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  1. It should popup a URL to go to and then authenticate via Amazon. Maybe try a different device?
  2. I believe they were to begin shipping late November, unsure the cost but dart at the wall is 100 bucks each give or take.
  3. Negative on any Zigbee that are not from a C4 dealer (or C4 product) as they use their own version of Zigbee, Zigbee Pro. They have indeed recently released a similar product: https://www.control4.com/docs/product/receptacle-outlet-switch/data-sheet/english/latest/receptacle-outlet-switch-data-sheet-rev-a.pdf
  4. Think they were/are preorder as well with estimated ship late November. Last I heard anyway.
  5. Unsure the argument here from a DIY perspective. Can an end user even get support for say, Pakedge?
  6. I believe it’s on the room itself on the left hand side in programming. Colors show up in the drop down list (for selected?)
  7. Have 1 C4-WALL7-WH available. Includes power supply, but no mounting kit. Located in Canada and used for approx 11 months. No scratches or the like. Purchased new in box from this forum. 600CAD shipped to Canada 475USD shipped to US Buyer responsible for Paypal fees.
  8. Isn't there new plugin free firmware for the Luma NVRs?
  9. Fair point - they are pretty much the only thing I have that isn't. House has cat6 wired to camera locations, ended up going Nest for the functionality, hard to beat IMO Haven't not been able to talk a delivery person into leaving it on the step yet!
  10. Really wish the T4's had smaller bezels, and perhaps a built in temp sensor (and if not possible due to display heat, a connector for an external temp sensor), but hey - then they can't sell an outdated thermostat to go along with it
  11. Not sure if you have the original outlet dimmer or not, but the new outlet dimmers and switches that are part of the essentials line are a vast improvement. Still sort of bulky though. https://www.control4.com/docs/product/plug-in-outlet-dimmer/data-sheet/english/revision/B/plug-in-outlet-dimmer-data-sheet-rev-b.pdf
  12. You can get a Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ with a PowerG daughterboard. The DSC PowerG motions/sensors look good (maybe they all have PowerG support, and the daughterboard choices are for legacy/other devices..unsure)
  13. History on Alarm screen is broken too 💩 Still works on non-updated apps/T3's
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