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  1. Thank you! Please let them know I am happy to talk to them about this in more detail. What is the best path for me to follow-up?
  2. Matt, I am aware, but that doesn't solve the problem. The issue is when I hit the sessions button, I can't tell what room the sessions are win unless I hit the collapse button to see the volume controls for each room.
  3. So far, I have been quite happy overall with the OS3 improvements, but I do have a few features I VERY much would like to see. Please comment/like/support these feature requests if you feel the same way! In Sessions on OS Navigator, for single zone instances, please display remove the "collapse" function, and just display the room name and source (e.g. Pandora) Reasoning: I love the new collapse feature, but it only is beneficial if you have multiple rooms as part of grouped zone. If, however, you have several single source audio zones playing at one time (which isn't uncommon), you can't see where the sessions are playing unless you manually click the collapse icon on each individual zone. There is no value in having a "collapse" pull-down if you have a single room playing. Since, all you get is the ability to control individual audio zones, you essentially have a duplication of the master slider. In Sessions on OS Navigator, please allow an ability to click on the icon in top left as a "jump to room controls". Reasoning: If you go to sessions and want to go directly to that room it takes a minimum of 4 button clicks to get to the controls. Why not just have a direct link if you are already in that page? This could allow a quick link to get to rooms audio controls, so it isn't depending on the last room you left the OS navigator in. Its common for me to pull up sessions to find out music/tv is playing in another room. (e.g. lets say my sons room). If I then go to my sons room and want to change audio stations, I can't do it without quite a few clicks to get to his room and audio. Sonos already has this - that is how their system works. It wouldn't matter if you have multiple rooms playing, just take the controls to any of those rooms (as any room controls the whole group) Add the "current time" and "end time" back to the progress bar for audio controls Reasoning: Every major system on the market (including Sonos) already shows this info, meaning most customers value it If you have a white background for album art, it is very difficult to track the song progress If users listen to classical music or live music with very long songs, its hard to know how long is left. (for example, if the first song is 3 minutes, but the second is 17, you have no idea) If you have audio files loaded in your system - you have no idea who long is left in those audio files. (e.g. audio book files) Add some identification to icons to tell the user that they can hold the icon for more features. I would support ANYTHING here, but my best suggestion is to have a small red dot under the icon. If you see the red dot, you know you can hold the icon to get a menu Reasoning: It took me forever to find out my lock icon had a hidden menu. I have to explain this to every guest in my house who uses my system, as it is not intuitive at all Add an ability in Composer to have an icon directly take you to an icon's "hold" menu. Reasoning: This now gives the user the option to decide if they want to hold an icon to access a menu, or have an entirely separate other button to access a menu. Best example is having a "Lock icon" to lock/unlock a door, but a separate icon called "lock settings", that solely accesses the menu. Right now there is no ability to program this. Have an ability to determine icon size (e.g. small, medium, large). And with each selection, it allows more or less icons to be displayed on a page. Reasoning: Large icons are great for people that have 1-6 icons per page. But if someone has 12+, there is no easy option for displaying those 12 items. Let customers decide if they want more/smaller icons, versus fewer/larger icons. It is not intuitive to scroll down to look for more icons. Think about how you use your phone, you are used to swiping left/right for more icons, not up/down. But in C4's case, swiping left/right switches rooms. So, to a new user to a system, they might not even know more icons exist on a page. Have an ability to move icons into desired positions (vs being required to fill top left spot first, top right second, etc.). Reasoning: Most people are used to this on their phones already. You can move icons to whatever "slot" you want to. Should be the same for this navigator. It would be really nice to have icons for rooms be in the same spot. Example: I would want watch to be top left, listen top right, lighting middle left, and security middle right. However, if I go to a room that doesn't have watch/listen, the lighting and security are still in the same spot. Right now, they are in different spots on every page. Allow "Scenario Experience Button Drivers" to have a menu option. (This would be like combining custom buttons and scenario experience buttons.. Ideally I want a button called "House Mode", and when I click it, I get several options. Then when I pick that option, my icon changes to that mode, so I can quickly tell what mode my house is in) Reasoning: Custom Buttons right now don't provide feedback, so you don't know what was selected or if it was selected Scenario Experience Buttons (or any other driver that allows an icon to change between two states) won't allow more than 2 states to be selected. Currently "Modes Agent" on driver central allows me the ability to create multiple house modes, but the only way to get this to work is to have a mode button for every mode, not just ONE mode button for all Modes. Another examples of usefulness would be holiday lighting. I would like to have a holiday lighting menu button that allows me to switch between many holidays, so that my lights change colors for the holidays. Ideally I would like to not only have a menu to select different holidays, but also quickly see what holiday lighting is currently active. ( I already have this in my system through custom buttons, but I can't tell what holiday mode I currently am in). These are just a few examples I have come up with - once again, I welcome your feedback and comments! I want to keep making OS3 better!
