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  1. Instructions for Control4 are here: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Control4
  2. Roon is multi-room audio: https://roonlabs.com/ It has a fantastic library system that provides enriched content on your music and links to other related music in various ways.
  3. Bought components for Just-Add-Power and the 1st transmitter and 1st receiver are working properly sending through my Apple 4k signal (though very slow if on 4k, so I set it to 1080 for now). My stand-alone Roon setup seems to be working well, but would like to have it integration with the rest of the house. Our current dealer seems quite confused about what Just-Add-Power and Roon even is and seems generally to have more experience in different kind of setups (simpler) than mine. Anyone experienced in setting up Just-Add-Power and Roon remotely?
  4. Thanks, @RyanE, that’s excellent!
  5. Does this work? If so, is it a regular connection or a crossover?
  6. It’s actually iOS13 that feels buggy to me to be honest. Looks like iOS13.1 is planned for the 24th already...
  7. Should I make them all the same or all different?
  8. Cisco Aironet is supposed to do this. I do indeed see that the access points have non-overlapping channels.
  9. Even right now I’ve been dropped off the Wi-Fi even though I’m not even moving and sitting on a chair with an access point directly underneath me.
  10. Yes, they are all hardwired and are running a recent version of their firmware. Roaming is enabled per Cisco’s Best Practices instructions which specifically mention Apple devices.
  11. A Ruckus access point is on its way!
  12. Thanks, @Dunamivora, I will investigate those alternatives.
  13. I have 1 access point in my basement, 1 on the 1st floor and 3 on the ground floor, in my garage on one side of the house, in my kitchen in the middle and back of the house, and finally one in our den at the other side of the house at the front. Drop happens when moving through the house or sitting in a single room, in particular our living room which is next to the kitchen and closish to the garage.
  14. Anyone have experience with these? Would 1 or 2 be enough for a 3800 sqft house? They claim 3000 ft range. Right now I’ve got 5 Cisco 1850 access points, but somehow my iPhone and iPad drop off frequently which is driving me up the wall. I’m guessing one needs to be a dealer to set these Pakedge access points up? Any other ideas to improve Wi-Fi with my current setup appreciated 🙂
  15. No longer relevant
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