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  1. Here is the old driver.. it didn't add scheduled events to the Nest schedule, but it for sure changed the set points "manually" via C4 when each was triggered. I had it across three Nest thermostats.
  2. It seems Schedule is missing from the new driver.. unless I'm missing something.
  3. Looking for a Kwikset C4 card.. shipping to Canada. Let me know if you have one! Thanks!
  4. I'm using a Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ with the C4 IP driver and it works perfectly. Also integrates with ADC
  5. According to the driver database, the new Outlet Dimmers (C4-V-ODIM120) and Switches (C4-V-OSW120) are supported by 2.6.0 and above. Is it confirmed 3.1.2 required for these?
  6. I'm going to hazard a guess and agree with the previous replies, the locks would have to come from C4 sales channels and include their flavor of Zigbee (Zigbee Pro?) They're likely sold as vanilla Zigbee locks for the likes of Samsung Smart Things. Curious that the part number is the same though. I'm thinking the C4 version of the Schlage locks perhaps haven't been released yet. FWIW - I have the Z-Wave version of the locks currently with the C4 Z-Wave dongle... it's not so hot (locks themselves are quite good)
  7. Just wanted to provide an update as it’s indeed working now. The Qolsys panel was previously on 2.3.4 (to be fair, C4 documentation states 2.4 and above) I did have the alarm company update it to 2.4.2, however it still wasn’t working (even with chimes enabled per zone and panel selected in Composer, and on the panel itself in alarm settings. I also attempted deleting the driver and re-adding to no avail. Yesterday I rebooted my switch for an unrelated issue, which cycled the T3 due to POE.. and out of nowhere it began to work. Even the countdown for entry/exit delay is now working. So I guess the fix is, update the Qolsys firmware to above 2.4, potentially re-install the driver in composer.. but the gotcha was reboot the T3 panel after the alarm firmware update. Hope this helps anyone who is having this issue.
  8. Which firmware version is your Qolsys panel?
  9. I should add, the T3 in question is enabled in the UI Settings of the alarm driver.
  10. Hey Guys, I recently added in a Qolsys alarm system.. which is working perfectly except 1 small issue.. Enabling the door chimes and entry/exit chimes on the T3 panels doesn’t appear to work. It seems odd as I can see the doors open and close in the zones (real time) and history tabs.. I can see the options in settings, and it allows me to check them off, but eventually it becomes unchecked (doesn’t work even when checked) I suspect it’s a limitation of the driver, but am curious if anyone has come across this? Thanks!
  11. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/12/apple-google-and-amazon-team-up-for-joint-smart-home-standard/
  12. Have one in the for sale forum now if you don't mind two weeks old.
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