  4. Thank you for the update, and I understand. Here are my requests: 1) When a single room is playing - display that room and remove the "collapse function". When multiple rooms are playing, keep it identical as it is now (e.g. add the house icon with number of rooms, add the collapse function to show volume of all active rooms (Similar to how Sonos and all other major multi-room systems do it). There is no need to hit the collapse icon only to find out that 1 room is playing. In addition, there is no value if the slider in the collapse view is the same as the master slider. I get why this makes sense if you have more than one room playing (and I wouldn't change anything for multi-rooms). However, its very frustrating and cumbersome if you have a lot of single zone audio sources playing. In my case (and I assume many users) - It is quite common in my house to have 3-5 single audio sources playing simultaneously. (e.g. Wife listen to music in kitchen, me in office, my kids watching a movie in the basement, other kid listening to music in their room). Based off current functionality, its a lot of clicking to see what music is playing where. I have to manually click on each one just to see what room it is playing in. 2) PLEASE allow an ability to click on the session playing and have it automatically take you to the transport controls for that active session. I would suggest having it be the icon in the top left, but I am open to other ideas. Lets say we use the icon in the top left as the button to transition to the room, then here are the two rules that could be set up: If a Single zone is playing, jump to the audio controls for that room. If multiple zones are playing, jump to the room that initiated the music. (and if that couldn't be done, honestly it wouldn't matter which room you jumped to, they would all control the same grouped audio zone). As an example, If I start Pandora in kitchen and then later add two other rooms. No matter which of the 3 rooms I go to, they are all controlling the same audio zone. It is very cumbersome and frustrating to go to sessions, see something playing and then have to click the following 4 buttons to change the music/video: Click Home icon (or back) Click top room list Select desired room (I recognized this could be done by swiping left/right to a favorite room, but depending on how many rooms you have Favorited - it could take longer) Click on audio icon at bottom of screen All this, just to get to an audio source that was showing in my sessions list. In my case, its common for me to start music in one room, then pull up the OS Navigator to change rooms to do something (e.g. turn on a light scene, change thermostat, do something with security, etc.). When this happens - I have to follow the steps listed above to get back to my "active audio session" in order to change the station or thumbs up/thumbs down a station (Which I do all the time). In addition, Its also common for me to have music playing in one room, and go to another room (e.g. our playroom with the nanny) and want to change the station. In order to do so, I have to go through the above steps. I would Love the ability to just pull up the C4 app, hit sessions, then hit active session, and DONE! Why is this useful? Because it doesn't matter what room I last used - its the exact same steps to get to audio/video controls 3) Please add the current time and total time back again in for the audio controls. Right now you currently ONLY display the progress bar. Depending on the album art (e.g. white background) - it be very difficult to even know a progress bar exists. In addition, it is hard for people to know how long the song is. This is very useful for people who have long continuations tracks (E.g. some classical music songs or live music can be very long). It would be very useful to see how long the song is and how much time is left. This used to be displayed in OS2, and is still currently displayed on every major system on the market (including Sonos). Summary: In my household, we listen to audio/watch TV every day in our house, and is our primary interface with Control4. Generally speaking, I say we pull up the app 3-10 times a day just to control music throughout our house. It appears Control4 OS3 is attempting to adopt some of the "look and feel" of Sonos, especially knowing you both use the same icons now. Sonos already has all the features I am listing out here, so obviously they are desired by customers. And, honestly, I can't see anyone really objecting to having them, as they don't impact anything negatively. Please consider these updates in the future! I really am a huge fan of C4, so everything I suggest is to make the platform and experience better. If you would like to talk more about this (or other ideas) PLEASE let me know. I love to be a part of market research and customer experience surveys. Look forward to hearing from you, Jeff
  5. I could see that making sense - I just wonder if that is the way this was designed to work. Seems like it would add to CPU usage necessarily. But, if it is the only way to do it - then that is what I will do! How does that answer the second question? If I have multiple ping's running. How do the Device Events know which "device" I am referring to? For example: Ping Event "Device Offline" - How does it know what device?
