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  1. Just checking to see if there is any update on this. What is the path to report this to Control4?
  2. @msgreenf 2 reasons: 1) Pandora with C4 requires auto-start, which is a bad user experience. and 2) Pandora with C4 only works with Free accounts, it limits one instance with "Plus" and doesn't even allow the "Premium" plan to work. I have spent hours with C4, and my we have concluded it is not possible with Pandora Plus or Premium to have multiple streams running simultaneously without setting up different Pandora Plus accounts. So, Autonomic has better integration (they don't have auto-play and they work with Pandora Plus - allowing me to stream 5 times with one account). Autonomic j
  3. @Cyknight Following up on the "silence". Your answer implies that a simple delay would fix the problem. But a delay doesn't fix the problem - that is the issue. If I set a 2000ms delay, the exact same choppy sound occurs as if I set a 0ms delay, which implies that it is not "time" in getting everything set up. I have to insert a silence because the beginning of audio files through announcements are choppy, regardless of delay. Related to Pandora. I appreciate your attempt to try and solve it. But simply put, after spending hours with C4 (Level 3 techs) and autonomic design engi
  4. @Cyknight So if I understand you correctly. If I had a different brand matrix and different brand amp (and used something like CA-10 instead of EA-5), then I would still have the same requirement for audio silence at beginning of announcements? I'm just failing to understand where the problem exactly is? Related to Pandora. I spent hours on the phone with C4. My request is not possible through EA-5 or through Autonomic with Pandora. So my question is: What hardware will allow this capability? My goal: Have "Preset 1" Button on every keypad in every room would all start the sa
  5. @msgreenf 1) I have tried single driver and multiple drivers. I can't figure out how to have a keypad start a Pandora station (with a Premium account only) in one room and then have another Pandora instance start in another room off of one account. What happens with Premium is that it starts a new instance. Pandora Free allows multiple instances being run. C4 limitation (according to C4). My question is. Is there other hardware that works better? 2) What about suggestions for 500ms silence for announcements? Do you have better hardware suggestion that eliminates or fixes it?
  6. I am looking to pick the brains of this forum to see what suggestions people may have for a couple things. I currently have EA-5, Triad 8-Zone Amp, Triad 24x24 Matrix Switch, and Autonomic MMS-5A. Problems I can't figure out or fix: 1) EA-5 doesn't allow for more than one Pandora stream from premium account (yet it does for free accounts). So I can't have more than zone stream from my account. Pandora also has auto-start, which I hate. 2) EA-5 or MMS-5A don't let you join a room with Pandora Playing. (EA-5 starts a new instance of Pandora when adding room as opposed to join
  7. @Dueport I don't know for sure, but I don't think this would work well (plus it would be ungodly expensive). I would need to buy 8 Sonos Ports to go into my matrix switcher to go into my distribution amplifier. (I still need the matrix and distribution amp for all my other audio needs, not just music). Could this play music in each zone the way you described? I might think so? But here are problems: 1) I don't think it would show up on navigators or be fully controlled by C4 2) The zone would stay on after you said "alexa stop playing music" 3) The system would get quite co
  8. I haven't made any investment or switch yet because (as far as I know) I cant get the system to work the way I want. My goal: Same functionality as how Alexa works with Sonos. I walk into any room and say "Alexa, Play Top Hits on Pandora" and it plays on the local Sonos device. My Understanding: I would have to say "Alexa, turn on Kitchen." and then "Alexa, play top hits on Pandora". When I am done, I would have to say "Alexa stop music" and then "Alexa turn off Kitchen" Am I wrong? Can Josh.AI do what I am looking for instead of Alexa?
  9. I see lots of discussion on the forum around work arounds to use Alexa with C4 for multiple rooms since you can't set up C4 as an Alexa End Point. Here are my questions: 1) Does anyone know the reason WHY we can't use C4 as an Alexa End Point? Is it a hardware limitation? Is this a restriction of Amazon? C4 just hasn't gotten around to it? Should I wait for it or find another solution? 2) Does anyone know if any other voice control platforms out there (Google/Josh.AI/Etc.) - that allows for end point controls or is known to be in the words? My ultimately goal is to be able to
  10. Thank you! Please let them know I am happy to talk to them about this in more detail. What is the best path for me to follow-up?
  11. Matt, I am aware, but that doesn't solve the problem. The issue is when I hit the sessions button, I can't tell what room the sessions are win unless I hit the collapse button to see the volume controls for each room.
  12. So far, I have been quite happy overall with the OS3 improvements, but I do have a few features I VERY much would like to see. Please comment/like/support these feature requests if you feel the same way! In Sessions on OS Navigator, for single zone instances, please display remove the "collapse" function, and just display the room name and source (e.g. Pandora) Reasoning: I love the new collapse feature, but it only is beneficial if you have multiple rooms as part of grouped zone. If, however, you have several single source audio zones playing at one time (
  13. Thank you for the update, and I understand. Here are my requests: 1) When a single room is playing - display that room and remove the "collapse function". When multiple rooms are playing, keep it identical as it is now (e.g. add the house icon with number of rooms, add the collapse function to show volume of all active rooms (Similar to how Sonos and all other major multi-room systems do it). There is no need to hit the collapse icon only to find out that 1 room is playing. In addition, there is no value if the slider in the collapse view is the same as the master slider. I get
  14. I could see that making sense - I just wonder if that is the way this was designed to work. Seems like it would add to CPU usage necessarily. But, if it is the only way to do it - then that is what I will do! How does that answer the second question? If I have multiple ping's running. How do the Device Events know which "device" I am referring to? For example: Ping Event "Device Offline" - How does it know what device?
  15. Thanks for responding Tonysss13, For your use case - that makes perfect sense and I would know how to program that. However, my problem is I don't know where to drag the command? In my case, I want to have the command "Ping" running all the time to determine if I have active internet connection, and if I don't, I want to use the device event "Device offline" in order to automatically trigger an announcement and power cycle. But two things: 1) I can't figure out where to place a command that runs continuously? I don't want to ping one time (like your case) -
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