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  1. Phillips Hue gradient lightstrip paired hue sync HDMI play box is pretty cool. The lightstrip itself integrates, but the sync play box doesn't so integration isn't that great. The light glow and change colors to match the content on TV. A bit pricey though at about $500+ all in.
  2. I wouldn't recommend NuHeat if you are looking fort C4 integration. Nuheat is great product and their own app is reliable. The C4 driver consistently looses connection to the thermostat after a few days (various OS2/3 and all version of drivers). The only way to fix it to go into HE and "get-thermostat".
  3. oak1

    HSIM Vista 20p

    Yep, v118 fixed the issue. all zones no longer open/close on arm.
  4. oak1

    HSIM Vista 20p

    I don't think so, unless ADT Pulse rides on TotalConnect. Cool looks it it just came out recently. I'll give that a shot, thanks.
  5. Has any experienced the all zones opening and closing when arming the alarm system? The hsim reports all zones opening and closing regardless where the system was armed. All worked well on older version, but latest v117 causes zones to open/close. I have a bunch of things programmed off sensors so it causes many lights and false positive push notifications (like door opened). Any ideas what to look at? keypad and zone settings seem to be correct.
  6. Genie 6170 should still work with 12v relay. Both my installer, genie, and even manual says it should work. We'll see in a few weeks when my new garage door gets installed.
  7. Try adding a few Leviton DZPA1-2BW to create a better mesh. I have the schlage lock and zwave usb dongle with leviton plug ins in between used for floor lamps.
  8. I have dish hopper 3 with joey 4k. Integration is very responsive. You can browse dvr playlist in c4 app. If you have nest hello, you'll get screen pop of camera when someone rings the doorbell a few seconds after press.
  9. You should be able to with hsim. I'm running hsim with bedside keypad with panic button. It won't work like the C4 marketing marketing in mobile app. Function A/B/C/D in control4 driver maps to my alarm keypad special buttons/panic buttons. So I programmed bedside keypad triple tap panic button on to function b which is police is my case, activates light scene to turn on all lights at full brightness, and open all blinds. Makes sure to put your alarm system in test mode to avoid any false alarm fees.
  10. I'd stay far away from small shops. I spent nearly $3K on "plum lightpads" only to have every expensive dumb light switches after they went out of business.
  11. I have 7 Lutron Serena shades integrated with SmartBridge PRO for about 1.5 years. Never skipped a beat and they're near silent.
  12. This is possible if you use Smart Bridge PRO to integrate your Serena shades. Smart bridge non-pro will not work. You'll want C4 keypads if you want to integrate multiple shade/light scenes. If you want a bit more cost effective route to control shades only (full open/full close, raise/lower, one favorite position for group or single shade), you can use wall/pedestal mounted pico (PJ2-3BRL-GWH-S01 available in different colors). I think you'll be happy with Serenas. I have them installed throughout the house and it's never skip a beat. Also, the only difference after talking with Lutron support is the QS have more options for fabric and colors and sizing. Serena are just as quiet and reliable as the more expensive lines. Caseta is also limited to 75 devices. Each shade, light switch, pico remote, plug-in module, hub is considered one device.
  13. I'm running OS3 with v1.8 driver and ADT Safewatch Pro 300 (ADT branded Vistpa 20p) and it works work me.
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