  6. Thanks for responding Tonysss13, For your use case - that makes perfect sense and I would know how to program that. However, my problem is I don't know where to drag the command? In my case, I want to have the command "Ping" running all the time to determine if I have active internet connection, and if I don't, I want to use the device event "Device offline" in order to automatically trigger an announcement and power cycle. But two things: 1) I can't figure out where to place a command that runs continuously? I don't want to ping one time (like your case) - I wan to ping all the time. (Unless someone has a better idea) 2) If I have multiple ping commands loaded in my program. How would the Device Events (e.g. Device offline) - know which ping I am referring to?
  7. Does anyone here use Chowmain's "Ping" Driver? Conceptually this is exactly what I want - an ability to identify if I lose internet connection - and cause an action (E.g. power recycle on modem). The questions I have with this driver: Using the device actions, where do I put the ping action script "Ping"? For the Device Events (left column on programming) - there are 3 options for Ping: "Device intermittent", "Device Offline", "Device OK". Where do I configure what the device is to use these events? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  8. I just noticed something with OS3 yesterday and it has me confused, and concerned. I can't see the rooms associated with my sessions? Is anyone else having that problem? I recognize I Can click the down arrow to have them show up, but that is now how the videos on Control4's website show how OS3 should work. This seems to be independent of sources. Source 1 is Autonomic and Source 2 is native pandora in C4 Second question: Should you be able to click on the session and have it pull up? or do you have to go back into the individual room to pull up the session?
  9. Good questions! My main interest would be in what I would refer to as "utility drivers" - these would be drivers that don't interact with any other 3rd party hardware. Assuming I could demonstrate the development of a driver (e.g. putting together the business case) - I would then reach out to C4 and ask to be an "authorized driver developer" to get a copy of Composer Pro. Is that not right? How do other driver developers get a copy of Composer Pro (when they themselves aren't a dealer and don't service/support C4 systems) If you you how to develop drivers yourself. Would it be worth $100 for an hour or two to walk me through what you know? I would think the C4 community would be very welcoming to have someone like myself who is excited about Control4 and is eager to either set up a mutually beneficial work arrangement to get a copy of Composer Pro or is willing to pay someone to help learn how to develop drivers!
  10. Thanks for response. Do I know how to write a driver? No. Not a clue. I think I would be a quick study - and I would be willing to pay for training. I am a controls engineering for an industrial automation systems integrator. I don't need to learn "how to code". I need to be taught the process and rules for how to make a driver for C4. Every product and every process is entirely different. And honestly, this market is different than I am typically used to. So, if there is someone who knows how to develop drivers.... Then tell me an hourly rate to sit down with me and teach me.
