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  1. I would love to have a "Home Info" screen in the Navigator for me to be able to see stuff that pertains to the overall house, not just a particular room. Here are a an example of how a "Home Info" screen could be structured: Tab/Button 1: "Energy" Current Power Consumption (This would require an energy monitoring system like eguage, but could also tap into the energy statistics of C4 lighting and PDUs) Daily Power Consumption Monthly Power Consumption Current Water Usage Daily Water Usage Monthly Water Usage Highest Power Consumers Anticipated Monthly bill Tab/Button: "Activity" Scheduled events Triggered events Manual events Alarms Tab/Button: "Schedules" View all existing schedules in the system (e.g. lights, irrigation, thermostats, etc.) Create/modify existing schedules Tab/Button: "Whats On?" Devices Rooms Lighting Appliances Modes This is just meant to be an idea for how to help improve the visibility of a fairly complex system utilizing a lot of devices. I would assume a lot of these are fairly easy and don't rely on any hardware or anything new (except the energy monitoring). I would love to see if other people would like to have some similar type of feature!!!!
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