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  1. Thanks, M. Sorry for the delay in getting back. I see a blue power light on the very right and next to it a blue Control4 with a chain or something like that. I’m pretty sure the controller’s IP didn’t change and I can navigate to its web page without problem. Is there a way I could see some kind of bootlog of the EA5? I imagine that should help diagnose things a bit more easily. I’d have to have a closer look at the exact models I have for my network equipment but the brand is Cisco. The only VLAN I have is for Just-Add-Power. I could try and remove that if you think that might help.
  2. Tried rebooting EA5 a couple of times but no luck. iPhone app sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. When it does it doesn’t show any of the lights and scenes but does show the TV and sound menu. When turning on the TV through the app it works with a long delay. Network seems fine, wifi is up and Roon is working, streaming through Apple TV is fine too. Any ideas?
  3. @South Africa C4 userthanks. Good to hear that it’s not an uncommon occurrence.
  4. Somehow this seems to have resolved itself. I don’t quite understand how. Could a new version of a driver have been pushed that’s not broken?
  5. @TheWizardThanks. Is that something I could do myself or do I need to contact a dealer?
  6. OS 3.0 Why does it sound like a network issue? I can reach the EA5 webpage just fine.
  7. App can't connect. Remotes don't work, scenes don't work. After a power cycle on EA5 I can briefly connect and now I can't anymore. Could there have been some automatic update to the system?
  8. Instructions for Control4 are here: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Control4
  9. Roon is multi-room audio: https://roonlabs.com/ It has a fantastic library system that provides enriched content on your music and links to other related music in various ways.
  10. Bought components for Just-Add-Power and the 1st transmitter and 1st receiver are working properly sending through my Apple 4k signal (though very slow if on 4k, so I set it to 1080 for now). My stand-alone Roon setup seems to be working well, but would like to have it integration with the rest of the house. Our current dealer seems quite confused about what Just-Add-Power and Roon even is and seems generally to have more experience in different kind of setups (simpler) than mine. Anyone experienced in setting up Just-Add-Power and Roon remotely?
  11. Does this work? If so, is it a regular connection or a crossover?
  12. It’s actually iOS13 that feels buggy to me to be honest. Looks like iOS13.1 is planned for the 24th already...
  13. Should I make them all the same or all different?
  14. Cisco Aironet is supposed to do this. I do indeed see that the access points have non-overlapping channels.
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