  11. Even though I didn't get the full support I was hoping for with this threat - I really do enjoy the feedback, comments and opinions of everyone! What I have learned through this: 1) I assumed Composer Pro was requested often by a small group of people, but what I didn't anticipate is that others have thought through a business model for how to make it actually work, in a way that is beneficial for C4, dealers, and home owners. I learned something new! 2) Most people think I am just trying to get Composer Pro for free, or through some shady back door deal - That is not the case at all - I want a legit dealer arrangement that makes sense 3) It does seem like the best path is to fight for changes to Composer HE, instead of requesting Composer Pro. So, ill tackle that route next! My new questions for the group: 1) What is the best way to actually work through Composer HE modifications to include a few extra features? I am not talking a forum thread - but an actual formal product request? 2) How can I learn how to make C4 drivers? Is anyone in this forum willing to teach me? (go ahead and charge your standard hourly rate)
  12. BakerBalay, In my case, I am not looking to save money. I am looking for control over my system. And I value this "control" soooooo much than I am offering to work part-time for a dealer or C4 or some developer....ANYONE......just for full access to my own system. A system that I already own. Question for you: Assuming you already have Composer Pro... If all of a sudden you didn't have access to Composer Pro anymore, would you happy about paying a dealer to do things than you already know you could do yourself? Or, would you switch away from C4 if you didn't have access to Composer Pro anymore? How would this be different than a trained mechanic not being allowed by a manufacturer to fix their own car? Second Question: If you (or the industry) is so worried about "home owners messing things up and causing a lot of support headaches" - how the heck did the home computer industry take off and flourish so well? Computers are a heck of a lot more complex and complicated than home automation systems, yet the industry has done quite well! (And I wouldn't say its because most computer users are super savvy).
  13. BakerBalay, There are a couple points I would want to address here: I think your response missed one of my required proposals for making this work: Customers still cannot directly call C4 - the dealers are first line of defense. I just suggested offering a path to allow a dealer "approval" to call C4 in certain rare circumstances. This could be especially true if C4 requires someone being "on-site", and the dealer is perfectly comfortable with the home owner being the one "on-site", while the dealer is just on the phone remotely. Make sense? Question: If my proposal at the beginning of this forum was magically approved, How many home owners would realistically do it? How many home owners would pay $1000 and take a class? Are we talking 5%? 30%? 80%? My guess is only a small fraction of people would buy it. If a home owner did have access to Composer Pro (especially if they have the disposable income to spend $1000 or more on it), my guess is they are a tinker and WANT to constantly buy new stuff for the system. So, if that is the case - wouldn't a dealer love that customer? There are no sales calls needed at all! Just a customer wanting to BUY BUY BUY! And if the home owner screws something up - the dealer makes money helping them out (and if the main dealer doesn't want that work - I am sure someone here in this forum would gladly accept that type of work!)
  14. The main intent of this forum was not me fishing for a job with a dealer (I was half kidding and half serious when I said it). I would work out an arrangement if someone wants it - but at the end of the day - it might not logistically work out. I haven't been trying that hard, and don't intend to. The main intent was seeing peoples thoughts around my dealer-centric Composer Pro path to success. I legitimately want this to work in a manner that is favorable for C4, dealers, and die-hard home owners who are C4 lifers!
  15. Cyknight, Like I mentioned to AdamT, I am not looking for a "hand out" of Composer Pro - I am looking for a mutually beneficial employment relationship. I don't want to put any dealer in a position that their contract could be terminated. But, I am extremely confident, that arrangements could be made that benefit both parties. Here are a few examples off the top of my head: I offer to do evening or weekend phone/remote support for existing customer base I attend CEDIA & CES shows (funded by myself) and report back findings and updates. Plus I would represent the dealer at these events. As a person who has been very successful in growing a small engineering firm into a mid size engineering firm, I would be happy to help share any business insight I can. Think of this as acting as a business consultant. As one of the senior leaders in my current company - I also have access to marketing teams, engineering teams, and commercial/industrial customers. So, in addition to access to my companies resources, there is also access to my personal network of clients. The point is...... I am not looking for anything for free. I have no interest in being a full time technician. However, I do have a unique skill set that I can offer, and knowing money is not what I am seeking - I am sure we can find ways to work together. Make sense?
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