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  1. According to the status page the change has been rolled back quite a while ago and systems are now operational… are others now able to access via 4sight? I’m not. Sort of useless to have the status page if it’s not accurate.
  2. I have the ATV CCTV Viewer app just pointing at all of the cameras individually and it does a good job of streaming the primary feed. I don't believe it's 2160p but it's above 1080p.
  3. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cctv-viewer/id1450658761#?platform=appleTV
  4. Same issue here. Seems like if the Chime gets rebooted it looses the motion detection settings for me as well.
  5. The Sinope Zigbee thermostats are what you're looking for.
  6. fwiw they released fw version which has corrected this issue.
  7. Same issues here. Also on reboot of the Chime it looses the event settings. Hopefully a fw update sorts some of this out.
  8. I have it working, use Vivotek for protocol.
  9. The local traffic isn't passing through your router.
  10. I'm confused by the phrase "My router does my switching" If everything is on the same vlan, local traffic isn't hitting your router, unless I'm missing something. Adding an additional switch after the router is adding a hop (at least to get out on wan)? again unless I'm missing something.
  11. I get this a little bit as well actually, as well as the favorites list bug that really should've been fixed by now.
  12. Looks like the displays on the 8" T4s are being recalled and this has a temporary measure to mitigate the ghosting etc...I believe in the screen saver function.
  13. Anyone else using the recent driver for the Luma x10 series cameras? It seems the push snapshots are super low resolution .. like 320x240? Is this a bug with the latest driver?
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