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  1. Thank you for the help! I looked at Yatun, and what they have is ALMOST perfect. Only problem is that it won't display Fahrenheit! Any other suggestions? This was the driver I looked at: http://www.yatundev.eu/drivers/temperature-display
  2. What is the best way to display my outdoor temperature sensor on my C4 navigator? I currently have an outdoor temp sensor connected to my C4 thermostat and I would like to display the read out somewhere (Ideally in my comfort tab). I have a lot of programming off my temp sensor, and it would be nice to see the value without having to pull up composer. Suggestions?
  3. Can this screen be displayed within the C4 navigator? Also can you set up menu's and tabs? Can the splash tiles provide any logic, analysis or statistics, otherwise I have to do that in C4
  4. I am not sure this solves what I am looking to solve, but it does seem intriguing. After reading the info on the website, I am not sure I fully understand it. Is there a video demonstration or info on the user experience through C4?
  5. EverAction - can you take full advantage of the features of the EcoGuard switch? I am looking for an outlet that can do energy monitoring as well as control
  6. Matt, I think my interest and intent is being lost here. I am aware that a lot of this stuff could be communicated in a "response" type form (e.g. push notification, announcement, message on T3, email, etc.). My main goal is some sort of dashboard that I (or anyone else) can go to at their choosing to see what has happened (past) and what will happen (future) on my system. Here are some of the problems/limitations with only having "response" type notifications: They are only reactive, explaining something right as it happens. So, after the message clears - it is lost. If they are linked to email or push notifications, then only certain people get awareness. There is no ability to hide or ignore the notifications. I don't want to be notified of every little thing - I just want the ability to look and see if something occurred or not. This would only work for things you already know you want to be notified of. Sometimes I don't know I want to be notified until I see something has happened that is strange or undesired. Example 1 (review of past event): my blinds in the kitchen went up and down 20 times in the day. Turns out my son pushed the up/down button 20 times. I would have NEVER thought to create a notification for that. Example 2 (review of past event): My sprinkler system ran on Monday and Tuesday, but not Wednesday Example 3 (future event): When are my outside lights set to turn on tonight? (especially if they follow the sunset) Example 4 (future event): What day/time are my outside lights set to switch to Christmas colors? Example 5 (review of past event): My AC turned on/off 38 times today This would require a LOT of programming. If you don't see value in something like this - that's fine. I am just saying "email notifications" is not the answer.
  7. As I stated in my original thread, it would be nice to see the events that have happened in the house. Similar to the Chowmain driver, but with more capability. It would be nice to know: What events are scheduled for the day (e.g. sprinklers will turn on at 9am, kids wake up time set for 7am, thermostat set to 75 degrees at 10am, exterior lights turn off at sunrise, etc.) What events were triggered that day - this would be things that programming would turn on/off based off parameters (e.g. Ceiling fans turned on at 9:00 because it was over 80 degress outside, radiant floors turned on because it dropped below 40 degrees, etc.) What events were manually activated that day (e.g. tv turned on, music played, sprinkler manually activated, doorbell pushed, etc.) Collection of my alarms (e.g. front door lock jamed, battery low on remote, front door left open longer than 3 minutes In short, I can't actually see what has happened (or is going to happen) in a given day with my system. Yes, I do get push notifications sent to my phone, but its very difficult to go back and look at what happened based off those. Plus, push notifications only tell me AFTER things happen, not before.
  8. I would disagree OS3.0 can do most of this. In addition to missing Energy Info, It doesn't give me any activity info and it doesn't show me any of the schedules that exist int the system.
  9. I would love to have a "Home Info" screen in the Navigator for me to be able to see stuff that pertains to the overall house, not just a particular room. Here are a an example of how a "Home Info" screen could be structured: Tab/Button 1: "Energy" Current Power Consumption (This would require an energy monitoring system like eguage, but could also tap into the energy statistics of C4 lighting and PDUs) Daily Power Consumption Monthly Power Consumption Current Water Usage Daily Water Usage Monthly Water Usage Highest Power Consumers Anticipated Monthly bill Tab/Button: "Activity" Scheduled events Triggered events Manual events Alarms Tab/Button: "Schedules" View all existing schedules in the system (e.g. lights, irrigation, thermostats, etc.) Create/modify existing schedules Tab/Button: "Whats On?" Devices Rooms Lighting Appliances Modes This is just meant to be an idea for how to help improve the visibility of a fairly complex system utilizing a lot of devices. I would assume a lot of these are fairly easy and don't rely on any hardware or anything new (except the energy monitoring). I would love to see if other people would like to have some similar type of feature!!!!
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