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  1. @South Africa C4 userthanks. Good to hear that it’s not an uncommon occurrence.
  2. Somehow this seems to have resolved itself. I don’t quite understand how. Could a new version of a driver have been pushed that’s not broken?
  3. @TheWizardThanks. Is that something I could do myself or do I need to contact a dealer?
  4. OS 3.0 Why does it sound like a network issue? I can reach the EA5 webpage just fine.
  5. App can't connect. Remotes don't work, scenes don't work. After a power cycle on EA5 I can briefly connect and now I can't anymore. Could there have been some automatic update to the system?
  6. Instructions for Control4 are here: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Control4
  7. Roon is multi-room audio: https://roonlabs.com/ It has a fantastic library system that provides enriched content on your music and links to other related music in various ways.
  8. Bought components for Just-Add-Power and the 1st transmitter and 1st receiver are working properly sending through my Apple 4k signal (though very slow if on 4k, so I set it to 1080 for now). My stand-alone Roon setup seems to be working well, but would like to have it integration with the rest of the house. Our current dealer seems quite confused about what Just-Add-Power and Roon even is and seems generally to have more experience in different kind of setups (simpler) than mine. Anyone experienced in setting up Just-Add-Power and Roon remotely?
  9. Thanks, @RyanE, that’s excellent!
  10. Does this work? If so, is it a regular connection or a crossover?
  11. It’s actually iOS13 that feels buggy to me to be honest. Looks like iOS13.1 is planned for the 24th already...
  12. Should I make them all the same or all different?
  13. Cisco Aironet is supposed to do this. I do indeed see that the access points have non-overlapping channels.
  14. Even right now I’ve been dropped off the Wi-Fi even though I’m not even moving and sitting on a chair with an access point directly underneath me.
  15. Yes, they are all hardwired and are running a recent version of their firmware. Roaming is enabled per Cisco’s Best Practices instructions which specifically mention Apple devices.
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