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  1. You can get a Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ with a PowerG daughterboard. The DSC PowerG motions/sensors look good (maybe they all have PowerG support, and the daughterboard choices are for legacy/other devices..unsure)
  2. History on Alarm screen is broken too 💩 Still works on non-updated apps/T3's
  3. I'm wondering the same thing, I searched and can't find it. Seems to be lumped in with Snap maybe.. Savant/Crestron/etc certainly have a heavy presence
  4. FWIW I have a 520 and don't have this issue...IP control and driver version 10402 (receiver fw version 0.9.5) I do have the default volume set under the room > Miscellaneous settings.
  5. Setting up scenes in Hunter Douglas and then adding them in on the C4 side works damn near perfectly too...
  6. Should add - Graber has models with Somfy motors, sure those would work too.
  7. Hunter Douglas has Everwood and Parkland with Powerview.
  8. +1 Was surprised that HD w/ Powerview came in considerably less than Lutron's in my situation. Did the whole house in one shot and must say I'm completely satisfied.
  9. https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?&q=&fq=manufacturer:"Qolsys"
  10. It doesn't appear to be needed for C4 integration, but in my case I just have the lowest tier of alarm.com which has the monitoring bundled with it. (at least with my provider) You don't need the automation addon from alarm.com for the C4 integration - sales person insisted when I was signing up, but it's not needed. The app is ok, but I'm generally using C4 over 4sight to manage arm status. Proximity disarm via bluetooth from phones is handy.
  11. I have the exact Qolsys setup, with PowerG daughter board and DSC PowerG sensors. Works great, make sure the Qolsys is on latest firmware (or at least minimum recommended in C4 driver documentation) and it works flawlessly. Super easy setup. Edit: Minimum 2.4.0 on the Qolsys panel If Alarm company doesn't provide dealer code, be sure to get the secure access token from the technician in: : Settings --> Advanced Settings --> Installation --> Devices --> Wi-Fi Devices Keep the token to provide to C4 dealer to configure driver.
  12. I recently added Hunter Douglas PowerView shades. At least from the dealers around me, they were significantly less expensive than Lutron..which was surprising to me. I find they generally work flawlessly. Can't comment on wired vs non.. as I added mine after the house was built.
  13. FWIW (I know - not what you're looking for) I have the new essential series plug in Outlets and they work perfectly over Zigbee.. huge improvement over the old ones (LED dimming wise, etc)
  14. I wouldn’t be surprised if converting from fiber to copper would be more latent than a straight copper connection tbh
  15. Had to manually reboot mine as well - only fav icon showing was the security system for whatever reason.
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