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  1. Yes thank you. Still waiting.... I am confident he will fix me soon!!!!
  2. Yes Thank you, I have a call into him. I was hoping to be better prepared when he starts
  3. I vaguely remember someone telling me that i had to go to 1.82 first. However I assumed that was no longer required.. Thanks for the repley
  4. Hi, Thanks in advance. I just upgraded to 2.53. Seemed to go ok. However now I get "system locked , most likely system is upgrading" fix? Also all my switches are flickering. Do I need to identify all of them? Remotes are "waiting for network" How do I use the "ssl" in composer? do I need to have this checked?
  5. No nothing at this point. I just didnt want to lose the entire project
  6. That is what I was afraid of. Are you saying my system will be dead after 2.5.3? I know I will lose a few LCD touchscreen and 4 of my first generation remotes. I assumed everything else would work.
  7. I agree, I am pretty much built. I may add a door lock, but who knows what will be available. However more times than not when I need to add something no one is available.
  8. Thanks for your reply. It seems that there is something called smart things or smart home may be able to mimic how I currently use C4. Granted 10 years ago what is now available off the shelf was even heard of in C4. Also I am aware what C4 can do now is nothing like what it did back then. My original purchase was around 30k, I assume to replace everything I have today will double that.
  9. Hi, I have been a C4 user for about 10 years. I am still running 1.74. I have not upgraded for the simple reason that I have composer pro that I believe if I upgraded I will not be able to gain access again. So here I am, I have 6 remotes with 3 still working. I have 30 or so switches and about 5 have or are failing. My main controller is an HC300. A media player that I haven't used in years. Two 8 zone amps with about 12 wired zones used. My concord 4 alarm (also aging) connects to C4 for motions and triggers. Ok So here is my question. do I upgraded to the most recent version and equipment or do I scrap it and go to the off the shelf stuff like "smart Things" or something better. Thanks in advance
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