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  1. If you haven't already, try this: In the Alexa App, unlink the Control4 skill Reboot the Control4 Controller Go back to the Alexa App and try relinking Hopefully this will get you going again.
  2. I've run into this on rare occasion. Unlinking and then relinking will result in the Error Message the OP mentions - Unable to link, try again later. This happened to me today. I unlinked, and it wouldn't let me relink. I then rebooted the Controller, tried again, and it did relink this time. Could have been coincidence, but worth trying if you're still having problems.
  3. I am considering adding a Sony X800M2 to my theater (it provides the ability to vertically shift subtitles, which not many players do), and would need a Driver. I have the X800 in another room, using the generic Sony IP Driver, and found the same problems reported by others in this thread - it doesn't consistently respond, sometimes require a power cycle, etc. Fortunately, I don't use it that often there. For this particular application for the X800M2, I'd be happy with an IR Driver - has anybody identified an IR Driver that works properly with this Sony model?
  4. I have Roku Ultras in my Theater and Family Room. I have added Miniapps for all the common ones we use, and configured them for Voice control with Alexa. I have to use both the Alexa app to 'Discover' devices, as well as enable and configure them in the Control4 Customer Portal. I've configured it such that the 'default' is for my Family Room, so: "Alexa turn on (Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, Disney+)" will turn on the Family Room, and go directly to the App I have invoked. "Alexa turn on Theater Room (Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, Disney+)" will turn on the Theater, and go directly to th
  5. Just as a general FYI: I just saw that Control4 has added Universal Drivers for both HBOMax and Peacock, which were not present previously. As above, a dealer needs to do this, but I'm glad to see this option now available.
  6. Bingo - you're absolutely right. I hadn't explored those options, and getting rid of it there also got rid of it on 'Roku Channels.' Thanks!
  7. That's the thing - Fandango is not treated the same as the other apps - it seems to be in a different category. See the attached photo I just took. Fandango appears to be at the same hierarchical 'level' as the Home menu itself. There is no Fandango app shown on the right at all. This photo obviously doesn't show all the apps, but when scrolling through everything that's there, there is no Fandango app as such. It is only accessed via the Menu on the left.
  8. If you mean hide "Roku Channels" entirely from the remote, then yes that would get rid of Fandango. I was just wondering if there were some way to keep Roku Channels, but get rid of Fandango. Keeping the Roku itself accessible would give similar access to all of the Channels by displaying the Home Screen, so that still works. Just curious to see if there was some option I was overlooking. Thanks.
  9. I have found an odd situation here. I have 2 Roku Ultra 2020's, and both show the same thing: when I select "Roku Channels" using either the SR260 or C4 Android App, that brings up a complete list of the subchannels available, as it should. The order of Apps here reflects the order I have manually created on each device using the Roku interface, to move Apps to where i want them listed. This is also as expected. However, the *first* App listed for both is Fandango Movies Now, which I never use. This App doesn't seem to appear anywhere in Composer Pro, so there's no way that I can see
  10. Excellent!! Ironically, "Who Can it Be Now" is the phone ringtone I use for my wife! Great choice for your washing machine as well. Mine is a "dumb" dishwasher so can't do anything there.😕
  11. Nailed it! I hadn't, just did, and it works fine now. I should have tried that before posting, but appreciate your reminding me to reboot when anything funky is going on. Thanks!
  12. I just enabled online streaming access in my SiriusXM account, and want to be able to use Control4 to listen. I added the SiriusXM Driver (SiriusXM.c4z, Version 97, 1/02/2020) to my Family Room, Logged in successfully to my account using the Driver Actions, and connected the Digital Audio Output of the Driver to an available Digital Audio Input. It showed up and was kept visible in Navigator, Refreshed Navigators, and everything looked fine, and surprisingly easy to set up. Using the Control4 App on my Android phone, SiriusXM is there, and tapping on it, the Interface comes up, looks pr
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I'll have to decide on the Nest Protect on its own merits, since I can't assume Control4 integration is coming. Any other "free-standing" smoke detectors that would have basic Control4 integration? My Alarm system is old, and not integrated with Control4. Down the road, post-Covid, I'll probably upgrade it to be able to do this, but not comfortable having people in our home just yet.
  14. So what's the current status of Nest Protect and Control4? I have a very old Smoke Detector that I want to replace (not integrated into anything, just freestanding). The Nest Protect looks like a possibility, especially if there is Control4 Integration available. I've read that Control4 would be providing new drivers to work around the discontinuation of 'works with nest', but when I check the Control4 Driver database, the one for Nest Protect is from 2017. There are more recent "Nest Master" drivers, but it isn't clear if these would be used with a new Nest Protect. Any informati
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