to re-enable the DDNS to access the cameras with the Luma App on my phone, and confirmed it was working. I still have no idea of what triggered this glitch, but at least a partial reset allowed me to get it up and running again. And on this subject, with all firmware updates in place, theoretically I should be able to access the NVR and all cameras using Chrome, rather than being restricted to the EOL IE. But as it was before this glitch, when I access it with Chrome, both my DS2 and Chime come up correctly, but the feeds from the 2 Luma cameras still do not show up. I guess I'll next have to contact tech support about this...
  5. I have an Araknis Router (AN-310-RT-4L2W). I know some here don't care for Araknis, but it is the go-to for the company I'm working with, and it seems to work well for them. On the iPhone vs Android issue, I'm a bit puzzled. While this is a broad generalization, Apple is often more 'restrictive' while Android tends to be more 'open'. So I would have thought that having an Intercom Call come into the phone the same way a telephone call does (which apparently is the case with iPhone) would be possible with Android, using whatever tools would be required. So it isn't clear to me if this is an Android limitation, a Control4 limitation, or something else entirely. It would be a huge boost in functionality if it could work this way with Android phones.
  6. Also interesting. Does anyone know if this functionality is planned for us lowly Android users??
  7. Interesting. And you're absolutely correct about the volume thing - drives my wife crazy! I may have to remove her from the Intercom Call group unless this gets improved.
  8. I also have the Chime VDB, POE, along with a Galaxy S21, and while the Intercom function "works", the way it works is not ideal. If someone rings the doorbell, there is a variable delay, which can be 5 or 10 seconds, and then my phone "rings". I have to then unlock the phone, swipe down the notifications, tap on the notification to open the C4 app, and then hit the green icon to 'answer' the call. This takes way too long. It should come in like a 'phone call' which I could then answer in 1 step. How does this work on your phone? If yours works better, I'm wondering if there are any configuration options on my phone that can be changed to get better performance. Thanks.
  9. I appreciate the reply, but that is discouraging. It's puzzling, as it was working fine for 2+ years. It's out of warranty now (I assume 2 years, but haven't checked), so I doubt Snap One will be willing to exchange it. Although if a reset doesn't fix it, and they don't have any other solution, that might motivate them to do something even out of warranty. For now I'm running the C4 App using Bluestacks on my PC, but the images are smaller, and only refresh every 10 seconds. If I end up moving to a different NVR - how loud is the fan noise on the Synology unit? The Luma 510 is quite noisy, and because of where I have to put it in my theater room, it can be distracting (my whole system is a retro-fit, sometimes with limited options in terms of equipment placement). Thanks for the reply.
  10. The problem remains. Any ideas appreciated. It's looking more and more like a reset of the 510 NVR may be needed.
  11. As part of my home Control4 installation, I have a Luma 510 4-Channel NVR, with 2 Luma 510 Bullet Cameras, 1 DS2-Mini, and a recently added Chime Video Doorbell. I like to have Internet Explorer logged into the NVR, showing all the camera feeds, on the 2nd monitor of my PC. Yes, I know IE is old, about to die, but it's a convenient way to see all cameras at my PC, and is the only thing I use it for. It's supposed to now work in Chrome, but it never has for me. The original problem was with the Chime Doorbell - pressing the button always initiated an Intercom call to our T3, but only rarely went to our Android phones (which work fine with the DS2-Mini button presses). I initially had the Chime plugged into a TP-Link 8-port POE Switch, which some suggested might be the source of the Intercom problem. So I rerouted things, moving my printer to the TP-Link switch, and plugged the POE Chime into the Araknis 8-port POE Switch (210 series), where 2 Araknis WAP's, and the DS2-Mini are plugged in. (The 2 Luma cameras plug directly into the NVR.) For reasons I still don't understand, changing from the TP-Link switch to the Arkanis switch, resulted in loss of video from the Chime. I tried re-doing the Custom Protocol and configuration through the IE interface, but it never worked, and changes didn't "stick" (despite using the correct password and so forth). I then ran Luma VMS, and finally got things going by deleting the Chime, and then re-adding it. I then discovered that now none of the cameras showed in the NVR interface in IE. They all showed fine in the C4 App on our Android Phones, as well as in the Luma app. When I check camera configuration in IE, all of the information is correct, including IP's, protocols, etc., but now the Camera Names were missing. Similarly, the places where you configure image and video, where there is a drop-down list for the different cameras had empty slots for each of the 4 cameras. I've attached screenshots showing both of these. I tried to add the names back in, but despite it saying these were saved, no names ever appear. I can log into each of the cameras directly, and they have both the video feeds, as well as the correct names. But the NVR itself is somehow not seeing these names or the videofeeds. I spent well over an hour with Snap One support, with a TeamViewer session, but couldn't get things going. Troubleshooting steps which I had already done, and then repeated with him, included: Multiple reboots of the NVR Shut down, unplugged for 30 seconds, and rebooted the NVR Reset IE to factory defaults and rebooted the computer, with re-installation of the required Web Components needed in IE to work with the NVR Ran Luma VMS but the remote configuration menu does not include an option to name or rename the cameras Ran IE with Administrator privileges Tried running it in Chrome and Edge, but no images, no camera names. (And in Chrome I previously saw the DS2-Mini, and not the Luma cameras; now it didn't even show up.) Triple-checked all IP address and other network parameters - all are good, and unchanged from screen captures I have from the past. It's been infuriating. All cameras are visible in the C4 App, All cameras (and recordings) seen and available in the Luma Phone App. And I can directly access each camera through their IP address without difficulty. But nothing is accessible in IE logged into the NVR itself. His last suggestion was a factory reset, or at least a Device Parameters reset, but wanted to get other ideas before doing this, creating a lot of work, with uncertain confidence of success.
  12. I have a 510 NVR, with 2 Luma IP cameras, along with a DS2-Mini, and a Chime added recently. I have the Luma cameras configured to record for motion only, but that doesn't seem to be an option for either DS2 or Chime. I can only configure them to continuous. If set to motion, they never record. Is this a limitation of my setup and configuration, or an inherent limitation for the C4 cameras? I would love to have these record only for motion.
  13. I ended up adding Chowmain's SMTP Driver, and it will now send an email, with Chime Camera snapshot attached. So I can trigger that now whenever I want. Works like my DS2, and I'm happy about that. For reasons unknown, I could never get the Push Notifications to include the Snapshot attachment. I compared notes with somebody else's system, and the configuration and programming was identical for the Chime itself, the setup of the Push Notification, and the Programming. But mine would never include the attachment while his did. Plus, again perhaps an Android thing, or something particular to our phones configuration, the Push Notifications were often significantly delayed. I don't know if this is an iPhone vs Android thing (he is iPhone, I am Android), or what, but I'd still like to know why I could never get this going. But regardless, I've moved on to what I wanted to begin with: emails with snapshot attachment.
  14. Much appreciated. I may use one of these options since the regular email function in Control4 doesn't allow email attachments, and the Chime driver doesn't provide the same ability to do this as the DS2-mini does. Thanks again.
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