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  1. I should add, the T3 in question is enabled in the UI Settings of the alarm driver.
  2. Hey Guys, I recently added in a Qolsys alarm system.. which is working perfectly except 1 small issue.. Enabling the door chimes and entry/exit chimes on the T3 panels doesn’t appear to work. It seems odd as I can see the doors open and close in the zones (real time) and history tabs.. I can see the options in settings, and it allows me to check them off, but eventually it becomes unchecked (doesn’t work even when checked) I suspect it’s a limitation of the driver, but am curious if anyone has come across this? Thanks!
  3. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/12/apple-google-and-amazon-team-up-for-joint-smart-home-standard/
  4. Have one in the for sale forum now if you don't mind two weeks old.
  5. Used it for two weeks. Don't have the packaging anymore, comes with what is in photo. Unit is factory reset as shown. Looking for 400usd/525cad incl shipping to Canada/US (item is in Canada). Paypal preferred, fee on your end. Going to throw it on eBay in a few days if no interest. Thanks!
  6. I think for the ~500mbit speeds you need 160mhz (80+80) I see on my ubiquiti's its VHT160 and am getting about 500meg up and down.
  7. I have Telus over fiber with 750/750 service (up to gig/gig available), blows Shaw out of the water .. but in a previous home Shaw was indeed the winner, with Telus only offering up to 100mbps over copper. It really depends on the area. I have never used Pik, but on Optik TV they can be connected either with ethernet or coax (moca, same as bluesky)
  8. I’m running nano hd’s and see just under 500meg consistently, usually around ~480 up and down.
  9. I didn’t think the System Design tab showed in Composer HE?
  10. I think in the end the market will do the talking. If they don’t think they’re bleeding customers/sales to the likes of Smart Things/RadioRA2 etc they’re kidding themselves. I could be wrong but it seems like they think Crestron is their biggest competitor.. but Crestron has one thing C4 doesn’t.. commercial (on a large scale). The pricing is a bit out to lunch too.. at my place of work we pay less for Crestron than C4 MSRP for a comparable product. As the non-tech savvy demographic ages, less and less people are going to be willing to pay for someone else to do something they can do themselves. Kids in elementary school are writing mobile apps.. you think they’re gonna pay a dealer to program home automation? Times have changed, and I’d put money on C4 either changing their business model or going bankrupt (figuratively speaking) in 5-10 years. Seriously, who wants to call a dealer to change a default dim level on a dimmer? It’s absurd. I do think C4 makes a premium product, and I have a decent sized system myself (and programmed myself..thanks Meekah) but it seriously must be a hard sell to anyone under 35 with an Alexa and some Leviton or hue already in their home. The thought of paying a dealer hourly to sit in a queue with C4 support gives me anxiety.
  11. The notion that a controls system engineer is not qualified for C4 programming is laughable to me. Drag and drop isn’t that hard guys..
  12. AppleTV + Infuse App. Gets the metadata perfectly and the folders appear as titles without screwing around with the individual files within the bdmv folders.
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